Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Sushi

This guide covers the ingredients and the cooking process of Sushi.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure game that gives you access to Disney Characters. The game has various RPG elements, including leveling up and unlocking new items. An important aspect of this game is cooking, where you can cook more than 160 meals, and Sushi is one of them. 

Key Highlights
  • Sushi is a 2-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley requiring 2 ingredients: rice and fish.
  • Players must complete the Magic Moments quest to make sushi.
  • Ingredients can be obtained through fishing or purchasing at Goofy’s Stall.
  • The cooking process involves adding ingredients to a cooking pot and completing the process twice to complete quest.

Making Sushi In Disney Dreamlight Valley

making sushi
Making Sushi In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sushi is a 2 Star recipe in the game, as it only requires 2 ingredients. You can either make Sushi by blindly crafting it or following the recipe book. It gets a bit difficult to cook the food when you are assigned a specific recipe. A lot of players struggle to find the ingredients for seafood meals. 

Sushi is an important seafood in the game, and the cooking process is not too difficult. In order to make Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the guide below. 

How To Cook Sushi

The cooking process of Sushi involves two main steps, the quest by Ursula and collecting the ingredients you need to make it. Both steps are covered below to help you. 

Quest By Ursula

ursula quest
Quest By Ursula

Cooking sushi is a part of Quest by Ursula, which is called Magic Moments. The steps you need to cover in the quest are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to talk to Mother Gothel about the curse, and you will be asked to cook meals for her. 
  • After talking to her, your next step will involve cooking sushi along with the Lobster Rolls. 
  • You need a kitchen for cooking, so you will go to your friend Remy who owns the restaurant. You will use his kitchen for cooking. 
  • Cooking Sushi will not be possible if you do not own the ingredients required to cook it. 
  • Another thing is to unlock the recipe before you dive into the cooking process. 

You will not be given any recipe or ingredient during the quest, so you need to figure out everything yourself. You should not worry much about it, as you will be able to access these ingredients easily. 

Ingredients For Sushi

Ingredients For Sushi

Sushi has a very simple recipe because it needs only two ingredients for its cooking; Rice and Fish. You may also find Fish Sandwiches Ingredients an interesting read. 


Fish is easier to access, as you need to take out a fishing rod and go fishing. You can explore any water bodies in the valley. Once you find fish, then you will move to the next ingredient.

The tip to finding the fish is to look at the water surface that has bubbles. Fish are a lot easier to find because of two main reasons; the availability of water bodies throughout the valley, and fishing is a fun part of the game. 


Rice is unavailable until you can unlock the Goofy’s Stall. You will be able to buy rice from the Goofy’s stall just for 35 Star Coins. You can make money faster in the game by following our guide on How To Earn Star Coins

The process of accessing rice is a bit long, as you will be required to plant it and then wait for it to grow. You can buy rice seeds and plant them in your garden. Once you successfully manage to plant rice, you can harvest as much rice as you want.

After accessing both ingredients, you can now move to the cooking process. 

Cooking Sushi

cooking sushi
Cooking Sushi

Following are the steps to cooking Sushi.

  • You can cook sushi by interacting with any of the cooking stations, preferably your friend Remy’s kitchen station. 
  • Putting together the ingredients is all you need to do to complete the cooking process. 
  • First, you will drag the fish into the cooking pot and then drag the rice into the pot. 
  • After adding both ingredients, an option of “cooking” will appear. 
  • You will repeat the process two times, as you need to cook Sushi two times to complete this Magic Moment Quest. 
  • Completing the process will enable you to have a delicious plate of Sushi. 

Final Words

Disney Dreamlight Valley has cooking as one of its important aspects. You have several options to cook in the game, and sushi is one of them. We have covered the ingredients you need to make Sushi and the process you need to follow. If you follow the guide above, you will be able to cook sushi as well as complete the quest by Ursula.

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