Dave The Diver: All Available Mods & Cheats

Dave the Diver's recent release so far has no major mods online, but thankfully with its cheats, you can still modify the game's elements.

It has been just a few days since Dave the Diver was released. So, fans have been waiting for different Dave the Diver mods to have more fun. While it already has a lot of in-game content, mods will add more features and content for fans to enjoy. However, you would be disappointed to know that currently, there is no mod for Dave the Diver. Still, even if there aren’t any mods, there are many cheats which I will discuss in this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Dave the Diver has just been released, so there are currently no mods available online.
  • However, there are plenty of cheats available, so fans don’t have to worry about the mods yet. 
  • Dave the Diver already has so much in-game content, so fans can enjoy it with the cheats until there are mods.
  • There are around 50 cheats available for Dave the Diver.
  • Those cheats will allow you to explore much more.
  • The possibility of Dave the Diver getting mods is not that high, as it is an indie game.
  • However, as it managed to get more than 1 million in just a few days, there is a possibility that the modding community shifted its focus to it.
  • So, fans might get some new mods soon.

Why There Aren’t Any Mods For Dave The Diver?

Diving In Dave The Diver

Dave the Diver is an Indie game, and due to that, it might not get many mods. So, fans won’t be able to enjoy more content with the mods. Titles such as Minecraft and Terraria received many mods as it has a huge fandom.

So, it most likely depends on how much more famous Dave the Diver can become if it gets even more famous, then some modders are likely to shift their focus to it. However, as of now, we can’t be sure if Dave the Diver will get any mods in the future. 

Cheats For Dave The Diver

Even if there are no mods for Dave the Diver, there are around 50 cheats you can enjoy. You might not be able to enjoy the bonus content, but you will be able to enjoy the bonus features thanks to the cheats. The cheats will make Dave the Diver even more interesting as there will be so much more options for you to try. The following are all the cheats of Dave the Diver:

Projectile Force EditGold Never Decrease
Max Aim Angle EditIngredients Increase On Use
Damage EditAlways 0 Depth
Simulate Time EditUnlimited Oxygen
Recall Speed Edit0 Bag Weight
Reflect Force EditUnlimited Stamina
Reflection Time EditInvincibility
Push Back Dist EditAmmo Increase On Use
Push Back Angle EditUnlimited Scooter’s Time Use
Hook Pull Speed EditForce Pause
Shock Stun Time EditSpeedhack
Shock Time Handicap EditGet Harpoon Data
Pointer Interval Time EditMultiply Moving Speed on The Ground
Muzzle Count EditGet Gun Data
Gun Aim Type EditReset Term Edit
Barrel Of Gun EditDamage Edit
Distance From Center Aim EditPower Edit
Explosion Splash Damage EditDistance Edit
Explosion Radius EditTrajectory Gap Edit
Net Capture Level EditTrajectory Count Edit
Explosion Effect Type EditMin Aim Angle Edit
Recoil Force EditMax Aim Angle Edit
Recoil Time EditCapture Size Edit
Speed Multiplier EditNet Strength Edit

You can download these cheats from here.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about Dave the Diver mods. It might be disappointing for many fans that Dave the Diver doesn’t have any mods, but you are getting the cheats, so it is a win-win situation.

Dave the Diver has received much love from the fandom, and as it continues to grow the fandom, it will get a mod. Keeping the success of the game, I think it is very likely to get a mod. So, fans shouldn’t worry about that and enjoy it with the cheats for now.

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