Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Quest [Explained]

To do Lair Sweet Lair quest players first have to free the Sea Witch, Ursula.

Story Highlights
  • Players are firstly supposed to free Ursula to start the quest.
  • Lair Sweet Lair is all about players helping Ursula get back to the village and in return she provides players with Bream.
  • Solving this quest will grant players another quest from Ursula, along with the reward.

To get the quest started, the players are firstly supposed to free Ursula. She is locked in the Cursed Cave of the Dazzle Beach. Once the players have managed to bring Ursula back to the valley, they can start her first quest.

Lair Sweet Lair is all about players helping Ursula get back to the village. Once they get her back, she will provide the players with a Bream, which is a type of fish, and also a Shrimp.

Lair Sweet Lair quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Lair Sweet Lair

Moreover, Ursula will also get them XP Points of 180. However, the reward is very less, but Ursula is a villain in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and that’s the most players can get from her.

It can be a little difficult to complete the quest for the players, As they will have to get the glass crafted. Moreover, some other materials that are refined need to be crafted as well. These have not yet been shown in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, in our guide, you will know everything needed to complete the quest Lair Sweet Lair.

Starting The Quest

Players can start the quest as soon as they have gotten Ursula unlocked in the mission given to them by Merlin. The mission is called With Great Power, where Ursula manages to escape the place she was imprisoned at.

After the players have freed Ursula, they should go over to the sea, where she is always resting. Moreover, the players should also strike up a conversation with her so that she can give them quests to complete.

Furthermore, if the players can have a hard time locating the Sea Witch, they can look for her on the map. She must be somewhere in the sea, beside the Peaceful Meadows.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair quest
Talking To Ursula

If the players cannot get to Ursula due to the sea being very deep, they can always get closer to the water. Doing so will make Ursula come to you herself.

House Of Ursula

After talking to Ursula, the players will get ready to give her a house in the sea. As the house will be mostly placed in the sea, players must know where to get the Lair placed. Once it is all done, players can click on button Y from the controller of Xbox.

Furthermore, the players can tap on the options for selecting the furniture. Once it is done, players can then move over to the icon of Ursula placed under the section of requests.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair quest
House Of Ursula

From there, click on the A button, and get the Lair for Ursula selected. After that, click on button A once again. Finally, get your house of Ursula placed in the highlighted area.

Ending The Quest

Getting towards the end of the quest can be a little hectic as the players will now have to spend money on it. Use around a thousand Star Coins for finishing the quest of Lair Sweet Lair.

However, as the players are all nice and giving, they will not worry about spending money. Moreover, players will get the amount paid with a sign of blue color. It can be seen outside the front door of their house of future for Ursula. 

Once the Lair Sweet Lair quest is done and Ursula is all settled in her home, players will talk to her again. Solving this quest will grant players another quest from Ursula, along with the reward. 


Getting a house for a Sea Witch named Ursula might not be on the to-do list for many players, considering she is a villain. However, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players have to do all the tasks no matter what.

Moreover, helping Ursula build a house in the sea and getting her settled is part of a quest named Lair Sweet Lair. Get the villain settled, earn rewards and continue to solve more quests as you make your way through the game.

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