Street Fighter 6: Brother And Sister Quest [Walkthrough]

Experience the thrilling Brother and Sister Quest in Street Fighter 6, unraveling secrets and overcoming challenges for exceptional rewards.

Street Fighter 6 Brother And Sister Quest revolve around Yua and her brother Bosch, and you will need to track Yua’s location to finish the quest. The quest isn’t as straightforward as it seems so you will need to look out for important details before reaching the end. Follow this guide to find what needs to be done before attaining the rewards for finishing the Brother And Sister Quest.

Key Takeaways
  • The Brother and Sister Quest revolves around characters Yua and Bosch in Street Fighter 6.
  • The goal is to track down Yua’s location to complete the quest.
  • The Brother and Sister Quest unlocks in chapter 10 after you finish the Resisting, Nayshall Style quest.
  • Yua, a key character in this quest, won’t appear until the end of Chapter 15.
  • After finishing the Nayshall Style quest, you’ll get a message about a local tournament, which is a part of this quest.
  • Yua’s location is in the Old Nayshall region, near two vendors.
  • When you talk to Yua, you’ll have two dialogue options, but your choice won’t affect the outcome.
  • Despite the challenges, you’ll get a reward at the end: Yua’s Necklace and Kina’s Necklace, which can be used as gear.
  • This quest is often overlooked as a side mission, but it’s actually part of the main story.

How To Complete Street Fighter 6 Brother And Sister Quest?

Old Nayshall in SF6 [image Credits: eXputer]
Once you are done finishing the quest Resisting, Nayshall Style–part 1 of chapter 10, the quest Brother and Sister will become available in the same chapter of Street Fighter 6. Though for a weird reason, you won’t be able to complete the quest immediately after, instead you will need to wait for quite a bit as it is sort of an end-game thing in SF6.

The reason becomes apparent later on, as you cannot encounter the important character of this quest, Yua, until the end of Chapter 15. Now that you know when Yua can be encountered, let’s dive in to explore the walkthrough.

Texts From Li-Fen

Li-Fen Messages [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Upon completing the Nayshal Style quest, you will receive a text message from Li-Fen, who will inform you about the local tournament.
  • Li-Fen is the one who starts the quest.
  • She sends you a text about a local fighting tournament.
  • After getting Li-Fen’s text, you can’t finish the quest right away.
  • You unlock a new event called the Outlaw Pankration Tournament.
  • You have to move forward with the main story for now.
  • Once you beat the Divine Struggle, you can return to the Brother and Sister Quest.
  • Li-Fen’s role is important because she guides you to start the quest and paves the way to the next part of the game.

Once you manage to finish the mentioned storyline, all you need is to find Yua’s location to be done with the Brother and Sister quest. Oftentimes, you will find the storyline of Street Fighter 6 offering you multiple main quests with the trackers spread out. This mostly leads players to miss out on some quests as they want to focus on the important ones and come back to the less-important ones later on—though they always forget about them.

The Brother and Sister quest of Street Fighter 6 isn’t much different either as you will need to wait far longer to anticipate its ending, and most players just dump it out as a boring one.

Yua’s Location

To find Yua in Street Fighter 6, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Post-Chapter 8, After your battle with the abnormally strengthened Bosch on the top of the research center in the Metro City, pay close attention to the area he leaves.
  2. Pick up the item he dropped on the floor, as it is important for the completion of the Brother and Sister quest.
  3. After finishing Chapter 15 of the main story, head to the Lowlands area in the Old Nayshall region in Street Fighter 6.
  4. Once you are there, look out for an NPC near the two vendors—this is Yua.

As you interact with her, she will immediately inquire about her brother, and you will have two dialogue options here. 

  1. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… he’s gone”
  2. “I’m sorry, but… I don’t know.”

It doesn’t matter whichever dialogue you choose—she won’t believe you in any case. As she is convinced that you are lying, Yua decides to wait for her brother afterward, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Quest Reward

Even though it might feel that the whole effort of traveling all the way here was in vain, worry not, she rewards you decently for your struggles. The rewards for this quest are Yua’s Necklace and Kina’s Necklace. You can use the unique pair as your gear.

The world of Street Fighter 6 contains plenty of side missions that you can miss out on. However, when a game split its story into multiple quests, it is fairly common to miss out on these main quests. The quest Brother and Sister is that one part that most players skip as they perceive it to be a side quest—even though it isn’t. Now that you’ve learned about the quest, don’t forget to read Street Fighter 6: BEST Steam Deck Settings, How To Earn Drive Tickets, Outfit Colors, and Input Delay Reduction guides. 


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