Fixed: XCOM 2 Mods Not Working (2023)

The XCOM2 Mods not working isn't known to be a serious problem in 2022 and in 2023 - Developers have released patches to fix the problem.

Nine months ago in June 2020, the XCOM 2Developers rolled a new update that completely revamped the entire game along with its launcher. Unfortunately, although this update did introduce some exciting features, it also changed the launcher for XCOM 2, which ultimately resulted in mods not working. The Developers themselves did not address the problem, and players who were aware of alternate mod launcher got their problem fixed while those like me were still searching for an official solution. Luckily, there seems to be a small confusion about this solution.

This guide will clarify all the doubts and further explain the nature of this mods problem in XOCOM 2. Besides, there will also be guidelines on how you can fix it and further access any mods you would like.

Key Highlights
  • There are many reasons that can cause your XCOM 2 mods to stop working. The most notorious of these includes the change of the launcher that happened along with a huge update back in June 2020. 
  • The first thing you should do is make sure there are not any missing files that can lead to your mods crashing using the “Verify integrity of game files…” option in Steam. This will automatically download any game files that might be missing.
  • If there are no missing files, you should try deleting the XCOM 2 Document Files, which will reset all of the game’s settings to default and allow you tob run your mods again. You can do this by going to the following directory: Documents\Games\XCOM 2\XCOMGAME\config folder.
  • If your mods are freezing or crashing in the main menu, you should try reinstalling Vcredist. This will ensure that there are no corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages that can affect XCOM 2.
  • If the new launcher of XCOM 2 is causing your mods to not load, you should try adding  “-noRedscreens” and “-review” in the target path of ModLauncherWPF.exe and then restart your PC.
  • If the issue is between Steam and the XCOM 2 mods, you should clear the Steam download cache. This will clean up any excess files that might affect your mods and create a path for an updated link, which will allow you to download mods without issues.
  • Before trying the last resort fix, you should try reinstalling XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen Expansion entirely, which will reset all of the game files to default and might eliminate any issues causing your mods to crash.
  • If none of these methods work for you, the final thing you can try is downloading an entirely new launcher and replacing the original game launcher. It is called the “Alternative Mod Launcher (AML).
  • If your mods are still refusing to work even after trying every single one of these methods, the only thing you can do is contact Steam or 2K Support and get professional help.
  • Steam support can be contacted through the steam client on your PC by navigating to the help tab and clicking on Steam Support. Additionally, you can get 2K support by going to their official website and submitting a support request.

How To Fix Mods Not Working In XCOM 2

XCOM 2 Mods Not Working
XCOM 2 Mods Not Working

Suppose your mods stopped working around nine months ago, or maybe they haven’t been as consistent. The cause for this would probably be the change in the launcher, which has also been a liability for the rest. Apart from the update, XCOM 2 mods have also had a history of other problems related to Vanilla and WOTC, and the apparent Steam Workshop is not working. These problems aren’t directly related to the launcher update, and therefore, you will have to dig a bit deep to find the actual problem. All things considered, there is a list of proven fixes that will guarantee the problem is fixed, and you can subscribe to hundreds of XCOM 2 mods.

Validate Steam Files

First things first, make sure there aren’t any missing files in your system, causing the mods to crash. Besides, this would also help you identify any further problems you are currently facing in XCOM 2. Usually, many players miss this step because they are sure that they haven’t deleted any XCOM Directory files. However, many fail to notice that often, Antivurises and Windows Defender automatically flag files that are then deleted from the process. Through Steam’s File Validation method, you can download any files that are missing. Here is how you can go about it.;

  1. Go to Steam Library > Right Click XCOM 2 Properties > Local Files.
  2. Click on Verify Integrity of Games Files.
     xcom 2 mods not working
    Verify Integrity of game files
  3. Any missing XCOM 2 file or related will automatically start to download.

Delete XCOM 2 Document Files

Once you have made sure that no files are missing, there is a decent amount of chance that a setting has been messed up. Obviously, it’s easy to understand, you might not be able to get inside the game, but luckily once the documents are deleted. All the settings are reset to base, and you can try to rerun mods. These document files are located under the directory shown below. We don’t recommend deleting them entirely; instead, you should cut and paste them into another folder. If the method did not work, you don’t want to lose the settings and move it back again.

Documents\Games\XCOM 2\XCOMGAME\config folder.

Make notes that these are just the graphics and gameplay settings and do not have any considerable significance.

Reinstall Vcredist

The Microsoft Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages, commonly called the VCredists are the main components that help a PC run any program. It sets the tone for all programs, which is then dependent on Microsoft Visual C++.

 xcom 2 mods not working
Visual Studio

Sometimes, the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages get corrupted, which further impacts XCOM 2, and it fails to open. This method is mostly handy for struggling with Mods being frozen or crashing in the main menu. With that being said, here is how you can go about it and get it repaired.

Depending on where your SteamApps folder is, find and locate XCOM 2 Directory. Once done, there will be two separate Vcredist folders. Your job will be to run the program under both of them and then select repair after Uninstall and Repair’s options show up.

  1. Proceed to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\ _CommonRedist\vcredist\2013.
  2. Proceed D:\Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2 \ _CommonRedist\vcredist\2014.
  3. Run vcredist_x86.exe.
  4. Run vcredist_x64.exe.
  5. If Microsoft Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages are installed, you will find them right here and after clicking on these tabs. There will be two options; one will contain uninstall and the second will contain repair. You should select Repair under both v_credist_x64.exe and v_credist_x86.exe.

Add Target Path to ModLauncherWPF.exe

Last year a Reddit User, TheBickyMonster, came across a method that seemed to add a target path to ModLauncherWPF.exe, which resulted in an instant fix of mods. The user did not explain how this helps; however, I suspect that the command he added was used to prevent the opening screen that might be behind the malfunctioning of mods in XCOM 2. Other than that, the original thread also came out when Firaxis was at its peak of being a broken launcher. Some users also reported that this worked like magic when facing the Red Screen Error In XCOM2.

  1. Proceed to your XCOM 2 Directory, Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2.
  2. Right, click ModLauncherWPF under the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (WOTC) Files.
  3. Make a shortcut, and right-click on the shortcut > properties > add -noRedscreens and -review under the Target path.
  4. The final target path should be something like this now; \steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\Binaries\Win64\XCom2.exe” -noRedscreens -review.
     xcom 2 mods not working
    XCOM 2 Properties.

Once done, don’t forget to click on apply and restart your PC before final testing.

Clear Steam Download Cache

Suppose this problem is directly related to subscribing to XCOM 2 mods and Steam. Then your best bet to fix it would be to clear the Download Cache. This appears to clear out various leftover files and a pathway for a newer link that would help you download mods without any problem. Further, Steam also recommends clearing the Download Cache once in a while, so if you aren’t doing that, make sure you start it.

  1. Here is how you can clear the Download Cache.
  2. Open Steam Settings.
     xcom 2 mods not working
    Steam Settings.
  3. Under Downloads Tab, click on Clear Download Cache, which also has an authentic description saying “Clearing the download Cache might resolve issues downloading or starting apps.”

Reinstall XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen Expansion

 xcom 2 mods not working
War of the Chosen Expansion.

Before we go on and substantiate the final fix, which would be Downloading Alternative Mod Launcher (AML), you should reinstall XCOM 2 once. There aren’t loads of problems with AML, but given that XCOM 2 official launcher is more versatile and can help you organize mods in a much better way. It is always better to fix the original than to move to third party. Besides, the Alternative Mod Launcher (AML) isn’t precisely third-party or controlled by some external company. It’s an open-source software on GitHub that can be utilized by everyone.

Having said that, sometimes there are other re-configured files that have changed dynamic addresses, potentially causing both the game and mods to stop working. These files aren’t easy to fix since they cannot be detected by both Steam Validation and human check. Other than that, once you reinstall them, all files are restored to the default version, and you are most likely to play a fresh game.

  1. Under Documents, delete all the XCOM 2 files; these are highly related to the files we want to restore. Thus, you don’t want them to be utilized again after reinstallation.
  2. Once done, go to Steam > Right Click XCOM 2 > Uninstall.
  3. Restart your PC and download the game again.

Download the Alternative Mod Launcher (AML)

The last and most prominent method that is Alternative Mod Launcher (AML). This is a secondary mod launcher that was originally released on April 11, 2017. This mod launcher aimed to eliminate all the issues with the original and be a substitute. Moreover, it became immensely popular among the players when the game had its major update in 2020, and the default launcher completely stopped working. As far as I know, 40% of the community players are aware of this mod, and most are using it. The Mod does have many similarities to the original; you can checkmark the mods you want, download newer ones from Steam Workshop, save profiles, and explore others through its extensive filter option. Apart from these, there is also another important feature that validates removing unnecessary files to “reduce memory footprint.”

All things considered, you might be wondering what the purpose of the Alternative Mod Launcher is? This can be called a substitute to the original and would help you get rid of all fixes. With that being said, here is how you can go about it and configure the entire setup.

  1. Download the Latest Alternative Mod Launcher (AML) Version. As of 2022, it is version 1.4.1, which was last configured on Jul 7, 2020.
     xcom 2 mods not working
    Download Alternative Mod Launcher.
  2. Unzip the files on the desktop or anywhere else except C/Programs, because the file requires re-writing.
     xcom 2 mods not working
    Unzip files.
  3. Once done, open the XCOM2 Launcher from the XCOM AML Folder.
     xcom 2 mods not working
    Open XCOM2 Launcher.
  4. Now the setup will ask you about the game you want to install mods on. However, if that didn’t work, then there will be an error stating, “Could not detect the path to the installation directory.”
  5. Keeping this in mind, you will have to open the AML Settings and add base plus mod directories. These are essentially the locations of your steam files. Moreover, you can also add the following commands in the arguments.
  6. -review, -noRedScreens, -noStartUpMovies, -allowConsole, -regenerateinis.

Essentially after the whole configuration is done, the rational thing would be that XCOM 2 mods will start working. This fix is a complete revamp for the entire process, and having acknowledged that the Alternative Mod Launcher works entirely different and open source. You can expect miracles of all sorts. Lastly, don’t bother getting confused about how the mods operate. They are versatile, and you can use all kinds of filters to make it work like the Workshop.

Contact Steam and 2K Support

Initially, if you have followed all the steps shown above, and XCOM 2 mods are still not functioning correctly. Then, the decent thing to do would be to inquire both Steam and 2K and discuss the problem’s nature. Usually, this step isn’t always required, but there could be a potential ban on your IP or System, which would further relate to Mods not working. Besides, you should also make sure that your Steam account is not flagged and that there isn’t any grey third-party software running in your background.

 xcom 2 mods not working
Contacting 2K Support.

You can contact Steam through the Application by going to the support tab. Likewise, XCOM 2 can be contacted through 2K’s Support Site. You have to click on the “Submit A Request” Button and describe the problem. Afterward, the support will get back to you on your email.


The XCOM2 Mods not working isn’t known to be a serious problem in 2022 and in 2023 – Developers have released several patches that have completely fixed the problem. In the same vein, those who are still facing the problem are unable to find good guides that contain an adequate solution for this problem. We, here at eXputer have covered all the necessary steps that can fix the problem. Suppose all these methods didn’t work out, and Support was unable to find a healthy solution. Then, we recommend changing Steam Accounts or Reinstall the entire Window.

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