Crisis Core Reunion FFVII: Good Match For Aerith Trophy Guide

Learn everything about Good Match For Aerith Trophy and get it unlocked in your Crisis Core Reunion FFVII gameplay!

Unlocking Good Match For Aerith Trophy in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII requires you to first increase Affection Points by completing a series of tasks in Chapter 4. Once you pull off all the tasks, Bruno will compliment Zack that you and Aerith make a good couple, which also unlocks the trophy.  

Key Highlights

  • If Bruno compliments Zack that you and Aerith make a good couple, this will unlock the trophy.
  • You need 75 Affection Points to trigger the trophy during Chapter 4, Sector 5 Slums area, where you see various shops and NPC children.
  • Completing all tasks increase invisible Affection Points, and when you leave for Shinra Building, Bruno will approach Zack and compliment you, unlocking Good Match For Aerith Trophy.

Chapter 4, Sector 5 Slums Area

Unlocking the Good Match For Aerith Trophy requires you to have a total of 75 Affection Points. These are invisible points that you can not track through a gauge meter or any other in-game counter and features like these are very common in most Japanese video games. 

To make progress and earn these Affection Points, you will need to reach Chapter 4, Sector 5 Slums Area first in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. Once you are here, you will see at least 3 shops, 2 children NPCs, and two mini-games, including Materia collecting and crafting Perfect Perfume Serum.

Completing these all will give you enough Affection Points to trigger Bruno to tell Zack that he and Aerith make a good couple. Getting this compliment from him will trigger the trophy unlock. 

Interact With 3 Shops

Each shop will give you +10 Affection points, and you need +30 points from these 3 shops before proceeding further. 

Accessory Shop

Good Match For Aerith shops
Accessory shop [Image Captured by Us]
Interacting with the NPC in the accessory shop will not benefit you, but you just need this to get the +10 Affection Points.

Materia Shop 

Zack Materia
Materia shop [Image Captured by Us]
Similar to Accessory Shop, talking with the NPC of Materia Shop will not reward you with anything, nor will anything fruitful come out of this. However, you will just get +10 Affection Points out of this interaction. 

Shopping Paradise 

The Shopping Paradise, run by a female NPC, will also give you +10 Affection Points when interacting with her. Don’t engage in any mini-game she may offer you this time. Just exhaust all dialogues and move on to the next step of this trophy quest. 

Wait For Girl In Blue Dress

Waiting game Zack FFVII
Wait for a girl in blue. [Image Captured by Us]
After trading with all 3 shops available in this area, just find the girl in blue as you can see in the image above. Interact with her, and Zack will once again ask the same question, asking about Bruno’s whereabouts. The conversation is not important here, but you will need to select the “wait a little longer” prompt 10 times before moving on from this point. Once you have done this step, you will get +10 Affection Points.

Trade Potion With Boy

Trade Potions [Image Captured by Us]
Once again, trading with the boy each time will give you +2 Affection points, so you will need to trade with him at least five times to get all +10 points required for Good Match for Aerith Trophy in Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII.

Buy Medicine For Bruno

Buy Medicine For Bruno [Image Captured by Us]
After trading the potion with the boy, go and talk to Aerith, who would be standing near the girl in a blue dress. Exhaust all dialogues or skip the cutscene, and you will find Bruno appearing in this area. If he does not appear right away, just circle around the area for a few laps, and Bruno should appear

Once that is done, you will see two dialogue selection options, as seen in the image above. Just select the “I will buy medicine for you” option, and this will give you +10 Affection points from this activity.

Collect 20 Materia

Materia speed run test [Image Captured by Us]
You need to collect 20 Materia items scattered in front of you. However, the catch here is that you will need to do the task at hand in under 14 seconds. Unlike most tasks that we have listed above, you just need to collect Materia just once within the time limit, and there is no need to redo this task. Completing this task successfully will give you +5 Affection Points.

Craft Perfect Perfume Serum

To craft Perfect Perfume Serum, you will need to go to the Shopping Paradise shop, as seen in the image above. Interact with the shopkeeper and start the perfume creation process. Every time you make a Perfect Perfume Serum, you will get +5 Affection points, and you need a total of +15 Affection Points.

Remember that if you do not or could not create a Perfect Perfume Serum here, you will get negative Affection points, so make sure you create a manual save file before starting this mini-game. If you pull off crafting Perfect Perfume Serum back to back three times, then you do not need to reload and retry.

However, you will need to reload the manual saved file if you fail just once. Otherwise, the negative Affection Points will hinder your progression of Good Match for Aerith Trophy in Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII. 

Return To Shinra Building

Leaving for Shinra [Image Captured by Us]
That is pretty much all the tasks that you need to do to set things in motion. The Good Match for Aerith Trophy does not unlock after completing all the mentioned tasks above. However, once you have done them all, just proceed with the chapter, kill enemies and be ready to leave for the Shinra Building.

Bruno Complimenting Zack

You and Aerith make a good couple. [Image Captured by Us]
When you are ready to leave, Bruno will approach Zack and will complement him regarding him and Aerith being a good couple. He will compliment by saying, “You’re a good guy, mister! You and Aerith make a good couple!” 


That is everything we had to entail about Good Match For Aerith Trophy Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. The only pro-tip we can give you to complete the tasks and get the trophy easily is to make a manual save file before trying to craft Perfect Perfume Serum. Otherwise, it could obstruct your process, and you will have to redo it all again. 

If you are just starting Crisis Core Reunion: FFVII, then read the Materia list guides and learn which are the best Materia for combat. Learning how to get a magic pot or costly punch will also give you an early-game advantage. 

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