Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner: All Easter Eggs

The guide covers all Easter eggs that appear in the game and their references.

Cyberpunk, like any other open-world game, requires you to follow the main storyline or complete sidequests. You can go for the latter if you want to earn more money. Our Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner Easter eggs guide will explain all Easter eggs and references. 

Key Takeaways
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner has several Easter eggs that reference movies, scenes, anime, and books.
  • The game and the Netflix series Edgerunner have a lot of overlap in content.
  • Locations in Night City that have a lot of importance in the Anime series can be found in the game, such as David Martinez’s Apartment, Megablock 04 building, David’s Ripper Doc, and Rebecca’s apartment.
  • Common weapons and Cyberware from the Anime series can also be found in the game.
  • Adam Smasher is a hitman and legend in Cyberpunk 2077 who is also seen in the Anime series.
  • Some of the Easter eggs require the completion of certain quests to be able to fully experience them.

All Easter Eggs And References

cyberpunk easter eggs
Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner All Easter Eggs

Several Easter eggs appear in the cyberpunk 2077, and all of them have references to movies, scenes, and books. Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner and Edgerunners anime series on Netflix have a lot of overlap in their content, as the game was updated after the release of the Anime series.  

While exploring the Easter eggs in the game, you will realize that you are familiar with a lot of locations. We have also discussed all these references for you in the guide below, and you will be able to analyze the overlaps between the game and the Netflix series. We have categorized these based on the overlaps in locations, weapons, and people.

Common Places

The following locations in Night city have a lot of importance in Anime and are also seen in update 1.6 of the game.

David Martinez Apartment

David Martinez is the main character in the anime, and the apartment is very similar to the apartment of V. The construction of the buildings is the same, but they are not the same buildings. 

Megablock 04 building is in the Santo Domingo district. You may not be able to enter the building; you will find the Edgerunners gang icon near the trash, which is placed close to the entrance. A BD will show scenes from anime followed by a side quest.

David’s Ripper Doc

David’s Ripper doc is no longer on his duty, and someone else has taken over his clinic. This location is also very close to David’s Ripper doc apartment.

Rebecca’s and Pillar’s Apartment

Rebecca and her brother Pillars are iconic characters in Anime. They live in Northside in the Watson district. You can easily spot the apartment, as it is located at the longshore North fast travel point.

You can spot Rebecca’s apartment by visiting the first floor of the building. Moreover, you need to take care of the quest completion, as the door will open if you have not completed a certain quest. 

Kiwi’s Apartment

Kiwi also has a home in night city and lives in Kabuki, Watson District. The best way to find her apartment is to use the option “fast-travel,” and you will see a tall glass-walled building. To reach Kiwi’s apartment, use an elevator to get to the 13th floor of the building. 

Turbo Bar

You will find Turbo Bar in Westbrook district near the travel station Megabuilding 8. It is also a spot where edge runners hang out.

Common Places

Lucy’s Apartment

Opposite Turbo Bar, you will find Lucy‘s apartment, but you cannot enter the building. If you are good at climbing, you can jump to the roof. You will also get the iconic view from the rooftop.

Lucy’s And David’s Luxury Apartment

Lucy and David have a luxury apartment that has a very similar structure to V’s apartment. You need to notice that they are not the same in terms of location, as they are located in different mega buildings 8 and 10. 

Jacked And Coke Bar

The crew has an assignment of stealing data from an Arasaka driver. You will find it in the bar owned by Tiger claws in both Edgerunners Anime series and the game. If you are confused about the bar’s location, you can look for it in Heywood in Vista Del Rey District. 

JK’s BD Lab

BD Lab of the artist is located on the north side of the Watson district. You can reach here by fast travel. Moreover, you will not find BD Lab in Cyberpunk 2077, and you will know the reason if you have watched the Anime. 

Afterlife With Rouge & Claire

You will also have to visit the Afterlife bar in Cyberpunk 2077, which is also seen in Edgerunners anime. The best thing about the afterlife bar is that you will have a special drink known as “The David Martinez”, and only legends get a drink with their name on it. 

Tom’s Dinner

Edgerunner anime features Fixer Faraday and Intel at a diner in a scene. You must be aware of this if you are a cyberpunk 2077 player, as you will meet up with Takemura at Tom’s Diner during the main mission.

Common Weapons & Cyberware

There were a lot of common weapons and cyberware in the Anime series and the game.


The three most important weapons are described below.

cyberpunk 2077 easter eggs
Common Weapons

David Martinez Jacket

You will not be able to enter David’s apartment. As discussed earlier, there will be a gang sign on the wall, and a BD will appear next to the trash can. Once you get done with the quest, you will receive David Martinez Jacket from the Anime.

Rebecca’s Shotgun

Rebecca’s iconic shotgun names guts can be found at the top of the Corpo Plaza. This shotgun is so powerful and also deals with poison damage. 

Satara Shotgun

You can find Satara Shorgun throughout Cyberpunk 2077. David Martinez will hand a Satara Shotgun to a newbie later in the anime series.

The list does not end here; keep reading to know more about other weapons!

Apart from the weapons mentioned above, we have also compiled a list of other common weapons and their explanations for you in the following table.

CrusherPower Shotgun
D5 CopperheadPower Assault Rifle
Techtronika RT-46 BuryaTech Revolver
TKI-20 Shingen3 Round Burst Fire Sub-Machine Gun
UnityPower Pistol
SOR-22Power Precision Rifle
M-76e OmahaTech Pistol
M-10AF LexingtonPower Pistol
Malorian OverturePower Revolver
HJKE-11 YukimuraSmart Pistol
HJSH-18 MasamunePower Assault Rifle
M2038 TacticianPower Shotgun
Mk.31 HMGHeavy Machine Gun


A list of cyberware common in series and games is as follows.

  • Military grade Sandevistan
  • Syn-Lungs 04
  • Prototype Arasaka exoskeleton
  • Monowire
  • Projectile Launch System
  • Cyberdeck
  • Fortified Ankles
  • Cyberware Arms
  • Cyberoptics
  • Interface Plugs
  • Gorilla Arms
  • Dermal Implants
  • Cybernetic jaw mask
  • Cyberlegs

Common People

A lot of well-known people appear in the Anime that are also part of the game. You must have seen Rouge and Claire in the Afterlife bar, but we have also covered other familiar faces in the list below.

cyberpunk 2077 edgeruner easter eggs
Common People


Delamain is a taxi company, and Delamain is also found in the series Edgerunners. It will not be wrong to say that Delamain is an important part of both series and the game.

Trauma Team

The trauma team is an emergency team that only takes action when their clients get injured. The actions are usually taken when the employees of Arasaka, Militech, and the other big corporations are injured.

The Police & Rebecca

The police and Rebecca have a scene in the anime series, as the policeman keeps appearing out of nowhere. You will find the same case in the game where police come out of nowhere, especially at the release time. 


Wakoko is a top fixer; you will receive tasks from her again and again after meeting her personally. However, David talks to her and does one of her tasks in the anime.

Max Tac

You will also find special police units in Cyberpunk. Whenever a cyber psycho or a person full of cyberwar appears, these special police units are summoned. On the contrary, you will see these at the beginning of the Anime series.

Adam Smasher

Adam Smasher is a hitman and legend in the cyberpunk 2077. He is a complete cyberware with a human brain. You will also notice his appearance in the anime series. 


The game cyberpunk 2077 edge runner has a lot of Easter eggs that appear in the anime series too. We have enlisted all the overlaps in locations, weapons, and people to make it easier for you to identify the similarities between the two. 

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