Crisis Core Reunion: All Summon Abilities & How To Get

Learn everything about all of the summons and how to obtain them.

A Summon in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII is a divine entity or monster that can aid players in fighting enemies in battle. The game boasts many mighty entities that the player can summon. These summonses are very useful and can turn the tide of battle in many situations.

Key Takeaways
  • Crisis Core Reunion has powerful entities that you can summon.
  • These entities are split into DMW Summon Mode and DMW Chocobo Mode.
  • DMW Summon Mode is much more powerful than DMW Chocobo Mode, as it hits every enemy.
  • These summonses can be unlocked by clearing various missions in the game.
  • Summons provide an edge in battle and can be the difference between life and death.

All Summon Abilities

Before we begin, here is a quick review of all Summon Abilities in Crisis Core Reunion:

SummonHow To ObtainLimit Break
IfritClear M1-1-1: Rematch with IfritHellfire
PhoenixWater Tower in NibelheimRebirth Flame
BahamutClear M8-1-4: Rematch with BahamutMegaflare
OdinClear Mission 8-1-6Zantetsuken
Bahamut FuryInside a chest in Mission 8-5-6Exaflare
ChocoboClear Mission 8-4-1Chocobo Stomp
Cait SithClear Mission 8-4-3Courage Boost
MoogleClear Mission 8-4-4Moogle Power
Master TonberryClear Mission 10-1-6 Murderous Intent
Magic PotExecuting certain Materia in Mission 10-1-3Item Mugger
CactuarClear Mission 10-1-6 1,000 Needles

What Are Summons?

A Summon can appear in the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) at random and execute their limit breaks. Their limit breaks are all unique in their own way, and each provides different benefits.

Summon Crisis Core Reunion
Ifrit Casting Hellfire | Image By Us
  • There are 2 different summon types in Crisis Core Reunion.

DMW – Summon Mode

When your DMW Goes into Summon Mode, one of these strong entities can appear to lend your their aid. Their attacks will hit every enemy you are fighting.

Crisis Core Reunion Phoenix Summon
One Of The Summon Mode Entities: Phoenix | Image By eXputer


In Wutai, players will encounter Ifrit. Beat him and then fight him again in Mission 1-1-1: Rematch with Ifrit to unlock Ifrit as a summon.

Limit Break

Ifrit will execute Hellfire, incinerating and dealing massive damage to every enemy.


Phoenix can be obtained as soon as you enter Nibelheim in the story. Talk to the kid at the start of the area who will tell you about red water in the city. After this, climb up the water tower to obtain the Phoenix materia.

Limit Break

Phoenix will execute Rebirth Flame, dealing good damage to every enemy. Rebirth Flame also gives you a Phoenix Down effect, which revives you with full HP in case you die.


In Chapter 2 of the story, players will have to defeat Bahamut. After this, players will have to fight him again in the mission M8-1-4: Rematch with Bahamut to unlock him as a summon.

Limit Break

Bahamut will execute Megaflare, ascending into space and firing a gigantic blast toward the enemies, dealing high damage.


Odin can be obtained as a summon by clearing mission 8-1-6. It is required to clear missions 8-1-1 to 8-1-5 to unlock 8-1-6.

Limit Break

Odin can execute Zantetsuken. He can end most enemies in 1 hit with this move by slicing them in half.

Bahamut Fury

To unlock Bahamut Fury, you are required to clear a series of missions.

  • First of all, you must clear missions 8-4-1 to 8-4-6. 
  • This will unlock mission series 8-5-1. Complete all missions until 8-5-6.
  • In mission 8-5-6, unlock the chest at the northwest part of the arena to unlock Bahamut Fury. 

Limit Break

Bahamut is able to execute Exaflare. Bahamut will fire a gigantic blast through the meteor that can end most enemies in a single hit.

DMW – Chocobo Mode

When your DMW goes into Chocobo Mode, these creatures can appear to provide you with their aid.

Crisis Core Reunion Magic Pot Summon
One Of The Chocobo Mode Summons: Magic Pot | Screenshot Grab: eXputer


Upon completion of mission 8-4-1, you will unlock the Chocobo as a summon.

Limit Break

Chocobo can execute Chocobo Stomp. Zack and the Chocobo both will attack the enemies with a powerful stomp kick.

Cait Sith

Complete mission 8-4-3 to unlock Cait Sith as a summon.

Limit Break

Caith Sith will execute Courage Boost.

  • It is an incredibly powerful ability that makes you invulnerable to physical and magical damage.
  • Reduces AP and MP costs to 0.
  • Grants Endure, which makes you not stagger when you get hit.
  • Grants Barrier and MBarrier, which reduces physical and magical damage taken, respectively.
  • Cures Poison and Silence effects.


Complete mission 8-4-4 to unlock Moogle as a summon.

Limit Break

Moogle will execute Moogle Power, boosting the power of your equipped materia and granting Zack a regen.

Master Tonberry

Complete mission 10-1-6 to unlock Master Tonberry as a summon. You are required to complete missions 6-1-1 to 6-1-6 to unlock mission series 10-1.

Limit Break

Master Tonberry can execute Murderous Intent. It will run towards Zack in an attempt to stab him but trip over in the process. After tripping, he will let go of his knife and stab the enemy you are targeting, dealing decent damage.

Magic Pot

The Magic Pot is unlocked by encountering it in mission Mission 10-1-3. You can also find it in missions 2-2-6, 2-5-4, 2-5-5, and 7-6-6. The Magic Pot will want you to please it by executing some materia. For a detailed way how to get Magic Pot, check out our guide.

Limit Break

Magic Pot can execute Item Mugger. It grants you many useful items in the heat of battle, depending on the level of the limit break.

  • Level 1 Limit Break Libra, Graviga, Drain, Curaga.
  • Level 2 Limit Break Iron Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Carbon Bangle, Platinum Bangle.
  • Level 3 Limit Break Kaiser Knuckles, Shinra Beta+, Royal Crown, Crystal Orb
  • Level 4 Limit Break Elixir x5, Elixir x10, Phoenix Down x1, Phoenix Down x3.
  • Level 5 Limit Break Ribbon, Gold Rolling Pin x1, Gold Rolling Pin x3, Gold Rolling Pin x5


Complete mission 10-1-6 to unlock Cactuar as a summon. To unlock the mission series 10-1, defeat the Kactuar in the Northern area of mission 3-1-3. For a detailed way how to get Cactuar as a summon, check out our guide.

Limit Break

Cactuar will execute 1,000 Needles, barraging the targetted enemy with highly damaging needles.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is the latest part of the FFVII Project by Square Enix. It improves upon the original Crisis Core on PSP in many ways, including overhauled combat, enhanced graphics, and updated voice-overs and music. It is a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan.

There you have it; with our guide on summons in Crisis Core Reunion, you will have each of the best summonses in the game and be able to destroy all enemies easily.

Check out our Buster Sword Stats and Changes guide if you wish to get better at the game’s combat. Learning all about the best materia is also important for being a good player. Also, knowing the best ways to reach max level in Crisis Core Reunion is also incredibly important.


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