FIXED: Overwatch 2 Crashing Mid Game

Overwatch 2 mid-game crash fixes: Exclude game folder from antivirus, verify game files, create new Windows account and increase game priority.

The much-anticipated sequel to Overwatch, Overwatch 2, hasn’t met players’ expectations in terms of stability and optimization. Since its launch, players have encountered various performance issues, causing frustration. One major concern involves the game crashing during gameplay, disrupting matches, and affecting players’ performance.

The specific reasons behind Overwatch 2 Crashing Mid Game remain unclear within the gaming community. However, I have attempted to identify and suggest potential solutions to tackle this persistent issue.

Key Takeaways

Here are all the methods you can use to fix the Overwatch 2 Mid Game Crashing issue.

  1. Create a new Windows user account.
  2. Increase game priority for better resource allocation.
  3. Disable overclocking for stability.
  4. Disable Radeon Boost for AMD Radeon 6000 series cards.

Create a Microsoft Account

One potential workaround for resolving mid-game crashes in Overwatch 2 involves creating a new Windows user account. These crashes seem associated with a recently implemented anti-cheat system named Hyperion/Byfron, notorious for causing disruptions for legitimate players.

A notable clue lies in the similarity of crashes experienced in Fortnite, which also utilizes Byfron. This similarity suggests that the anti-cheat system could be triggering the crashes in Overwatch 2 as well. Creating a new Windows user account has served as a popular workaround, allowing players to bypass the crashing issues linked to this specific anti-cheat system.

Increase The Game’s Priority

Overwatch 2 crashes tend to occur even on the most demanding systems possible that a person could make. Hence, it seems that the game is not using the resources given by the computer properly. You can use a method to increase the priority of the game on your PC so that your system may focus mostly on the game instead of other applications in the background.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar down below and selecting task manager.
    Opening Task Manager from Taskbar. (image by eXputer)
    Opening Task Manager from Taskbar. (image by eXputer)
  2. Once you are in task manager > find the process of Overwatch 2 > right-click on it.
    Right Clicking an App in Task Manager. (image by eXputer)
    Right-clicking an App in Task Manager. (image by eXputer)
  3. Now select Go to Details.
    Going to the Details of an App in Task Manager. (image by eXputer)
    Going to the Details of an App in Task Manager. (image by eXputer)
  4. Once you have entered the detailed section > right-click the highlighted instance of Overwatch 2 and increase the priority from normal to real-time.
    Changing Priority of an App. (image by eXputer)
    Changing Priority of an App. (image by eXputer)

Increasing the game’s priority may help alleviate crashes and improve performance, allowing for a smoother gaming experience in Overwatch 2.

Disable Overclocking

Overclocking can certainly give you an edge in games regarding your frames and performance. However, disabling overclocking has proven effective among several players for fixing crashing and stuttering in the game on PC. You can disable overclocking very easily by using the MSI AfterBurner application.

  1. Start by launching MSI afterburner.
    Launched MSI Afterburner. (image by eXputer)
    Launched MSI Afterburner. (image by eXputer)
  2. Now, simply adjust the Memory and Core clock to +0.
    Adjusting Memory and Core Clock. (image by eXputer)
    Adjusting Memory and Core Clock. (image by eXputer)

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card that is greater than the Gtx 16 and Rtx 20 series, then you can use the Nvidia Geforce experience to tune your clock speeds. However, if you have an AMD card, you can easily use its adrenaline or catalyst software to adjust your memory and clock speeds.

Disable Radeon Boost

To address mid-game crashes in Overwatch 2 linked to AMD Radeon 6000 series cards, a potential solution involves disabling Radeon Boost in the AMD driver settings. Reports suggest that these specific graphics cards encounter random crashes while playing Overwatch 2, and often, disabling Radeon Boost resolves these issues.

Radeon Boost is a feature within AMD drivers designed to enhance performance by adjusting resolution dynamically. However, it might be causing instability in Overwatch 2 for some users. To apply this fix, access your AMD driver settings, locate the Radeon Boost option, and disable it. 

My Thoughts

The highly anticipated Overwatch 2 launch fell short due to persistent mid-game crashes and performance issues. This widespread problem lacks a universal fix, prompting various attempted solutions.

Developers are addressing the issue on their Twitter. Discussions on forums (Steam, Blizzard, and Microsoft) highlight frustration and propose remedies like verifying game files and adjusting system settings.

My experience revealed partial success with methods like altering game priority or creating new Windows accounts, but no definitive solution. 

The root cause, possibly linked to recent updates or anti-cheat systems, remains unclear. In summary, the Overwatch 2 mid-game crash issue persists, demanding further investigation and concerted efforts for a complete fix.


Why does Overwatch 2 crash mid-game?

Overwtch 2 crashes mid-game when it’s unable to utilize the hardware properly.

How can I eliminate this crashing error in Overwatch 2?

You can eliminate this error by lowering the graphical settings, verifying files, and updating your system drivers.

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