The Witcher 3: Take The Coin Or Experience Points?

After slaying the Griffin at White Orchard Village, you will need to choose between coins or Experience Points. In this guide, we go over which choice is the best for you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt poses several challenges for players, including the one after the third main mission. After completing the mission, players are given a choice in Witcher 3: take some coins or experience as a reward.

The decision of which option is better for you is dependent on what your priorities are in the game. If you want to craft new weapons and enchant old ones, you opt for the coins. But if you want to unlock new abilities, then you should prefer the higher experience.

Key Highlights

  • After finishing the “The Beast of White Orchard” mission, players can either choose between 240-300 XP and 150 coins or 400-500 XP
  • The decision of what you should choose depends on your priorities. 
  • For crafting Witcher gear and enchanting armor and weapons faster, opt for the option with 150 coins. 
  • If you want to unlock new abilities faster, then you should choose the option with 400-500 XP.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Problem Explained

Witcher 3: Take The Coin? Griffin of White Orchard
Griffin of White Orchard [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
So, where does the coin dilemma start? Well, when players finish the third main mission in the game, which is “The Beast of White Orchard,” they are faced with a peculiar problem. 

On the quest, Geralt of Rivia has to slay a Griffin that is terrorizing the White Orchard village. He needs to complete the quest alongside his trusted companion Vesemir. This is to learn more about Yennefer’s whereabouts. 

After you have slain the Griffin, you will get the choice to take 240-300 experience points as a reward. Along with the experience points, you also get 150 coins as a reward. 

So what happens if you decide not to avail yourself of this opportunity? Well, you get 400-500 Experience Points. Hence, it’s a choice between getting some experience and coins or getting a lot of experience and no coins. This dilemma confuses many players in Witcher 3: to take the coin or turn down the coin?

Should You Take Coin Or XP?

So what should you do? Should you take the coin in Witcher 3 and the experience? Or should you ditch the coin to opt for more experience? 

The truth is that there aren’t many major implications of your decision here. If you decide to take the coins instead of the higher experience, all that will happen is that you end up with a thicker wallet. 

However, let’s not forget that this is Witcher 3. And even the tiniest difference in decision-making can lead to the biggest consequences. Essentially, if you choose to skip the coins, you will need to work harder to buy more important items. As an example, you’ll need to wait longer to buy Emerald Dust

But if you choose not to take the coin in Witcher 3, you can upgrade your abilities and signs faster. This will make you stronger in the later parts of the game. 

Essentially, you need to choose between buying useful items and upgrading abilities. Here’s a rundown of what you can get with coins and experience:

What Can You Buy With Coins?

Coins in the game have only a few useful uses. Here’s what you can use them for in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Crafting Witcher Gear

The essential use of coins is for crafting gear. The way it works is that you must find armor strewn across the land along your journeys. The best way to find this armor is to find loot in chests scattered throughout your adventures. 

Along with that, you can buy some armor from merchants, though that will obviously require you to spend more coins. Once you get enough armor, you can form an armor set. There are 6 Witcher armor sets, including the Griffin, Feline, Wolven, Viper, Ursine, and Manticore sets. 

After you obtain any of the aforementioned sets, you’ll realize that they’re all labeled Basic. This is where your upgrading journey begins.

There are 5 different armor tiers. The first three tiers are Basic, Enhanced, and Superior. And the last two are Mastercrafted and Grandmaster. The Grandmaster tier is only available in the Blood and Wine expansion pack.

To actually upgrade the armor sets, you’ll need the previous tier of the armor set along with special items and crowns. So as an example, if you want to upgrade your armor set to Superior, you’ll need the Enhanced armor set along with some items. 

This is where your coins come into play. Upgrading any armor set will require a hefty amount of coins. Hence, you can choose to save up your coins for this purpose. 

Enchanting Your Weapons And Armor

Enchanting a Weapon in the Game
Enchanting a Weapon [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
In Witcher 3, you can also use your coins to enchant your items. However, this feature is only available in the Hearts of Stone expansion pack. You must first go to Upper Mill and help Runewright.

So, where do coins come into play here? You’ll need to purchase runewords and glyphs to enchant weapons and armor respectively. Enchantments imbue your weapons and armor with special effects that will help you out in battle. 

However, keep in mind that only one enchantment can be used on a weapon or piece of armor at a time. Enchantments take up all the upgrade slots on your weapon or armor and destroy any previous upgrades.

Upgrading Corvo Bianco 

Another use of coins is upgrading Corvo Bianco, your house. This feature is only available in the Blood and Wine expansion of the game. You can perform several renovations on your house by paying hefty sums to Majordomo, your own personal butler. 

The first renovation that you will perform on your house will cost you 5,000 gold. After that, you will have unlocked armor stands, a basement, and the ability to hang paintings

Subsequent renovations will cost different amounts of money, such as an Armorer’s Table that’ll cost 1,000 Gold.

Gwent Cards

Gwent Cards in Witcher 3
All Gwent Cards [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Should you take the coin or turn it down? If you’re still confused, consider that coins can buy you Gwent cards. Gwent is a card game exclusive to the Witcher franchise. This is a turn-based game that has over 150 cards divided into 5 factions. 

You can buy Gwent cards from the Northern Realms. You can also win some from Crafters and Merchants, as well as get them from quests. But you can always buy them to complete your collection.

What Can You Do With Experience Points In Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?  

If you do choose to go down the path of more Experience Points, then you should know what you can use them for. Here are a few uses of Experience Points:

Unlocking Combat Abilities

Take the Coin in Witcher 3 and Unlock Abilities
Unlocking Abilities [Image Captured by eXputer]
Combat Abilities are abilities that help you out in battle in one way or the other. These abilities can be unlocked once you have accumulated a certain number of Ability Points. These points can be acquired in several ways, including by leveling up. By default, you get 1 Ability Point per level. And what do you need for leveling up? That’s right: Experience Points. 

Hence, if you choose in Witcher 3 not to take the coin and instead get more XP, you can level up faster. If you can level up faster, you will acquire more points and unlock newer and better abilities. The number of points needed to unlock new abilities depends. They may cost anywhere from 8 to 30

Unlocking Signs And Other Abilities

Another use of Experience Points is when unlocking new Signs. Signs can also be used in battle, much like Combat Abilities. And just like them, Signs can also be unlocked by accumulating a certain number of points. 

You get 1 point per level, which will require Experience Points. The exact number of points required to unlock a Sign ranges from 6 to 28. Other abilities, such as Alchemy, also require points for unlocking. The points Alchemy requires range from 8 to 28

Final Words

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt presents unique problems that players must scramble to solve. In this instance, during the third main quest, players must decide in Witcher 3 to take the coins or experience. The correct answer to what you should pick depends on what your priorities are.

If you are more concerned about new Witcher gear and enchanting your weapons, then choose the coins. If you prefer to upgrade your abilities and signs, consider the higher experience option. With that knowledge in hand, you can finally solve the problem and move on to the next quest.

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