Crisis Core Reunion: Mako Recovery Unit [Precise Restoration Trophy]

Learn how to use the malfunctioning Mako Recovery Unit to gain the Precise Restoration Trophy in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

The Mako Recovery Unit in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a machine through which players can earn 100 SP. Players can unlock the “Precise Restoration” trophy by interacting with the Mako Recovery Unit. However, the machine isn’t that easy to operate since it’s malfunctioning in the Fusion Chamber. Luckily, a quick trick can allow you to access the Mako Recovery Unit and earn 100 SP successfully.

Key Highlights

  • Mako Recovery Unit is a malfunctioning prototype machine found in the Fusion Chamber during Chapter 4 of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
  • To access the machine, players have to go through a quick timed challenge.
  • Activating and deactivating the Mako Recovery Unit machine at the right second can help players earn 100 SP.
  • Players can also achieve the Precise Restoration Trophy by successfully operating the Mako Recovery Unit.

What Is The Mako Recovery Unit?

FFVII reunion mako recovery unit
Mako Recovery Unit [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Mako Recovery Unit, or Healing Device, is a prototype machine found at the Fusion Chamber next to Professor Hojo. You will come across the machine during Chapter 4 of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion story mode. Once you reach the point where you have to protect Professor Hojo, you will find yourself in a huge lab with multiple interactable machines.

Even though the game will lead you to talk to Professor Hojo at this point of the game, however, you need to ignore the main storyline for a while if you want to use the Mako Recovery Unit to earn some SP and the Precise Restoration trophy.

You can find the Mako Recovery Unit on the left of Professor Hojo. Through the Mako Recovery Unit, you can gain up to 100 SP. However, the Mako Recovery Unit is malfunctioning because the machine’s timer doesn’t properly display itself. Hence, you will need to pay close attention and mentally follow the countdown timer to use the device properly.

When you interact with the Mako Recovery Unit, the game will show you a prompt message which reads, “A malfunction has been detected where the manual termination countdown display shuts off during countdown. Due to possible hazards, we ask that you refrain from operating the switch.”

The game will then ask you whether you want to “Throw the Switch“, to which you should respond by picking the option which reads “Of course, I will“. Now that you have initiated the challenge, it is time you learn how you can operate the Mako Recovery Unit successfully and earn the Precise Restoration trophy.

Precise Restoration Trophy In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

crisis core final fantasy vii precise restoration trophy
Precise Restoration Trophy in Crisis Core [Screenshot by eXputer]
Once you start the challenge, you will get a briefing on how you can use the Mako power recovery device. As per the game’s instruction, a 5-second countdown timer will kick off once you activate the machine. When the countdown reaches 0, you have to deactivate the Mako Recovery Unit before the machine completely breaks down. However, midway through the countdown, the numbers on display will turn off and make it harder for you to precisely deactivate the unit.

In order to get the Precise Restoration Trophy, you will need to stop the unit when the countdown hits 0 perfectly. If you deactivate the unit after the countdown finishes, you will lose health and earn only 50-60 SP, depending on how late you were. Similarly, deactivating the machine too early will also yield less SP.

The only way to get 100 SP and the Precise Restoration Trophy is to time the machine’s deactivation perfectly.

mako recovery unit countdown malfunction
Mako Recovery Unit Countdown [Image Credit: eXputer]
So to wrap things up, you need to deactivate the machine when the counter reaches 0. You will be able to see the counter on your screen, which starts at 5. However, when it reaches 3, the counter will malfunction and halt its display. At this point, you will need to mentally countdown at the same pace and as per your assumption, deactivate the machine at the perfect time to restore SP.

If you successfully turn the Mako Recovery Device off at the right time, you will gain the Precise Restoration trophy in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

What Is SP?

Soldier Points, also known as SP, are a crucial part of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, especially for its combat system. SP actually shows the total Mako the player has inside their body. Through these, they can use multiple special abilities, like summoning using the Magic Pot, during battles.

When you enter a battle in the game, your SP will start getting frequently used by the DMW wheel. Through this casino-like wheel, you will have a chance to get a special ability, buff, or summons at the cost of some of your SP.

Hence, having a higher SP can aid you greatly in the combat mode of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. On top of all that, to use the Materia Fusion system, you will be required to use your SP. Therefore, having more and more SP will allow you to have a stronger Matera in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. 


With that, we reach the end of our guide. Today we covered the Mako Recovery Unit in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Despite being a minor part of the game, the prototype device can get you some bonus SP along with a unique trophy. If you’re someone who likes to aim for 100% completion, then it’s important that you complete the Mako Recovery Unit challenge in the Fusion Chamber.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is the remake of the blockbuster hit “Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII“. The game follows Zack Fair who is a young fearsome warrior aided by the help of some other heroes. The game’s story showcases the events that happened before Final Fantasy VII.

Thank you for reading through our brief guide, which covered some key information about the Mako Recovery Unit. For more Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion guides, make sure to stick around at eXputer!

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