Warzone 2: The BEST Dual Kodachis Loadout

Chop down all those who dare to face your Twin Blades!

Warzone 2 new season has launched, and it comes with exciting new skins, weapons, and operators. One of the most anticipated weapons in this season is going to be the Dual Kodachis. It’s no secret of the game that dual weapons are a big meta in the game, and with sniping nerfed,  melee combat seems to be the new meta. Here is the best Dual Kodachis Loadout in Season 2 of Warzone 2 and How to Unlock them

Key Takeaways
  • Warzone 2 has come out with Season 2 and introduces the Daul Kodachis as a brand new melee weapon.
  • The Daul Kodachis give you fast mobility, attack damage, and range to chop down your opponent’s close-range fights.
  • They pair extremely well with LMGs which are still the Meta in Warzone 2. 
  • The best LMG you can be using right now for the Dual Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 is SAKIN MG38.
  • The SAKIN has a significantly high fire rate, Damage, and Time to kill and will be replacing RPK in season 2.
  • The Daul Kodachis are completely free, and you can unlock them in the Season two Battlepass of Warzone 2. 
  • They are available in sector B13 and will require a minimum of 25 Battlepass Tokens. 
Important: The Daul Kodachis is one of the new weapons that have been added to the Season 2 Battle Pass. They will be available in the free battlepass, so you won’t need to spend a penny to get them.

Daul Kodachis Loadout 

Loadout Daul Kodachis Warzone 2
Warzone 2 Daul Kodachis Loadout – Image Captured by us

Starting off the Dual Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 we have none other than the Daul Kodachis themselves. There are a few things you will have to keep in mind while using these fast and versatile Melee weapons. Firstly, you need to understand that knives are melee weapons and can only be used at point-blank range. They will be pretty much useless for dealing damage if the target is not in range or you are in the open. 

Secondly, the Dual Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 has great speed and mobility. The blades are not the fastest in the game but they are still a great option for movement. Since LMGs dominate the meta, these pair extremely well with them. They will allow you to run to cover when you run out of ammo and cut down anyone who pushes you, thinking you are reloading. 

Thirdly, their damage is no joke and makes you a force to be reckoned with. You can easily two-shot most enemies you come across. Using an LMG with dual Kodachis, you can deal damage from afar while you push and close in the gap. Close combat is where these blades shine the most, so push buildings and bait enemies into pushing you. The Daul Kodachis will be your main close-range weapon in Warzone 2. 

Primary Weapon

Warzone 2 SAKIN MG38
SAKIN MG38 Warzone 2- Image Captured by eXputer

Your Dual Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 now needs a good long-range weapon since the Daul Kodachis are close-range. Since the RPK has received its much-needed nerf in Season 2, it’s not going to be seen as much in the game; good riddance. However, that does not mean that LMGs are no longer meta. The new LMG which will be replacing the RPK is going to be the SAKIN MG38. 


The SAKIN MG38 is an impressive LMG alone, but due to the dominance of the RPK was overlooked by most players. However, with the right attachments, you can make or break any gun in the game. With these attachments, you will be able to increase the stability and mobility of your weapon. It is essential to learn what attachments go best with your weapon in order to unleash its full potential

  • Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5
  • Underbarrel: Brunen Warrior LMG
  • Rear Grip: Brunen Q900 Grip Warp
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity
  • Optic: SZ Holotherm


ZLR TALON 5 Warzone 2
Warzone 2 ZLR TALON 5- Image by eXputer

For the first attachment, we will be equipping the ZLR talon 5 Muzzle. This muzzle will help make the Daul Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 complete. The Muzzle has many pros that buff it with just a few minor nerfs that will easily be countered by our remaining attachments. For starters, the Muzzle suppresses the sound of your bullets, making it quite difficult for enemies to find your location based on your shots. 

Apart from that, the muzzle will allow you to increase the damage drop-off range of your LMG and get faster kills at a distance. Moreover, the ZLR Talon 5 adds Bullet Velocity and damage range to the SAKIN MG38, making it a lethal weapon at range. 

The muzzle has a few cons, with mobility being the main focus. Your Aim Walking Speed and Aimming stability will take a significant hit. However, both of those things are neglectable in long-range fights. The pros of the Barrel outweigh its cons by a landslide, making it the best barrel for the Daul Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2.


You can further increase the gun’s recoil steadiness and bullet velocity in weapon tuning. If you think that you require movement stability a bit more, you can opt for that. However, since the Daul Kodachis will provide you with enough mobility, we will suggest going for the Velocity and Recoil. Setting the Recoil to +0.59 and the Bullet Velocity to +0.58 will be the perfect tuning. 


Warzone 2 Dual Kodachis Loadout Underbarrel
Warzone 2 Brunen Warrior Grip- Screenshot Grab: eXputer

To make the gun stable and easy to control, we will apply the Brunen Warrior Grip. The aim of the Warrior underbarrel is to reduce the Recoil significantly, allowing the player to have easier control over the weapon. This will further allow you to track targets efficiently, missing fewer shots in general. Along with Recoil adjustment, the Underbarrel also increases the steadiness of your weapon. 

The Underbarrel has similar cons to the Muzzle and will be taking away from your Mobility as well. However, as previously mentioned, you will be using the SAKIN MG38 in ranged fights and from behind cover. In these cases, mobility has a minor role to play. This makes the nerfs to mobility irrelevant enough to be overlooked. 


We will be focusing on the Recoil and Stability in the tuning as well since that will be the major factor in determining ranged fights. Setting the Recoil Stabilization to +0.49 and the Aiming Idle Stability to +0.15 will help increase your accuracy and control in combat. Both of these tunings will stop the gun from jumping around as much and help you with your aim.

Rear Grip

Brunen Q900 Grip Warp Warzone 2
Warzone 2 Brunen Q900 Grip Warp

The Rear Grip we will be using is going to be the Brunen Q900 Grip Warp. The Purpose of your Grip is to make up for some of the lost mobility from the other attachments. Brunen Q900 Grip Warp will increase your aim down sight speed, which will allow you to get your first shot faster than the enemy. It will also give you the ability to Fire quicker if you are sprinting around and encounter an enemy. 


You can tune the Grip just a bit to make it perfect. We would recommend going for +0.35 for increased recoil steadiness and +0.13 to give you that extra Aiming Idle stability. The tunings will help you with recoil control and will allow you to track enemies more easily at range.


In Warzone 2 most guns you see will be running a type of ammunition, that is because ammo type makes a significant impact on the performance of your weapon. For Ammo, we will be using the 7.62 High-Velocity rounds. Since you need to deal as much damage as possible at the range, the High Velocity will allow you to do precisely that. 

Increasing the speed and range of the bullets will give you a considerable advantage in ranged fights. The bullet velocity might be the only pro of the High-velocity bullets. However, it is much needed. Moreover, the Ammo does drop your damage, but it’s unnoticeable. The Ammnution is quite reasonable without any tuning. If you want to tweak it, you can, although you will lose either range or recoil, so it’s not worth it. 


 SZ Holotherm
Warzone 2 SZ Holotherm- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

For the optic, you will be running the SZ Holotherm. The Thermal scope will allow you to highlight targets, and you can track them more easily. Another advantage to the thermal scope is it allows you to smoke yourself and see enemies clearing. This will allow you to pick some easy kills without the enemy knowing what hit them.

The scope will also give you a precise indicator that you can place on targets to know exactly where your shots are going. It also increases your range and accuracy, which is quite important in fights. The cons of the scope are that it will nerf your movement speed a bit while you’re aiming

The thermal sights are a bit of a controversial optic since some people find them extremely useful while others can’t manage to play with them. If you do not like the Thermal sight, you can simply replace it with the Aim OP V4. The V4 will give you some stats of the SZ Holotherm without the Thermal. 


Warzone 2 Dual Kodachis Loadout Equipment
Warzone Tactical & Lethal Equipment – Image Captured by us

No Loadout will be complete without the complementary equipment and the Daul Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 is no different. The equipment allows you to deal damage to enemies and also nerf them in some aspects giving you an advantage in fights. It’s important to know what equipment works best with your loadout and play style. 


For this loadout, you can use two tactical depending on what you prefer and what optic you are choosing. If you have decided to go with the Holotherm, the smoke grenade will be the Best Tactical. The smoke grenade allows you to use the Thermal optic to its full potential. Moreover, it goes you an edge over the competition so you can get the most out of your equipment. 

If you are running the Aim OP V4, the Stun Grenade will be a better option for you. The Stun Grenade pairs extremely well with the Daul Kodachis. It will allow you to catch enemies with the dual blades and get some easy kills. A stunned target is a sitting duck and will be no match for your assault. It will help you clear buildings and push opponents without the fear of being beamed on your way to them. 


For the Lethal equipment, you can pretty much run anything you like. You should prefer something with a bit of splash damage. The Semtex or the Frag Grenade will be a great choice for the Dual Kodachis Loadout in Season 2 of Warzone 2. The Semtex, in particular will allow you to stick enemies to get a confirmed kill and damage all enemies around them as well.

The frag will be a bit more partial when it comes to clearing rooms and small spaces. However, both are great choices. We would recommend going for the Semtex since its sticking ability can come in quite handy. 


Custom Perk Package
Warzone 2 Custom Perk Package – Image Captured by eXputer

These little abilities will be a big help on the field and boost your senses so that you can play better. You can create your own perk package that will fit the Daul Kodachis Loadout in Warzone 2 the best. You will need to focus on a few things, such as equipment and speed

For starters, you should be using the Double Time perk and Bomb Squad. Double Time will boost your movement speed significantly and that is going to be essential when you are running a heavy LMG. Moreover, it will allow you to tactical sprint longer, which will come in handy when pushing enemies with the Daul Kodachis. Bomb Squad will allow you to tank Lethal equipment and push on through to the target.

You can swap bomb squad with battle-hardened if you are running into a lot of stuns or flashes. Talking about the equipment, you should use the Resupply perk. The Resupply perk will help restock equipment constantly and never be out when you need it. So you won’t need to pick up equipment and can focus on gunfights knowing that the equipment will be there when you need it. 

For your final perk, you will be running the High Alret perk which will allow you to know if an enemy is looking at you. With this information, enemies will never be able to catch you off guard, and you will always have the upper hand. Having a ghost is also a great option, but high alert works better if you are playing aggressively and rushing enemies. 

How To Unlock Daul Kodachis

Daul Kodachis How To Unlock
Warzone 2 How To Unlock Daul Kodachis- Screenshot Grab: eXputer

You can unlock the Blades in sector B13 of the battle pass. However, you will not need to unlock all the sectors in order. The fastest route to unlocking the Daul Kodachis in Warzone 2 will either be B1, B2, B5, B9, and then B13, or go from the right side and unlock B3 and B6 instead of B2 and B5

Both paths will require the same amount of tokens and will lead to you unlocking the Daul Kodachis in Warzone 2. Each sector will cost five tokens to complete and move on to the next. In order to get the blades, you will require at least 25 battle pass tokens. Once you reach sector B13, unlock all 4 things to be able to unlock the Daul Kodachis. Once you have them unlocked, you can go and equip them in your armory to test out your new battles. 

Dual Kodachis 

Loadout For Dual Kodachis 
Warzone 2 Dual Kodachis – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Melee weapons have been a big part of the warzone meta since warzone one, and it’s no different in Warzone 2. The Daul Kodachis is a deadly close-range weapon and will become the new melee weapon to dominate the Meta. There is nothing scarier than hearing footsteps and turning around to see a player running at you with these monstrosities. 


The Daul Kodachi will be a two-hit kill most of the time in Warzone 2. If the enemy has  3 armor plates on, it might take 3 hits. However, with its increased damage, it is a better option than the Combat knife in Warzone. Its extra range will allow you to take out enemies from further and lunge at targets and equipment from a greater distance. You will be a menace on the battlefield with these shiny blades. 


If we are looking at the cons the Daul Kodachis is a bit slower than the combat knife which is reasonable. Due to their bigger size, they have improved damage and reach. However, that comes at the cost of speed and mobility. The Daul Kodachis are going to have decreased mobility and fire rate; however, it will be more than enough to chop down your enemies in building and close quarters. 


The blades have a few minor disadvantages when compare to the combat knife. However, these don’t really matter when it comes to warzone battle royale or resurgence in particular. They might be a bit slower in attack speed and mobility, but that is going to affect multiplayer matches majorly, where they are both one-shot kills. In Warzone 2 the Extra damage and dual attacks are much more effective and make them a more dominant weapon. 

Final Words

Aftering learning the Best dual kodachi loadout in season 2 of Warzone 2, you are ready to jump into battle. It’s important to know which are the Best Perks in the New Season of Warzone 2 so you can have the edge over the opponents. Since the Fennec and RPK have been nerfed you will be seeing a lot more M4 loadouts and  Vaznev 9k Loadouts in Season two. Also, check out our Teirlist of all the weapons in Season 2 to find out which ones are the best. 

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