Disney Dreamlight Valley Turtle: Where To Find & Feed

In our guide we will tell you everything you need to know about Sea Turtles.

Sea turtles in Disney Dreamlight Valley are among the many critters in the game that can become your dutiful companions. However, they can be very finicky to deal with which is why many players choose not to search for them. Well if you think that too after reading our guide your mind will certainly be changed!

Key Highlights
  • Turtles are one of the many critters that you are able to interact with and make into your own companions. To encounter any critter, you will be needed to go close to their habitat.
  • The place you will be able to find the Sea Turtles is Dazzle Beach. 
  • Make sure to not spook the turtles, as they will go back to their shells. Remove the vines because those are also the reason sea turtles go back in their shell.
  • Seaweed is the favorite food for Sea turtles, and you can feed them by slowly and calmly moving towards the creature, and the feed option will show up.

Different Animals In The Game

What’s a Disney movie without its animal companions? Animals have long been the quintessential sidekick to most, if not all, the characters. Think of the mice Jaq and Gus in Cinderella! The game would seem hollow and unfinished if it did not include animals.

The animals in the game are referred to as critters, and the only way players will be able to encounter them is if they go near their habitat. So, for example, if you are near a rabbit’s burrow, the game will give you a prompt to interact with it.

While interacting with these friends is rewarding enough on its own, there are other rewards also associated. Other than the obvious dream shards, players may also be able to make them into their companions.

Finally, we, too, will be able to fulfill our Disney dream! To achieve it, you will have to keep feeding the animal for two days straight. A small price to pay for such a huge advantage!

One thing we would like to share with you is that not all animals want people to come near them, and hence may be a little hostile. You can keep pursuing the animals until it becomes friendly, or you can find another one. The choice is yours.

If you are interested in knowing more about animal companions, we have the perfect guide for you. It will go into detail about the advantage of having one and how players may be able to change them!

A Little About The Sea Turtles 

Feeding the turtle
How to feed turtle in the game.

Regardless of the fact that sea turtles remain timid small creatures, they are certainly not at all unpleasant to be around. The Sea Turtles, with their cute doe eyes and brown shell, can be seen floating on a certain beach in the game. If you are curious to know which beach, do not worry; we will look at that a little later!

Try to make sure the whole process remains calm and smooth, there is certainly no doubt that the Sea Turtle will eventually poke its head out. 

Where To Find Them

The only place you will be able to find a Sea turtle is at Dazzle Beach. If the name sounds familiar to you, it is probably because the place has a lot of caves where you will have to solve riddles. 

When you first approach a Sea Turtle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will probably dive back into their shells. This is a coping mechanism they tend to do when they sense danger. Try not to aggravate that by running towards it. Take cautious and light steps to ensure that you do not spook them. 

On the beach, there exist several hefty granite columns which are covered with vines. Players will have to remove them to unlock the sea area of the beach. What is more, is that the Sea Turtles are alarmed by the vines. Hence, they will not come out until they are gone.

Types Of Turtles 

  • Classic Turtle
  • White Turtle
  • Black Turtle
  • Brown Turtle
  • Purple Turtle

Favorite Food

One thing we talked a bit about earlier was the fact that to make the critter into your companion, and you will have to feed it. However, one key element to keep in mind is that you should only feed the animal their favorite food. Yes, you did, in fact, read that right. Each animal in the game has a preferred food that they like to eat, just like us!

So you might be curious to know what is the favorite food of the Sea Turtles. Is it actually seaweed? If you want to know more about seaweed and how to get it, we have the perfect guide for you. It will tell you about the best ways to acquire them.

How To Feed A Sea Turtle

It is very simple to feed the Sea Turtles. All you have to do is locate one, and that is probably the hardest step in the whole process. Once you find one, approach it, and when you get close enough, the option to feed them will pop up. That is all there is to it! See, we told you it was simple! 

We hope you found our Disney Dreamlight Valley Sea Turtle guide helpful.

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