Overwatch 2 Crashing On PC [FIXED]

The detailed guide on how you can solve Overwatch 2 from crashing on PC

Overwatch 2 seems to be running without too many hitches on consoles, but the PC version on Battle Net is causing frustrations for a handful of players worldwide. There is a quite a few ways that you go about resolving these problems for the game, as most of them consist of simple workarounds that will help you run it smoothly until it gets properly fixed by the developers.

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Key Takeaways
  • Overwatch 2 is crashing on PC across different regions for multiple players. The game gets stuck on the loading screen, downright crashing, or making users time out due to network interferences.

There are a few solutions to this problem which include:

  • Restart your game/PC: Restarting the game and the system, Restarting the application, or rebooting the PC can also help
  • Avoid overclocking your GPU: Overclocking can yield better execution for your games, yet it can likewise create issues and corrupt the wellbeing and life of your parts. For Overwatch 2, it is advised to turn off most of your overclocking peripherals.
  • Update your GPU drivers: Drivers are essential for the proper functioning of the graphics cards in your PC. Periodically updating your drivers can prevent hindrances like crashes or errors.
  • Reduce graphics: Lowering the graphical settings of Overwatch 2 and toning down some graphical options like shadows and lighting can significantly raise your frame rate and help the game run better. Adjusting in-game resolution and image sharpening can also help improve performance.
  • By following their methods, you can resolve crashing issues on Overwatch 2 quickly and efficiently. 

We advise you to follow each method carefully as any one of these can help you to resolve the crashing on Overwatch 2 as quickly as possible, and who knows? You might also fix some of the known errors along the way. So without further delay, let’s discuss each of these fixes we have outlined for you in full detail.

Restart The Game And The System

We are starting things off with one of the simplest fixes that all gamers always try when it comes to the most pain in the neck problems in video games nowadays. It is by simply restarting the game once or twice to see if any non-existential data in the game files might be the one causing the crash. If you are looking to restart the application quickly, you can easily do it by pressing the ALT + F4 keys together and closing the application from there.

But if that doesn’t work out, then you can move on to rebooting your entire PC to see if that works because it is arguably one of the oldest tricks in the book to kick-start any stuck application or video game. Restarting the system will help it work if the game causes some malfunction to it, and it will also boot up the game in a much more refreshed state for you.

However, if even that doesn’t help you in relieving the crashes, then the last course of action can be to power cycle the PC, which is easier said than done by all means. You can do it by completely shutting down your PC and making sure it isn’t receiving any excess electricity by removing the main power cord from the output source. Now the important part is leaving it in that condition for at least a couple of minutes.

Avoid Overclocking Your Graphics Card

More often than not, overclocking your CPU or Graphics Card can yield better performances for your games, but there are certain times when the games might not function. Moreover, it will degrade the health and life of your components, too, so for Overwatch 2, we would advise you to turn off most of your overclocking peripherals.

Overclocking in Nvidia

Most of the time, gamers will download third-party software to tune their Graphics Cards, but you can also apply to overclock through the main control panel of the GPU itself. As you can see from the image above, it is preferred that you keep all of the options set to the bare minimum when you play the game.

It has proven to be a working fix for some players in the community after they brought their GPU & CPU power to default frequencies and settings. Since Overwatch 2 is a new title, after all, there is no point in overclocking your components for it until the game runs at stable metrics across the board. Also, if you are generally new to overclocking, then we strictly advise against doing it because it can be dangerous either way for your system.

If you are using performance monitoring software such as MSI Afterburner to tune both of these main components, then we would suggest turning it off as it can potentially freeze your system, too, according to some players in the Overwatch community.

Update Your GPU Drivers

Nvidia GPU drivers
How to Update GPU drivers on Nvidia

While we were on the subject of PC components, it is worth noting that the drivers are essential when it comes to the proper functioning of the Graphics Cards in your PC. These drivers act as the building blocks and set a foundation for the games to run smoothly on your system without any sort of hindrances that may disrupt the experience, such as crashes or errors.

AMD and Nvidia are the leading GPU manufacturers who will periodically release new drivers for users to download on their systems. Nvidia has a dedicated and Up-to-date Drivers Download Site, and it will let you pick the latest ones for your desired model too. Preferably, you can download Geforce Experience if you are an Nvidia user for ease of access, as you can simply scan and download these new driver updates from it.

AMD users do not have to worry too much either, as they can head to the AMD Drivers Support site, where you can download your preferred drivers for your GPU from the company. Ideally, you can just use the Radeon Control panel, which will let you scan for new updates from the main screen.

Whatever way you find it easy, once you download and install new drivers for your Graphics Card, always reboot your PC to apply the changes to your system. There are even times when these drivers will include support for the GPU to run the latest games, such as Overwatch 2, so do not miss out on updating them.

Lower The Graphical Settings Of Overwatch 2

Quite possibly, one of the significant arising problems in modern video games running on PC these days revolves around their optimization and performance. Thankfully, Overwatch 2 is feasible to download on most systems as it is one of the most popular Esports franchises alongside games such as CSGO and Valorant. Not only that, it runs great, but we would still suggest toning some graphical options down just a bit to run it even better.

We found that toning down the Shadow and Lighting settings significantly raised our framerate, while adjusting the in-game resolution can also help you out quite a bit. According to some testing, the image sharpening can also correlate to increasing some frames, but there isn’t any major difference to be found as the textures may appear slightly jagged at far distances. The graphical options that we suggest adjusting are the following:

Overwatch 2 settings
Overwatch 2 Graphical settings
  • Image Sharpening: 0.50
  • Log Fog Detail: Low
  • Dynamic Reflections: Low
  • Shadow Detail: Low
  • Effects Detail: Low
  • Lighting Quality: Medium
  • Antialias Quality: Off
  • Refraction Quality: Low
  • Ambient Occlusion: Medium

The rest of the settings we haven’t listed shouldn’t impact your performance too much, but if you have a graphics card with a low amount of VRAM in it, we suggest reducing them as well. Furthermore, if you are looking to squeeze every bit of framerate and run the game without any sort of crashes or errors, then you can also lock the in-game resolution to 100%, which will help reduce more of the load on the game.

We highly suggest trying and applying these recommended settings from our end and checking if it helps you cure some of the problems associated with Overwatch 2. If not, then continue reading, as we have a few more solutions entailed for you to fix the crashes and errors of the game.

Scan And Repair The Files On Battlenet

If the previous workarounds didn’t work, then it’d be wise to verify the files of the game using the Battlenet platform. There are many launchers like Steam and GOG that offer the feasibility of scanning game directories for corrupted or missing files, which may be the main reason most of the time behind major game errors and issues.

For now, let’s look at how you can scan and repair the Overwatch 2 game files for any sort of problems on it via the Battlenet launcher since it is exclusively available there only:

Overwatch 2 crashing
How to open up Battlenet
  • First things first, you will need to open up the Battlenet launcher, which can be done by typing it in your Windows search bar, or better yet, you can have it pinned at all times under your taskbar.
Overwatch 2 crashing
Scan and repair
  • Locate the Overwatch 2 application under your library section in the launcher
  • Click on the gear icon next to the Play option to open the settings menu for the game.
  • Select and click on the ‘Scan and Repair’ setting here.
Battlenet scan and repair
Begin scan and repair
  • It will then ask for a confirmation on which you simply need to click on the Begin Scan prompt to begin the process of scanning and repairing the files.
  • Keep in mind that it can take some time to complete depending on the size of the game, from roughly 10 to 15 minutes at max.
  • Once it is done, it will either update you with any missing files that need to be installed again or that everything is in check, after which launch Overwatch 2 and verify if it helped you fix the errors in it.

Switch The Region Of The Game

Believe it or not, some users on the Discord community of the game have reported fixing the issues of the game simply by switching the region from the battle net launcher. Under most circumstances, the regional servers of the game may be the downside for multiplayer video games, and they also end up causing a fuss, such as latency and ping issues in your matches that can be more or less annoying to deal with after all.

Some users on the forums of the Overwatch 2 blog posts have stated that you can try switching up the regional servers, which may resolve some of the issues that are plaguing the game at the moment. Most users living in the United States will, of course, end up playing on the ‘Americas’ server, but in the rare chance that your home advantage region doesn’t work out, you can easily swap it with ease from the launcher menu.

OW2 change region
Overwatch 2 changing region

From the game’s main screen in your library, just click on the small Globe icon next to the game version option, which lets you switch between the regions for the game. You can select between the Americas, Europe, or Asia, so we recommend trying all three out and seeing which one makes the game run more stable on your end.

The changes are automatically applied once you select the region, so you won’t have to restart the Battlenet app; just relaunch the game and verify if this helps you overcome the issues of Overwatch 2.

Evaluate The Overwatch 2 Server Status

The backend servers in multiplayer games are the backbone of their proper functioning, and any sort of malfunction in them can cause severe issues for tons of players. Games like Apex Legends and Overwatch 2 operate on thousands of servers through which different regions of players are connected. Any sort of interference can be consequential to their playability, so they can also often cause crashes in the game.

If you are not aware yet, the developers of Overwatch 2 at Blizzard are constantly working right now to ensure all of the systematic functions of the game are running smoothly for their player base. But that does not seem to be the case as the servers are flooding in with millions and millions of players around the world. We at eXputer had to wait for over an hour until we got past the never-ending queue of players just to enter the game.

Be as it may, your best course of action will be to stay up-to-date on the game’s server status, as Blizzard may even perform some background maintenance on it. This is essentially a process that developers will perform on their games for a scheduled period of time to ensure it runs smoothly or to add in an emergency hotfix.

It is unclear when the servers of Overwatch 2 will get updated, but thankfully you can follow their Twitter Support account to stay up to date on the latest news and information. So be on the lookout if there are any planned server outages for the game, which may resolve some of the known issues players are facing in it.

Disable Background Applications And Overlays

While it may come off as a surprise, there are occasions where the background applications and software running on your desktop can be the cause of glitches and bugs in video games. It has proven to be a valid concern for Overwatch 2 as well because, as we know previously, the game has launched in an unstable state, so there are bound to be issues, such as the optimization factoring in applications running in the background on your PC.

These background applications can end up consuming valuable resources from both your RAM and CPU, which are both just as integral to running the games as the Graphics Card. Most gamers frequently end up using applications such as Spotify, Discord, and the Xbox App, which can drain your RAM usage, which in turn, will likely cause issues in your games, such as Overwatch 2 crashing on startup or during the matches.

The task manager
The Task manager
  • You can disable or remove the background running apps via the Task Manager.
  • It can be opened up by pressing together the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys.
  • Alternatively, you can also open it by right-clicking on your taskbar and selecting the Task Manager from the sub-menu that pops up.
  • Once here, simply right-click on the tasks or application you want to close and select the ‘End Task.’ to close them instantly.
  • It will help you free up some of the memory resources, so you will want to disable anything possible such as any unnecessary web browser tabs and the applications we mentioned previously.

Swap To High-Performance Mode

According to some users, there have been reports that switching between the power plans offered within your Windows 10 settings can provide some assurance against the crashes and errors of the game. What it does is that it increases your total power consumption or battery if you are on a laptop, but in return, the Windows OS will run applications and games such as Overwatch 2 with more resources.

So in case the game is crashing randomly or posing errors, it’d be wise to switch to the High-performance power plan, which can be done in the following steps:

  1. You can easily open up the Power Plan settings option on your desktop by searching for it in the Windows search bar as shown in the image below.
    Steelrising PC crashing
  2. Once you reach the next menu, there will be a variety of different power options for you to choose from.

    Overwatch 2 crashing

      Power Plan menu Windows 10
  3. At first glance, there will only be the option to choose between either a power saver or balanced mode.
  4. But if you look closely, you should be able to spot a drop-down option in the additional plans, which will allow you to select the High-Performance setting for your Windows.
  5. Make sure it is selected and just to be safe, you can also reboot your PC to apply the changes made here.
  6. Launch Overwatch 2 and check if it helped you fix the annoying issues present in it.

Run The Game Under Administrator Settings

One of the few workarounds that most PC gamers should know about, if you don’t already, is that you run applications under administrator privileges which will grant them access to use your resources and data without any restrictions from the operating system. It is quite a helpful process that can also help run video games more smoothly and stable, and it is pretty self-explanatory to enable under most software or application:

Overwatch 2 crashing and error
Run Overwatch 2 as Admin
  1. First of all, you will need to locate the executable file of Overwatch which will be labeled as the ‘Overwatch Launcher’ in its main game directory, found in whichever disk drive you have the game installed at.
  2.  Now simply right-click on it and select the Properties option in the sub-menu.
  3. You will now be displayed with a few different tabs but for now, just select the Compatibility tab.
  4. Now, if you look at the bottom options, there should be the setting to Run This Program As An Administrator, on which you just have to check the box right next to it.
  5.  Don’t forget to hit the apply option once you are done to save the changes.
  6.  Launch Overwatch 2 to evaluate if any of the game-breaking issues are still persisting in it.

For now, this concludes our detailed guide on how you can fix Overwatch 2 from crashing on your PC. If you do end up fixing it, then let us know in the comments below. As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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