Witcher 3 Best Mods [Top 13]

Transform your Witcher 3 gameplay with these top 13 mods, designed to amplify graphics, ease travel, and enrich combat.

Playing Witcher 3 is more exciting with the best mods that not only enhance the visual aspect of the game but offer various new in-game features. Mods such as graphics enhancements, and easy fast travel provide a better experience.

The top 13 Witcher 3 mods I have listed in this guide can transform your gameplay, making quests easier to follow and combat more rewarding. These mods even add realistic weather and remove item degradation.  

Key Takeaways
  • Mods are user-created changes or additions to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, enhancing its features or functionality.
  • Whether you’re new or an experienced player, these Witcher 3 mods can make your game time more enjoyable and engaging.
  • Mods can enhance the graphics, making the game more visually appealing.
  • Some mods improve game immersion by making elements like weather more realistic.
  • Always ensure that the mods you use are safe and don’t violate the terms of service of The Witcher 3.

Best In-Game Mods For The Witcher 3

To get the best possible experience of Geralt’s adventures, players are advised to only try out the best of Witcher 3 mods. I have a few mods that will spark excitement in your hearts while venturing into the wild without having to encounter any confusion.

Give the following 13 mods a try to experience Witcher 3 in a whole new light:

Serial NumberMod NameDescription
11000 Times Better ReshadeEnhances graphics with updated lighting.
2Fast Travel From AnywhereAllows fast travel from any location.
3All Quest Objectives on MapShows all quests on the map directly from your journal.
4Next-Gen Auto LootAuto collects loot from enemies and containers within range.
5No Inventory Weight LimitRemoves weight limit on inventory.
6Lamp on Player’s BoatAdds a lamp to player's boat for night time exploration.
7Stack Your ItemsAllows stacking of 999 units of a single item.
8Fast Launch The Witcher 3Allows for quick game launch by skipping recaps.
9All Containers Glow Without Witcher SenseContainers glow without the use of Witcher Sense.
10Lore-Friendly Silver SwordsEnhances silver swords' brightness in game.
11Indestructible ItemsPrevents item degradation, no need to visit blacksmiths.
12Realistic WeatherEnhances in-game atmosphere and weather visuals.
13Increased Loot CreatureIncreases loot received from creatures.

1. 1000 Times Better Reshade

1000 Shader Mod in Witcher 3 [Image Credits: Mod Uploader RainyNguyen]
If you are annoyed by the weird lighting colors on your screen, this is your best go-to mod. 1,000 Times Better Reshade enhances The Witcher 3 and delivers a spectacle that won’t cease to amaze you—this mod gives the title whole new updated graphics.

2. Fast Travel From Anywhere

Having to transport somewhere from only the set signposts is probably one of the few annoying things about The Witcher 3, especially if you are on a quest and have to travel a long way. However, with the Fast-travel mod, Witcher 3 players can transport to any region from anywhere they desire.

3. All Quest Objectives On Map

Quest Mod In Witcher 3 [Image Credits: Mod Uploader Wolfmark]
Arguably the biggest problem of The Witcher 3 is limiting the players to only one quest at a time. Rest assured, the community has solved this problem by releasing the All Quest Objectives On Map mod. This is another of the best Witcher 3 mods that allow you to see all the quests on your mappinned directly from your journal, which keeps track of the list of quests you can try. Additionally, you can also click on them to see the suggestions on how to complete these quests easily.

4. Next-Gen Auto Loot

Another annoying thing players encounter in The Witcher 3 is the Cumberstone looting system. This mod automatically collects the loot from the enemies within the ranged area, as well as collecting loot from containers. The Next-Gen Auto Loot mod also lets you customize what you can loot so be sure to follow the installation guide.

5. No Inventory Weight Limit

No inventory load [Image Credits: Mod Uploaded rfuzzo] 
Has the weight limit of your inventory equipment ever made you annoyed in The Witcher 3? Well, this mod makes it history. Just as the name implies, you would no longer need to worry about your Inventory Weight Limit and loot enemies to your heart’s content. 

6. Lamp on Player’s Boat

It is always irritating when you go out to traverse the sea, and are suddenly embraced by the cold darkness of the night—not having any illuminated hope to wander to your heart’s desire in The Witcher 3. The lamp on Player’s boat is not only incredibly useful but also aesthetical to gaze at—the quite sparkling sea, reflecting the luminous crescent, is ever calming to stare at.

7. Stack Your Items

Players get irritated when the stack limit exceeds and they have to get rid of some items to make up space. With the Stack Your Items mod, players don’t need to throw their items away or visit a vendor to sell them cheaply. If you already have over 100 units of an item, just throw it away before picking it up again and staking it. Yet another of the best Witcher 3 mods such as Stack Your Items, basically allows the player to stack 999 units of a single item.

8. Fast Launch The Witcher 3

Glowing Loot Containers [Image Credits: Mod Uploaded Partoutatix]
Players feel irritated when The Witcher 3 tries to recap all the events and narrate whatever that had happened. To get rid of this problem, you can launch the save file with the Fast Launch mod—saving a good amount of time.

9. All Containers Glow Without Witcher Sense

Most players miss out on some hidden–or not apparent–containers on their journey as they forget to use their Witcher Sense in every situation. However, the life-saving All Containers Glow mod allows you to sense any container–be it chests, barrels, boxes, or any other looting container–without having to use your Witcher sense. The glowing style is also customizable and you can select whether you want certain containers to glow or all of them.

10. Lore-Friendly Silver Swords

If you are a Witcher 3 fan, you would be aware of how Geralt’s silver swords shone more brightly than the others. The Lore-friendly Silver Swords mod allows you to add a little bit of lore to The Witcher 3 and slash your enemies with the best Steel swords. This is probably not in the long list of the best Mods in The Witcher 3 for all people, but players who love the lore will surely dig this one. 

11. Indestructible Items

No Weapon Degradation [Image Credits: Mod Uploader SunBroDave]
Just like the inventory weight, players get tired of their swords getting useless repeatedly with time in The Witcher 3. Thankfully, the Indestructible Items mod cuts you some slack and allows you to continue using your swords without having to visit blacksmiths to waste your coins. Players can now enjoy going against challenging foes at ease.

12. Realistic Weather

Enhancing the in-game atmosphere to a whole new level, this mod allows you to alter the current in-game weather and make it visually pleasant—a picturesque and colorful spectacle. The Realistic Weather mod also applies foggy landscapes to all the regions, as well as improving the pre-existing weather mechanic inside The Witcher 3.

13. Increased Loot Creature

Players may find it difficult to continuously slay enemies with little hope of receiving their desired loot in return while playing The Witcher 3. However, with the Increased Creature Loot mod, players can now get their hands on more loot—increasing their chances of finding the item they were so eager for. This mod comes with 5 different rule sets, so choose one that fits your wants the most.

How To Install Witcher 3 Best Mods

witcher 3 exploration death march
How To Install in-game Witcher 3 Mods [Screenshot by eXputer]
Installing various mods and enhancing your game is no easy task. Each mod requires following different instructions, as well as changing the paths depending on the type of mods you are trying to implement. To install the best mods for The Witcher 3:

  • Head to the install directory of The Witcher 3.
  • Usually for Steam: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Common\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
  • For GOG: (…GOG/Games/The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt)
  • Create a folder named “Mods” in the directory.
  • Download different mods from Nexus.
  • Paste the downloaded mods into the newly created “Mods” library.
  • Launch The Witcher 3 and enjoy the change.

If a mod has a specific installation process, using Vortex for coordination may be your best choice. The Witcher 3 Mod Manager also works efficiently.

In conclusion, mods can make playing Witcher 3 even better. With my best 13 mods, you can change The Witcher 3 to fit your needs. You can make the graphics better, travel faster, and find more loot. You can also make the weather look real and stop your items from breaking. Whether you’re a new player or have been playing for a while, these mods will make The Witcher 3 more fun. Try these mods to see a new side of Witcher 3.

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