SF6: How To Complete Recruitment Drive

Recruitment Drive is a main mission of Chapter 11 in SF6 given by Thrasher where players need to recruit fighters for a brawl.

In the list of all World Tour Missions and Quests, you can find the SF6 Recruitment Drive main mission in Chapter 11, along with three other missions. Therefore, make sure you complete The Crow’s Nest mission prior to Recruitment Drive in Street Fighter 6. In Recruitment Drive, you must talk with an NPC named Thrasher, who will ask you to recruit fighters for a brawl.

Before You Start: Make sure you have reached Chapter 11 in Street Fighter 6.
Key Takeaways
  • SF6 Recruitment Drive is the main mission of Chapter 11 In SF6.
  • To begin the quest, players must interact with an NPC named Thrasher.
  • The main objective of the quest is to recruit fighters who will then participate in a brawl.
  • To complete the quest, players will have to:
    1. Reach the Lowlands in Old Nayshall.
    2. Fight Monks that spawn on the player’s path.
    3. Defeat the Cardboard Combatant as he is defeating all the fighters in the area.
    4. Go to Old Nayshall and Metro City to recruit fighters.
    5. Meet with Thrasher again to complete the quest.
  • The reward for completing the quest is 10,000 Zenny and three Elixir.

Recruitment Drive In SF6

SF6 Starting Recruitment Drive
Meeting Thrasher [Image Captured by eXputer]
To begin the main mission of Chapter 11, you will have to talk to Thrasher. He will be waiting for you on the roof, and once you go there, he will ask you to search around the World to recruit new fighters. To do that, you will need to mark The Lowlands in Old Nayshall on the World Map and travel there.

Fighting Monks

Fighting Monks in SF6
Fighting Against Monks [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Once you reach your destination, tread on the Mountain Path that is on the East. On your way up the hill, you will come across three enemies:

  • Level 37 Monk Devotee
  • Level 38 Monk Trainee
  • Level 35 Monk Trainee

To end the fight quickly, it is recommended that you line up your enemies before spamming heavy moves. With that, you will be able to hit all of them simultaneously. In case they surround you, avoid their attacks and make space till they line up again. With a few hits, you will be able to knock them down.

Once you are done with them, it will not be over. As you continue your journey, soon, you will come across three more enemies. They will be:

  • Level 38 Monk Devotee
  • Level 37 Monk Devotee
  • Level 36 Monk Devotee

Use the same strategy that you used earlier, and they will be eliminated without much effort. As you keep moving forward, you will come across a character named Bao. Approaching him will trigger a cutscene showing him getting beaten by a gang member. After which, you will find out that the gang member is a Fighter Hunter who is beating all the fighters in the area. When the conversation ends, keep moving forward.

Defeating The Cardboard Combatant

SF6 Defeating The Carboard Combatant
Fighting against Cardboard Combatant [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
As you reach the top, you will see the Carboard Combatant waiting for you at the top. Approaching him will trigger a fight. With level 37, his health will be 19,250 HP, and since he is training from Luke, his moves will consist of:

  • Grab
  • Basic Attacks
  • UpperCut (Leading to a combo)
  • Charging Attack (Leading to a combo)

When you are up against him in a fistfight, it is recommended that you fight extra aggressively. The reason for that is simple. The Cardboard Combatant will keep on charging for an attack. Therefore, as soon as you see him charging up, attack him aggressively rather than taking cover. Moreover, make full use of your drive bar to boost your attacks on him.

However, if you find him dodging or blocking most of your attacks, you can simply throw him to the ground by grabbing him. As soon as you win the fight, you will see him running off from the battlefield. Therefore, after the fight, continue on your path until you come across a character named Ramesh. Shortly after the dialogue, you will get a text from Thrasher.

Recruiting The Fighters

SF6 Recruitment Drive: Recruiting Fighters
Recruiting Fighters [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
The text from Thrasher mentions that he found two people, one being in Metro City and one being in Old Nayshall. Once you get the text, you will have the option of choosing any one of these first. You can pick the first fighter from Old Nayshall. For the second fighter, you will have two options in the Metro City. Therefore, you will have to decide who to choose in SF6 Recruitment Drive. 

Old Nayshall

As you arrive in Old Nayshall, go to the Central Bazaar to find your first fighter. There you will find Damini training. To get her on the team, you will need to speak with her letting her know that you want her on your team.

Once you recruit her, you will get a text from Thrasher, letting you know that you can recruit one more fighter. Furthermore, he will also let you know that Mad Gear Ellissa has also shown interest in joining your team. 

Metro City

Upon arriving in Metro City, you will be able to recruit Mad Gear Ellissa from the Scrapyard or Lao Tang from China Town. Do not think deeply about who to choose, as the outcome of choosing any of them will be the same. Once you pick the last member, you will get another text from Thrasher. The text will be about preparing for a brawl, so now you will need to meet him.

Meeting Thrasher

To meet Thrasher, you will have to wait till nightfall and go to the hangout. You will find him on top of the roof. As the conversation begins, Thrasher will express that he will also participate in the brawl alongside your fighters. The SF6 Recruitment Drive main mission will complete as the conversation ends, and you will get the following rewards:

  • 10,000 Zenny
  • 3 Elixir

All in all, to play the Recruit Drive main mission in SF6, you will need to reach Chapter 11 in World Tour mode. Make sure you line up the monks before attacking them. Since the Carboard Combatant charges up his attacks, fight aggressively against him. Lastly, make sure you recruit the fighters in time as you will get 10,000 Zenny and three Elixir as a reward.

If you have a good fashion sense, you must know all clothes in World Tour and how to unlock outfit colors in Street Fighter 6. If you are struggling to reach higher chapters, perhaps the SF6 beginner’s guide will help you a lot.

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