Crisis Core Reunion FFVII Hojo Questions & Answers

Learn the best answers to 3 of the Hojo's questions in Crisis Core Reunion FF VII

Hojo’s questions in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII are another bizarre in-game mechanic that does hint at a particular thing. Still, you could potentially get less SP if you answer incorrectly. It is like invisible Affection Points that you increase when you unlock the “Good Match For Aerith” Trophy. In any case, giving the best answer during Hojo’s questioning will give you 1000 SP, and you should not miss it. 

Key Takeaways
  • Hojo locks Zack in Fusion Chamber and asks 3 questions during Chapter 4. 
  • You can give any answer you want, but some answers will give you more SP.
  • Knowing the correct answers will benefit you the most, and you will get the most SP out of this mini-game encounter with Hojo. 
  • The correct 3 answers are “A SOLDIER operative like Sephiroth,” “State-of-the-art science & technology,” and “A person unafraid to challenge Shinra.” 

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Fusion Chamber Lab Chapter 4

Fusion Chamber Lab Location [Screenshot Captured By Us]
When you’re at the Fusion Chamber lab, you will need to go to the center of the room and interact with the Fusion Chamber itself to trigger this mini-game. The above image entails the location of the Fusion Chamber, as you can see in the center of the lab. You will also find Mako Recovery Unit task at this location in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. 

Once you go near the Fusion Chamber, you will see a button prompt. Press it, and Zack will enter the box. After exhausting some dialogue, Hojo locks Zack and asks three questions. There are no correct or incorrect answers here. However, the key difference is that you get less SP if you give undesirable answers. 

Fusion Chamber [Screenshot Captured By Us]
Selecting the correct answers will reward you with 1000 SP after Hojo’s mini-game, so make sure you select all the right ones. 

Here’s the list for all the questions and answers: 

QuestionCorrect AnswerReward
What is the ideal SOLDIER operative?A SOLDIER operative like Sephiroth.SP +1000
What is the Shinra Electric Power Company's top priority?State-of-the-art science & technology.SP +1000
What kind of person do you need to be to work for the Shinra Electric Power Company?A person unafraid to challenge Shinra.SP +1000

1st Question 

1st Hojo Question [Screenshot Captured By Us]
  • The correct answer to question one is “A SOLDIER operative like Sephiroth.”

2nd Question

2nd Hojo Question [Screenshot Captured By Us]
  • The correct answer to question two is “State-of-the-art science & technology.”

3rd Question

3rd Hojo Question [Screenshot Captured By Us]
  • The correct answer to question three is “A person unafraid to challenge Shinra.”

1000 SP Reward From Hojo Questions

1000 SP Reward from Hojo mini-game [Screenshot Captured By Us]
Once Professor Hojo has got all the desirable answers from you, we will use the Fusion Chamber while Zack is inside. After that, you will see a prompt on the screen entailing that Zack’s SP has increased by 1000 Points. This indicates that you gave all the right answers and have passed Professor Hojo’s test. 

Why Is Increasing SP Important In Crisis Core Reunion FFVII?

To utilize the long list of Materia Fusion in Crisis Core, you will need SP. The stronger the Materia you want to combine, the more SP you will need. In a nutshell, you really want to use the SP Conversion mechanism regularly.

However, you will need to make prudent use of it to avoid putting Zack in an impossible situation, such as not having the best Materia to utilize for Materia Fusion or discarding outstanding Materia that work well with others or will be useful against certain bosses or opponents.

When you join a battle engagement, some of your SP will be spent involuntarily, and the DMW wheel will start spinning. This provides you the opportunity to perform Limit Break and Summon. You may get levels and buffs from the DMW in addition to obtaining Materia from it; thus, increasing the number of times you spin its wheel is never a bad idea.

If your SP is low, the Materia Fusion mechanism will also be disabled; thus, you will either need to restore your SP or endure till the Curse effect wears off while you are engaged in battle.

Of Significant Worth Trophy Unlock

Once you completely give all the correct answers to Hojo that we have listed above, and Zack gets more SP out of this mini-game, you will unlock the “Of Significant Worth” trophy in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII. 


That is pretty much everything we had to entail about Crisis Core Reunion FFVII Hojo questions and correct answers. While all answers are correct, you get extra SP from the select ones; it is only logical to reap extra benefits from this mini-game. 

If you are just starting the game, you may want to get the Magic Pot or Costly Punch to make a little easier progression. Also, learning about the Laughing Safe code combination will help you discover its contents of it. Or learning about the Wutai Spies will get you a rare trophy and reward in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. 


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