5 Ways To Fix Dayz Bios Error

The detailed guide to fixing the bios error in Dayz along with the causes and best workarounds to it.

Dayz is an open-world survival game that focuses on outliving through hordes of zombies and players in a post-apocalyptic setting. Dayz is a game that is built on a massive scale of assets & textures, so it is bound to run into issues such as the Bios error code. So let’s discuss briefly how players can overcome it.

Key Highlights
  • Also known as the ‘0x00050018’ Erro Code, The Dayz Bios error usually occurs due to Server and connectivity issues.
  • Players can opt to fix the bios ‘0x00050018’ error in Dayz by rebooting their system and the game.
  • You can also check whether your files are integrable or not and look for any missing or corrupted necessary files using the Verify the integrity of files feature.
  • Ensure that the PlayStation Network services or the Steam launcher are working correctly since server downtime may be a major cause of this issue.
  • Fix the issue by upgrading your internet connectivity to ensure a smooth gameplay experience, ethernet cable connection is recommended.

What Is The Bios Error in Dayz?

error code Bios Dayz
The Bios error code message in Dayz

Dayz has an enormous map where all of the battles and survival action of the game takes place. Just like any other game with such a large infrastructure to maintain, Dayz also has several problems looming in the shadow. Players can face issues such as trouble logging into their account or server-based error codes to annoy them.

The Bios error is one such issue that plagues the game due to server-wide issues of the game. The error code has an alternative name in the form of an error code as ‘0x00050018’ which is the dev coding on it. Players witnessing the issue for the first time can be left confused and annoyed at the error.

According to the player feedback we have managed to gather across the communities of the game like Discord and Reddit. The error is mainly caused due to the servers of the game under some sort of down-time or maintenance procedure. These maintenance cycles can last for scheduled or prolonged periods.

These actions are also mandatory to perform so that the game can run better or receive new updates. Developers often execute these processes to improve the stability and performance of the core game experience. Without it, you might as well be playing a multiplayer game with numerous bugs, glitches, and crashes.

It is worth mentioning there are also further reported variants of the Bios error. Players on a few support threads on Reddit specifically reported receiving “502 Bad Gateway” instead of the usual message prompt on Xbox. So for now let us figure out the exact solution on how to fix this error in the game.

Key Highlights
  • The Bios error in Dayz is also known as “0x00050018” and can occur when you try to access the online servers of the game.
  • The bios error mostly occurs when the Dayz servers go down for maintenance or due to a problem. It can also occur if your internet connection is experiencing an issue.
  • You should try to reboot whatever platform you are using to play Dayz, along with the game itself, and then see if that fixes the bios error.
  • Try to run the game with admin privileges. If that proves to be ineffective, then verify the integrity of your game files using Steam.
  • Make sure to check that the PSN and Steam servers are working as intended, along with Dayz servers.
  • If nothing seems to be fruitful, then you should try to improve your internet connection.

Why Bios Error Occurs in Dayz

The latest we could gather regarding the error is that it has caused widespread panic among the community as the developers haven’t issued a proper statement about its occurrence. It is safe to say that all reports from players as well as an Official Tweet from Xbox Support imply that it indeed was a problem caused by the servers.

Dayz is a server-based game that features quite a few instances where the game may fail to function properly due to an outage or lack of polishing in its server matchmaking. Hence why you will often see players filing complaints of bugs specifically related to the lobbies or their servers.

Lately, the game has suffered from proper communication of peer-to-peer connection for some players as well as the developers not responding to some complaints by the players. Although it is worth mentioning that you can check the server status of the game via the verified DownDetector site for Dayz.

However, one can assume the issue might not be behind the game at all. Keeping that in mind, you will find yourself in a place where the bios error code might occur in Dayz despite the servers being healthy and functioning as planned. So if push comes to serve, we have detailed a few short methods that might fix it.

How To Fix the Bios Error in Dayz

Aside from the main cause of the error being the servers. Players may face the issue regardless of the servers being operational in-game. So it might lead you or other users confused and baffled about how to alleviate the annoyance of the bios error.

These other reasons might be caused by weak internet connections or a random error in the game files. But worry not as we have detailed 5 short fixes that may just help you cure the error so you can get back to playing the game in peace and quiet. We urge you to try each of the methods carefully in hopes of solving the issue.

As we mentioned before, just keep in mind that these fixes may or may not help you in the matter. As the main cause is still the servers but these solutions exist to iron out any other possibilities of the bios error code in Dayz.

Rebooting your System & Game

PC and PS5 restart
How to reboot your PS5 and PC

Perhaps one of the most well-known workarounds to kickstarting any stuck game is to quickly reboot your system or console. It is one of the oldest tricks in the manual of video game error solutions. Players often tend to do it with multiplayer games that involve notorious glitches and crashes such as Warzone or Apex Legends.

In most cases, the errors that seem to prompt players can stem from the game freezing or repeatedly showing the same error during the login screen. Dayz is quite a huge game that is built solely on server-based matchmaking so there is no doubt you will run into problems that may require restarting the console or PC.

Alternatively, restarting the game can be a viable option too. Playstation users can do it by pressing the “Options” button and pressing the “Close Game” prompt on the menu, as shown in the image above. Meanwhile, PC users can ALT+F4 to close the game instantly or by simply quitting to the desktop.

Run the Game as Administrator

Dayz Run as admin
How to run an application as an admin in Windows 10

The following method is tailored for the Windows users experiencing the bios error in the game. Running the Dayz game application as admin is one of the few ways to bypass some subroutines of the errors during logging in or inside the game.

Launching the game while having it enabled under admin programming will allow it to access more system and network features for more streamlined communication with the servers and unrestricted system write access.

There are two ways through which you can run the game on administrator options:

  • Locate the Dayz main game directory in your folders, it should be in one of your Steam drives.
  • In the main folder, you will want to right-click on the “.Exe” file which is used to run the game.
  • Select the “Run as Administrator” option and select yes on the next option to confirm the settings.
  • Alternatively, you can click the Properties” option on the bottom after right-clicking on the game.
  • In the compatibility tab, just checkmark the “run this program as an administrator” setting.
  • Apply these changes and check back in the game if the bios error persists.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

PC gamers have the luxury to access a bit of a trick unique to them in the launchers of games like Steam, Battlenet, and Epic Games. It involves a tool that can verify and scan the main directory of games for any missing or corrupted vital files. It is a crucial process if the game shut down abruptly and is misbehaving on startup.

The process itself is not complicated or time-consuming to do at all. Most of the time you will want to do it as some files can get deleted in case of power outages or even random shutdowns of your system.

Since Dayz is available on Valve‘s Steam launcher. We will be looking at a quick procedure on how you can verify the integrity of game files using it. Following are the steps to do the process:

Steam verify integrity
How to verify the integrity of game files on Steam Launcher
  • Of course, make sure the game is completely turned off and not running on your desktop.
  • Locate the game in your Steam Library and click on the ‘gear’ icon just below it.
  • It will open up the properties menu of the game with various other options.
  • Navigate to the Local Files section and click on the “Verify integrity of game files” option.
  • This is will begin the process and depending on the game size can take up to 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Once it is done, the steam menu will notify you if there were any missing files to be downloaded.
  • Head back into Dayz and confirm if the bios error still occurs.

Check the PSN & Steam Server Status

It is a small chance but on rare occasions, you might find that the Playstation network services or the steam launcher might not work properly. If so, then their servers might be facing some downtime instead of the game which will also no doubt affect it since it is a multiplayer game.

Dayz operates on direct communication with the PSN & Steam regional servers to function accordingly. So it may be that the backend servers of either service can be under some sort of downtime or other issues. However, you can confirm the status of the PlayStation Network services by their Official Server Status website.

Meanwhile, steam users can check the status of Valve’s multiplayer servers on the Steam DB Server Tracker. It is a  dedicated and verified site to track a variety of key aspects related to the Steam game launcher. You can also track game prices across various regions of the launcher.

Improving your Network Connection

The last saving grace against the error might just be to upgrade your internet connectivity. It is by far the best solution when it comes to solving issues like the Bios error in Dayz or any other multiplayer-only game. There are quite a few different ways you can boost your internet speeds to play the game without any interference.

Players of 3rd world countries often are plagued with weak or unstable connections. It will result in poor quality gameplay or disconnections inside the game. In worst-case scenarios, you might encounter the game’s network errors. You will also face lag or high latency which will make the game feel unplayable to an extent.

You will need a minimum of 4MB internet speed to play a multiplayer game such as Dayz. Any frequent loss in bandwidth will hinder your gameplay with minor inconveniences so be wary of that fact.

We highly recommend investing in an ethernet cable connection from a wireless connection as it boosts your speed to be stable and smooth with your router. Speaking of which you should look into implementing a Static IP address and port forwarding of Dayz. We advise contacting your ISP and not doing it manually by yourself.


So far there is no official announcement from the Developers as to how players can prevent the bios error from occurring inside their game. But as of yesterday many outlets and communities improvised that it may just be the servers acting bizarre or under some downtime.

The servers may have come back online but there are still a handful of players who might encounter the error for no apparent reason at all. Thankfully we have listed some of the workarounds that managed to work for some players on the Discord community of the game. We hope they can help you cure the error in the game.

We will be sure to update you with any news regarding future errors in the game that may pose a bigger threat than this one. For now, we shall conclude the guide here. If you have any further information or are in need of assistance regarding the bios error code in Dayz, do let us know down in the comments box below!

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