Dragon’s Dogma 2: Approach The False Sovran Questline

To Approach the false Sovran players would need to find some necessary items from a different questline.

If you have already completed some of Captain Brant’s quests, you would be eligible to approach the false Sovran. However, this questline is extremely tricky, and you would get confused easily. You need to take several steps before you approach the false sovran in Dragon’s Dogma 2. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are many challenging quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and “Tell Me About The Masquerade” is one of them.
  • The quest requires players to approach the false Sovran, which isn’t as straightforward as it seems.
  • Players would also need to do the “Tell Me Of Rumors About Allard” quest.
  • Getting the Myrmecoleon is necessary, which you can obtain from Wilhelmina, the lady in red.
Important: You might want to have the clothes required for the party. Those clothes can be obtained from the dance hall in a chest before the party. Also, make sure to wear the mask Brant gave you.

Talk To Brant In The Tavern

The first step is to talk to Brant in the Tavern. If you are going there in the daytime he won’t be available so pass the time until it’s night. Captain Brant will be available on the right side, so talk to him. 

Now follow these steps: 

Choose The Tell Me About The Masquerade Quest (Image By Us)
  • Choose The “Tell Me About The Masquerade” Option: When you have exhausted the first dialogue, Brant will give you some options. You must choose the Tell Me About Masquerade option to start the quest. However, you need some items to complete the quest, which you must get from a different quest.
  • Choose The “Tell Me Of Rumors About Allard” Option: After exhausting the dialogue with Captian Brant, talk to him again and choose this option. Now, you must do An Unsettling Encounter first; to do that, you must search Allard’s Chamber. 

An Unsettling Encounter Quest

To do the quest and be able to approach the false sovran in Dragon’s Dogma 2, follow these steps: 

Enter The Castle Through The Main Gate In Dragon’s Dogma 2 (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)
  1. Enter The Castle: Now enter the castle, go left, and then go upstairs. After that, turn left, and ahead, you will notice a door. Approach the door, and some dialogues will appear. Wait for the dialogues to be over and enter Allard’s Chamber. 
    Enter The Secret Room In Allard’s Chamber (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)
  2. Enter The Secret Door: Upon entering, you might not find anything, but looking carefully at the left side, you will notice a hidden door. Enter the door, and on the right side, you will notice a letter. Pick the letter up; now all you have to do is give it to Brant.
    Give The Letter To Brant After Escaping The Castle (Image Captured By Us)
  3. Escape The Castle: After you take the letter, you will be spotted, and guards will try to kill you. So, escape the castle and go back to Brant. It might take some time to de-aggro the guards, but when done, talk to Brant.

The quest will be finished, so now you must continue The Stolen Throne quest, which was triggered by choosing the Tell Me About Masquerade option. 

The Stolen Throne Quest

Now that you have finished the previous quest, you will still need to find the Myrmecoleon to complete The Stolen Throne quest.

Follow these steps to do the quest:

  1. Getting The Myrmecoleon: This item is necessary to finish the quest, and getting it is not difficult. It might be frustrating to find, but you can simply get it from Wilhelmina, who is available on the castle grounds. 
    Reach This Place To Find Wilhelmina (Image Source: eXputer)
  2. Finding Wilhelmina: Go to the place in the image above and enter the building. Now, go up, follow your map, and you will eventually reach Wilhelmina. The guards will notice and start a search, but Wilhelmina will save you from them. She will then ask about your motives, and after a long talk, you will get the Myrmecoleon.
    Exhaust All Dialogue Options With Wilhelmina To Get the Myrmecoleon (Screenshot Taken By eXputer)
  3. Go Back To Brant: After talking to Brant, you must escape the premises and return to Brant. Talk to him and select the same option you used to trigger the quest. He will start another phase of dialogues to exhaust them to complete the quest. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the questline to approach the false sovran in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The quest can be a little tricky to do as there are some items required that are not easy to obtain. You might also need to wear a mask and a suit to progress on the quest.

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