Witcher 3: Best Gwent Deck [Top 18]

The best Gwent Deck in Witcher 3 will always turn the tide in your favor & will reduce the collateral damage your rival's cards cause.

Gwent is a game inside The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt that is really fun & interesting, especially if you’re someone who loves card games. It is like a card game with characters driven from The Witcher 3 game, where you battle another player. You can use over 199 playing cards to duel with AI opponents, and 120 of them are unique decks. Each card has its own unique combat style, hero, and spell ability. That is why I have listed here 18 Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3 cards you should always try to have in your hand & change the odds in your favor. 

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Key Takeaways
  • The Gwent mini-game in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a card-based game where you take turns, place cards, see the outcomes, and try to beat your AI rival.
  • The Gwent offers a total of 199 cards/decks for you to collect in The Witcher 3, and 120 of these cards are unique ones. 
  • Each card comes with a certain Strength or Power level that signifies its impact when used against a rival’s card.
  • Cards in Gwent offer special abilities as well that could damage a rival’s move based on how strategically you use them.
  • You get some cards as you start playing Gwent, and more are unlocked as part of side quests after you’ve beaten certain NPCs in the Gwent game. 

Witcher 3 Best Gwent Cards & Comparison 

Here is a quick look at the 18 top cards/decks in Gwent of The Witcher 3, along with Card/Deck Type, Power, and Abilities compared to each other. 

Serial NumberCard NameCard/Deck TypePowerAbility
1ScorchSpecial Cards7Scorch
2Commander’s HornSpecial Cards0Commander's Horn
3Yennefer of VengerbergRanged Unit8Hero and Medic
4Geralt of RiviaClose Combat Unit15Hero
5ThalerSiege Combat1Spy
6VillentretenmerthClose Combat7Scorch
7Isengrim FaoiltiarnaCard Type10Hero, Morale Boost
8ErmionRanged Unit8Hero and Mardroeme
9KambiClose Combat Unit0Hero: Heimdall replaces the unit's place
10HemdallClose Combat Cards15Hero
11Cirilla Fiona Elen RiannonClose Combat15Hero
12Menno CoehoornClose Combat10Hero, Medic
14Mysterious ElfClose Combat0Hero, Spy
15Cerys an CraiteClose Combat Unit10Hero and Muster, Summon 4 Shield Maiden cards.
16CatapultSiege Combat8Tight Bond
17Olgierd Von EverecClose Combat and Ranged Unit6Agile and Morale Boost
18Bovine Defense ForceMelee Combat Card8Joke Card, Summons automatically when a Cow is removed

1. Scorch

Scorch, the OP card [Image Captured by eXputer]
FactionSpecial Cards
Related QuestGwent Quest: Collect ‘em All!

In Gwent, the Scorch deck is a type of deck that focuses on using the Scorch card to destroy the opponent’s strongest attack card on the playing field. If you have a lot of low-value cards in your deck then you can use Scorch deck.

By using these cards, you can force your opponent to use their powerful cards earlier in The Witcher 3 Gwent. Then, you can use the Scorch card to destroy their strongest cards, leaving them with weaker cards. Multiple cards having the same attack value can be destroyed at once using a Scorch card.

But be careful while using the Scorch. If you have a high-value card on the playing field, scorch can destroy it too. This means that you need to use Scorch at the right time and be aware of your own cards as your opponent’s. But, if you use it at the wrong time, you could end up hurting your own chances of winning. So be careful and use it wisely.

In The Witcher 3, you can procure the Scorch card from three different innkeepers located in Kaer Trolde Harbor, Urialla Harbor, and the Cunny of the Goose. Its strategic value makes it worth acquiring early in The Witcher 3 Gwent, enhancing your deck’s versatility against various opponents. If you already possess it, its inclusion in your deck could be advantageous.

2. Commander’s Horn

Commander’s Horn Gwent card [Image Captured by eXputer] 
FactionSpecial Cards
AbilitiesCommander’s Horn
Related QuestGwent Quest: Collect ‘em All!

The Commander’s Horn card in Gwent is a powerful card that can double the strength of all the cards in a row, including your own. This means that if you have a lot of low-strength cards in a row, you can use Commander’s Horn to make them much stronger. In Witcher 3, constructing the best deck is a strategic task that can significantly impact your success in The Witcher 3 Gwent.

The great thing about Commander’s Horn is that it can be placed in any row, which makes it a versatile card that can be used in any deck. If you use it correctly, it can be an essential card to winning against even the toughest Gwent opponents. However, it can also be risky because you need to have a lot of low-strength cards in your deck. This means you may not have enough strong cards to win The Witcher 3 Gwent if your opponent is able to counter your strategy. 

To acquire the Commander’s Horn card in The Witcher 3, visit Marquise Serenity at the Passiflora in Novigrad, the Innkeeper at Inn at the Crossroads, and the Innkeeper at the Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt. Each sells one of these valuable cards.

3. Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer of Vangerberg [Image Captured by eXputer]
FactionNeutral Cards
UnitRanged Unit
AbilitiesHero and Medic
Related QuestGwent Quest: Playing Innkeeps

In Gwent, Yennefer’s card is better than Triss’ card because Yennefer has a special ability that Triss doesn’t have. Yennefer is a hero card that has the medic ability, which means that she can revive a card from the discard pile.

This ability can be very useful if you lose a powerful card earlier in The Witcher 3 Gwent and need to bring it back. Yennefer is also immune to special cards, which means that you can’t use special cards to weaken or remove her from the battlefield. In addition to her special ability, Yennefer is also a solid 7-strength hero card that can be used to control the battlefield and defeat your opponent’s card.

In The Witcher 3, the Yennefer of Vengerberg card can be won from Stjepan during the quest Gwent: Playing Innkeeps. The card carries two special abilities: as a Hero card, it’s immune to Special Cards or abilities; as a Medic, it allows instant play of a card from your discard pile (excluding Heroes or Special Cards).

4. Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeClose Combat
Card Strength15
Special AbilityHero

In card games, a “beat stick” is a card that has high stats but no special effects. In Witcher 3’s Gwent, Geralt of Rivia can be considered “Beatstick”. Geralt card comes with a high strength of 15, so you can’t ignore the importance of having this card in your hand.

It means Geralt’s card is very powerful and can control the battlefield and defeat your opponent’s cards. In addition to the card’s high strength, Geralt is immune to special ability cards. This means your opponent can not use these cards to weaken or remove them from the battlefield. While Geralt doesn’t have any special abilities that can help with combo plays, the card is still a very valuable one to have in your deck. 

In The Witcher 3 base game, the Geralt of Rivia card can be won during a Gwent Quest in the region of Grayrocks, Velen. This particular challenge occurs at the culmination of the Secondary Quest, “A Deadly Plot,” after rescuing Thaler from the Troll Cave. By besting Thaler in Gwent, you’ll earn the Geralt of Rivia card, a potent addition to your deck.

5. Thaler

Thaler Gwent Deck Witcher 3 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeSiege Combat
FactionNorthern Realms
Card Strength1
Special AbilitySpy

Many players argue that the Northern Realms faction provides the best deck in Witcher 3 due to its strong hero cards and effective special abilities. That is why Thaler is a deck in Witcher 3’s Gwent that focuses on using spies to gain a card advantage over your opponent. Thaler is a spy card that lets you draw 2 cards from your deck. This is a great deal because it gives you more cards to play and more options to defeat your opponent’s cards.

The downside of playing a spy card is that you have to put it on your opponent’s side of the battlefield. This means your opponent can defeat the spy card and gain points. However, Thaler is a weak spy card with only a strength of 1. This means that your opponent will only receive a 1-strength siege unit in exchange for you drawing 2 cards.

In The Witcher 3, purchase the Thaler card from the Innkeeper in Arinbjorn. Thaler’s unique Spy ability lets you place it on the opponent’s battlefield, increasing their total points but allowing you to draw two additional cards.

6. Villentretenmerth

Villentretenmerth card [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeClose Combat
Card Strength7
Special AbilityScorch
Related QuestGwent Quest: Collect ‘em All!

Villentretenmerth is a powerful card in Gwent that can remove your opponent’s strongest cards from the field. It’s a great feeling to use this card and see your opponent’s card disappear. With this card, you can destroy several cards of your opponent at once.

This card is especially useful against Monster’s deck, as it can destroy more than 10 cards at once in the right situation. You can also use Decoys to bring Villentretenmerth back to your hand and use it multiple times.

In The Witcher 3, the Villentretenmerth card can be obtained randomly from interactions with merchants and crafters. The randomness of acquisition adds a layer of unpredictability and excitement in your quest to strengthen your Gwent deck. Villentretenmerth is one of the best Gwent cards in Witcher 3; its ability to destroy the strongest cards in the enemy’s close combat row can swing a game in your favor.

7. Isengrim Faoiltiarna

Isengrim Faoiltiarna Gwent deck [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeCard Type
Card Strength10
Special Ability 1Hero
Special Ability 2Morale Boost

The Morale boost ability can give a bonus to all non-hero cards in a row, which can be better than playing a hero card with high attack power. Isengrim Faoiltiarna is a hero card that offers both of these abilities. It has ten attack powers, which cannot be removed, making it a powerful card to play. Additionally, it also provides a Morale Boost to your combat row, giving a bonus to all non-hero cards.

Isengrim Faoiltiarna is a potent card with two special abilities in The Witcher 3. Firstly, as a Hero card, it’s immune to any effects from Special Cards or abilities, enhancing its resilience on the battlefield. Secondly, its Morale Boost ability adds +1 to all units in the same row, excluding itself, thereby bolstering your attack strength. Its versatility makes it a crucial component in any strategic Gwent deck build.

In The Witcher 3, you can acquire the Isengrim Faoiltiarna card as a reward for the quest “A Dangerous Game.” Choose to accept the cards offered by Zoltan upon quest completion, and this powerful card could enhance your Gwent deck.

8. Ermion

Ermion Card [Image Captured by eXputer]
FactionSkellige Clans
UnitRanged Unit
AbilitiesHero and Mardroeme
Related QuestGwent Quest: Never Fear, Skellige’s Here!
Available inBlood and Wine DLC

Ermion is a Skellige deck leader in Gwent, a card game in Witcher 3, but it hasn’t had its own Gwent deck for a long time. However, Blood and Wine added a Skellige deck to The Witcher 3 Gwent, which includes many powerful cards. One of these cards is Ermion, which has eight attack powers and is a hero card.

Ermion’s Mardroeme ability has the power to activate all Berserker abilities in the same row. This means that any Berserker cards on that row will turn from a two-attack card to an eight-attack card. This is a powerful ability, especially when combined with 3 ranged Young Berserkers. That is why the best Gwent deck in Witcher 3 isn’t just about high-power cards; it’s about a well-balanced combination of units, hero cards, and special cards.

In The Witcher 3, the Ermion card can be obtained by defeating a Gwent player in the region of Toussaint, specifically at Francollarts. The encounter takes place with the Innkeep at The Scarlet Cardinal Inn. Win The Witcher 3 Gwent, and Ermion is yours to enhance your Gwent deck. 

9. Kambi

Kambi card in Gwent [Image Captured by eXputer]
FactionSkellige Clans
UnitClose Combat Unit
AbilitiesHero: Heimdall replaces the unit’s place

At first glance, Kambi may appear to be a terrible card in Gwent. It has 0 attack power and no bonus. Despite its initial appearance, Kambi has a unique ability that makes it more valuable than one might expect. When Kambi is removed from the field, it will summon Hemdall, a powerful 11-attack Hero card.

If your opponent removes Kambi, you will immediately have an 11-attack card on the board. This can be a useful trick because it can surprise your opponent and give you an edge in the next round. While Kambi may seem like a waste of a play, it can actually be a powerful tool when used correctly.

In The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion, you can win the Kambi card from a Gwent Player in Toussaint, specifically Beauclair. The challenge takes place at the Armorer in Beauclair Armory, near the Nilfgaardian Embassy, as part of the Gwent Quest “Never Fear, Skellige’s Here!” Outplay the Armorer, and the Kambi card is yours to amplify your Gwent strategy.

10. Hemdall

Hemdall card [Image Captured by eXputer]
RowClose Combat Cards

Hemdall is a card in Gwent that is a part of the Skellige deck. It is a hero card with 15 base strengths that can be played directly to the field without the need for Kambi. Playing Hemdall directly on the field can be a strategic move that may help you win The Witcher 3 Gwent. However, if you use Kambi to summon Hemdall, it can be more difficult for your opponent to remove it from the field, giving you an advantage.

A great strategy in building the best deck in Witcher 3 is to ensure you have a good blend of unit cards with tight-bond ability, which doubles the strength of all similar cards in that row.

In The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion, the Hemdall card materializes on the battlefield once the corresponding Kambi card is removed. This unique spawn mechanic adds an element of surprise and strategy, providing the player with an additional resource during a match. Remember to adapt your strategy to account for this sudden addition.

11. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

Cirilla card in Gwent The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeClose Combat
Card Strength15

In Gwent, Hero cards are powerful cards that are invulnerable to the effects of other abilities. They can add massive attack power to your field without any fear of your opponent. Most Hero cards in Gwent have a maximum attack power of 10 or lower, but Ciri is a hero card with an unmatched 15 attack power.

This makes it a very valuable card that can help you win The Witcher 3 Gwent. Geralt also has a Gwent card with the same attack power and ability as Ciri, but Ciri’s card has cooler art, making it more desirable for some players.

In The Witcher 3 base game, the Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon card can be won by besting a Scoia’tael member in Gwent during the “Gwent: Big City Players” quest. The match takes place in Novigrad, specifically at the Grassy Knoll. Your opponent is the Scoia’Tael Trader, located west of Farcorners in the Novigrad Forest. Win this encounter, and the Cirilla card will fortify your Gwent deck.

12. Menno Coehoorn

Menno Coehoorn [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeClose Combat
FactionNilfgaardian Empire
Card Strength10
Special Ability 1Hero
Special Ability 2Medic

Menno Coehoorn is a powerful card that can help you ace The Witcher 3 Gwent. It belongs to the Nilfgaardian Empire faction and has a special ability called Medic. With this ability, you can retrieve a card from your discard pile and play it immediately.

This can be very helpful if you want to use a powerful card again or if you need to counter your opponent’s strategy. It is also a hero card. Hero cards are usually very strong, but they can be vulnerable to enemy attacks. However, Menno Coehoorn cannot be attacked by your opponent, making it a very valuable card in your deck.

The Menno Coehoorn card in The Witcher 3 can be obtained by defeating the innkeeper at the Inn at the Crossroads during the quest “Gwent: Playing Innkeeps”. This card possesses two powerful abilities: as a Hero card, it remains unaffected by any Special Cards or abilities; additionally, its Medic ability allows you to instantly play a card from your discard pile, excluding Heroes and Special Cards. This card offers strategic flexibility, providing both resilience and deck cycling.

13. Decoy

Decoy card [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeSpecial

In Gwent, you need to manage your resources well. This means playing your best card or deck in Witcher 3 at the right moment. Some cards can ruin your opponent’s field, revive your fallen comrades, or let you spy on your opponent. These cards can be more potent if you have a Decoy card.

The Decoy grants the ability to retrieve any non-hero card and reuse it. This means by utilizing Decoy cards, you can use potent abilities multiple times with just a single card. For example, if you have a spy card that lets you draw extra cards, you can use the Decoy card to play it again and draw even more cards.

In The Witcher 3 base game, the Decoy card can be acquired by three different methods, each for 20 Crowns. Firstly, purchase from Elsa, the Innkeepers at White Orchard Tavern. Secondly, buy from The Quartermaster at the Baron’s Store in Crow’s Perch, Velen. Lastly, it’s available from the Innkeep at Seven Cats Inn, Novigrad. These purchases contribute towards the “Gwent Quest: Collect ‘em All!” progress.

14. Mysterious Elf

Mysterious Elf card [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeClose Combat
Card Strength0
Special Ability 1Hero
Special Ability 2Spy

Spies are cards that allow you to draw two additional cards to your hand, but you have to give your opponent a couple of attack points. These cards are crucial because winning a round of Gwent often depends on how many cards you have in your hand.

The disadvantage of using these cards is that your opponent can use a decoy car to retrieve them and play them against you. The mysterious Elf card is an excellent solution to this problem. It has a hero ability that prevents it from being removed from the board and gives zero attack power to your opponent.

In The Witcher 3 base game, the Mysterious Elf card can be obtained through a Gwent quest in the Skellige region, specifically in Ard Skellig. You’ll need to challenge Gremist the Chemist, a druid located in Gedyneith, to a match of Gwent. Winning The Witcher 3 Gwent awards you this elusive and strategic card to add to your Gwent deck.

15. Cerys An Craite

Cerys Card [Image Captured by eXputer]
FactionSkellige Clans
UnitClose Combat Unit
AbilitiesHero and Muster
Ability DetailsSummon 4 Shield Maiden cards.

This deck is based on the Skellige faction and is led by a queen named Cerys. If you support her during the right mission, you will have the opportunity to obtain her card, which is very powerful. It has 10 attack powers and a hero ability.

Which means it cannot be affected by other cards. The special ability of Cerys is to summon up to four shield maidens to the field, each with four attacks. By using this strategy, you can add up to 22 attacks to your side of The Witcher 3 Gwent, and if you use a Commander’s Horn, it can increase to 34. When building the best deck in Witcher 3, it’s crucial to have a good mix of melee, ranged, and siege units to combat the different weather cards effectively.

In The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion, the Cerys an Craite card can be won by besting a Gwent Player in Toussaint, specifically in Flovive. The duel occurs with the Innkeep at The Barrel and Bung Inn as part of the “Gwent Quest: Never Fear, Skellige’s Here!” Victory awards you with the Cerys an Craite card, a worthy addition to your Gwent deck.

16. Catapult

Catapult Deck [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeSiege Combat
FactionNorthern Realms
Card Strength8
Special AbilityTight Bond

This deck is based on the Northern Realms faction, which is known for having strong siege units. Catapult is exclusive to Northern Realms and is a very powerful card in The Witcher 3 Gwent. The catapult card has 8 massive strengths, which makes it very useful in winning games.

It also has Tight Bonds ability, which means placing any unit with the same name next to it will double its strength. This means that if you have two Catapults in play, they will have a total strength of 32. If you add a Commander’s Horn card to the Siege Combat row, you can increase the strength of your units even further.

A total strength of 64 will be the outcome, which is ample enough to win a single round. Catapult cards can be easily purchased from merchants in White Orchard and Passiflora. The third card can be obtained in the Heart of Stone expansion from a merchant in Carsten. 

There are two possible purchase points to obtain the Catapult card in The Witcher 3. One can be bought from the innkeeper at the White Orchard Tavern at Woesong Bridge; if missed, the merchant outside also sells it, thanks to Patch 1.04. Another Catapult card is available for purchase from Marquise Serenity at the Passiflora. Its acquisition will add strategic firepower to your Gwent deck.

17. Olgierd Von Everec

Olgierd deck in Gwent [Image Captured by eXputer]
FactionNeutral Cards
UnitClose Combat Unit and Ranged Unit
AbilitiesAgile and Morale Boost

Olgierd is a character in Witcher 3 who is known for his ability to influence others and lead the Redanian Free Company. He also has a powerful Gwent card that can be very useful in battle. Olgierd’s Gwent card has a Morale Boost ability that enhances all the units within his row.

Although this ability is similar to other unit cards, what sets Olgierd apart is his Agile ability, which allows the player to place him in either the Close Combat or Ranged Combat row. If you want Olgierd’s card, you can beat Shani in a game of Gwent. But, if you missed the opportunity to play with her, you can obtain that card by visiting Shani’s Clinic in Oxenfurt. The card will be visibly shining on top of the table.

In The Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone expansion, the Olgierd Von Everec card can be obtained by defeating a Gwent player in Oxenfurt City, Novigrad. The pivotal match occurs with Shani at her Clinic as part of the “Gwent Quest: Collect ‘em All!” Upon beating Shani, the Olgierd Von Everec card is your reward, offering a formidable boost to your Gwent deck.

18. Bovine Defense Force

Bovine Defense Force card [Image Captured by eXputer]
Card TypeNeutral Cards
UnitMelee Combat Card
AbilitiesJoke Card
Ability DetailsSummons automatically when a Cow is removed

Bovine Defense Force deck is a joke deck that features only one type of card: cows. The deck has a total of six cow cards; all have the strength of 1. Players can farm gold by killing cows in White Orchard and selling their hides for crowns. Ultimately, the best deck in Witcher 3 can vary depending on your playstyle; some prefer the brute force of the Monsters, while others enjoy the strategy behind the Northern Realms or Nilfgaard.

However, if you kill six cows, you will unexpectedly encounter a terrifying beast called a Chort. This feature was added in Patch 1.05 and is known as the Bovine Defense Force. You can use this card to summon the Bovine Defense Force card once the Cow card is removed from the play.

In The Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone expansion, the Bovine Defense Force card can be found as a loose card in the region of Gustfields, Novigrad. During the “Gwent Quest: Collect ‘em All!” quest, search the upper loft of the main barn building in Brunswick to discover this unique card. Adding it to your Gwent deck brings an unexpected twist to your game strategy.

That is pretty much everything I had to entail about Best Gwent Deck in The Witcher 3. Before you leave, I suggest you take a look at Witcher 3 Hairstyles Guide, BEST Runewords, Best Steel Swords, and Griffin School Gear.


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