The Witcher 3: Take The Coin Or Experience Points?

After slaying the Griffin at White Orchard Village, you will need to choose between coins or Experience Points. In this guide, we go over which choice is the best for you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt poses several challenges for players, including the one after the third main mission. After completing the mission, players are given a choice in Witcher 3: take some coins or experience as a reward.

Witcher 3: Take The Coin? Griffin of White Orchard
Griffin of White Orchard [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
The coin dilemma arises after completing the third main mission, “The Beast of White Orchard,” where Geralt of Rivia must slay a Griffin terrorizing the White Orchard village. Players face a choice between receiving coin rewards or experience points. Here’s an explanation of the dilemma:

  1. Coin Reward: Players can choose to receive 150 coins as a reward for slaying the Griffin, along with 240-300 experience points.
  2. Experience Points Reward: Alternatively, players can opt for a higher reward of 400-500 experience points but forfeit the coin reward.

The decision here doesn’t have significant immediate consequences, but it does impact your gameplay experience:

  • Taking the Coin Reward: Choosing the coin reward provides you with a larger wallet, which can help you purchase items and equipment more easily. It provides a quicker way to acquire in-game currency.
  • Choosing Experience Points: Opting for more experience points allows you to level up faster, enabling you to unlock and upgrade abilities and signs more quickly. This can make Geralt stronger and more versatile in combat as the game progresses.

The choice ultimately boils down to your playstyle and priorities. If you prefer accumulating wealth and having access to coin for purchases, taking the coin reward might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you prioritize character development and want Geralt to become more powerful sooner, choosing the experience points reward is a better option.

Key Highlights

  • After finishing the “The Beast of White Orchard” mission, players can either choose between 240-300 XP and 150 coins or 400-500 XP
  • The decision of what you should choose depends on your priorities. 
  • For crafting Witcher gear and enchanting armor and weapons faster, opt for the option with 150 coins. 
  • If you want to unlock new abilities faster, then you should choose the option with 400-500 XP.


What Can You Buy With Coins?

Coins in the game have only a few useful uses. Here’s what you can use them for in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

  1. Crafting Witcher Gear: Coins are crucial for upgrading and crafting Witcher armor sets, which you collect from loot and merchants. Upgrading armor requires previous tier sets and special items, costing a significant amount of coins.
  2. Enchanting Weapons and Armor: In the Hearts of Stone expansion, you can use coins to purchase runewords and glyphs needed for enchanting weapons and armor. Enchantments provide special battle benefits, but they replace previous upgrades.
    Enchanting a Weapon in the Game
    Enchanting a Weapon [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  3. Upgrading Corvo Bianco: In the Blood and Wine expansion, coins are used to upgrade your house, Corvo Bianco. Majordomo offers various renovations, with the initial one costing 5,000 gold. Subsequent upgrades, like an Armorer’s Table, have different price tags.
  4. Gwent Cards: Coins can buy Gwent cards, which are essential for playing the in-game card game. You can find Gwent cards throughout the game, but purchasing them helps complete your collection, especially in the Northern Realms.
    Gwent Cards in Witcher 3
    All Gwent Cards [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

What Can You Do With Experience Points?  

If you do choose to go down the path of more Experience Points, then you should know what you can use them for. Here are a few uses of Experience Points:

  1. Unlocking Combat Abilities: Experience Points are crucial for leveling up and earning Ability Points. These points allow you to unlock Combat Abilities that enhance your combat skills. Leveling up, which requires XP, grants you 1 Ability Point per level. Accumulating more XP helps you level up faster, gain more Ability Points, and unlock better combat abilities. The number of points needed for unlocking abilities can vary, ranging from 8 to 30.
    Take the Coin in Witcher 3 and Unlock Abilities
    Unlocking Abilities [Image Captured by eXputer]
  2. Unlocking Signs and Other Abilities: Experience Points are also used to unlock Signs and other abilities like Alchemy. Signs are combat-related abilities similar to Combat Abilities, and they can be unlocked by accumulating points. You receive 1 point per level, which necessitates earning Experience Points. The number of points required to unlock Signs ranges from 6 to 28. Additionally, various other abilities, including those related to Alchemy, require points for unlocking, with point requirements ranging from 8 to 28.

Final Words

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt presents unique problems that players must scramble to solve. In this instance, during the third main quest, players must decide in Witcher 3 to take the coins or experience. The correct answer to what you should pick depends on what your priorities are.

If you are more concerned about new Witcher gear and enchanting your weapons, then choose the coins. If you prefer to upgrade your abilities and signs, consider the higher experience option. With that knowledge in hand, you can finally solve the problem and move on to the next quest.

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