Overwatch 2 Error Code BC-101 [Fixed]

This Overwatch 2 Error Fix BC-101 guide will uncover the best ways that you can get rid of the connection error in-game!

Story Highlights
  • Error BC-101 will be a connection timeout error that players will face between their PS4 and Xbox One consoles!
  • The main benefit of fixing the issue will be that you will actually be able to play the game and login.
  • The best way to get rid of the issue will be testing Internet connections, restarting routers, troubleshooting Firewall etc!
  • If you do not fix the BC-101 error, then it might hinder with your gameplay experience.

Overwatch 2 is a recently released free-to-play game accessible to everyone and offers an intense action-based game that requires players to be in a 5v5 match most of the time. While the game itself is amazing, several different errors can inevitably start to emerge, especially ones like the BC-101. In our Overwatch 2 Error Fix BC-101 guide, we will uncover a few ways that you can get rid of the issue! Make sure to read up on our Overwatch 2 PS5 Login Error guide!

What Is BC-101 Error 

Now, before we jump into the possible solutions you can check out, let’s take a second to figure out just what the BC-101 Error is since players have been complaining about it on Reddit as well as being covered on the official Blizzard Support forums. While it may seem an extremely daunting issue, it’s not all that dangerous and can be typically fixed with a few workarounds that will be discussed further. 

In essence, the Error BC-101 will show up whenever a major connection timeout issue exists for players playing on their consoles. The connection issues can emerge for many reasons like not having a proper internet connection, using wireless connections, having a problem with your Firewall, or many others. 

It essentially displays a code that will read something like “Login Error: Sorry, we were unable to log you into Battle.Net, please try again later (BC-101).” it is a mix of both login and connection issues. Now, let’s look at how we can potentially fix these issues! 

Troubleshooting Firewall Configuration 

Now, one method that players will be able to try out is known as “Troubleshooting Firewall Configuration.” If you’re using Windows, you should be able first to access your files, which will showcase several different files like your Local Disks, your folder, and everything else displayed in front of you. 

Windows Defender Firewall 

Overwatch 2 Windows Defender Firewall
Windows Defender Firewall (Image Captured By Exputer)

When you first launch the Windows Defender Firewall, you will be met with a pretty complex pop-up box, as you can see from the image captured above. In front of you, you will be able to see a few things, like Helping protect your PC with the Firewall itself. 

If you hover your mouse to the far left, there will be a few options you can choose from, as seen in the image above. The options will range from one of them allowing any kind of app or a certain feature to bypass the Windows Defender Firewall. 

Apart from that, there will also be an option to change your notification settings and offer you the ability to turn your Windows Defender On and Off whenever you feel like it. Beneath that, you will see another option known as Restore Defaults, and lastly, you will also see an advanced settings option and the ability to troubleshoot your network. 

Restore Defaults 

Overwatch 2 Restore Default Settings
Restore Default Settings (Image Credits: Exputer)

From there, you want to hover your mouse over the Restore Defaults option and click on it. Once you’ve done that, it will open up a new window that will showcase the Restore Default settings option. 

Essentially, what it will do is it will prompt Windows to get rid of all the settings that you have originally set up for your network locations. The message that will pop up on the pop-up will be “Restoring Default settings will remove all Windows Defender Firewall settings that you have configured for network locations.”

Below that, there will be a button that will allow you to restore your defaults. You might want to read up on our Overwatch 2 Code LC-208 guide!

Restore Default Confirmation 

Once you click on the option, it will show another pop-up that will tell you that if you go ahead with your decision to restore defaults, it will essentially delete all settings that you had made originally since the time Windows was installed. And that it also may end up causing a few apps to stop working. Go ahead and click yes, which will prompt Windows to accept the command. 

Task Manager

Overwatch 2 Task Manager
Task Manager (Image Credits: Exputer)

Next up, you want to open up your Task Manager, and as can be seen above, it will show all the programs running in the background, whether they are currently in use. It will show the typical apps, like Google Chrome, etc., that are running and the status for all the apps. 

Typically, any app in use will show a percentage under the CPU. Therefore scroll through to see what apps are not in use or are using 0% of the CPU and click on “End Task” to end it. Relaunching the game, then, should essentially fix the issue. If it doesn’t, then moving on, we will discuss a few other methods that you can try out for the Overwatch 2 Error Fix BC-101 issue. 

Internet Testing 

Now, if you are someone that happens to be playing on a PS console, then another fix that might not have crossed your mind will be to test your Internet Connection. Typically, the main issue might be your WiFi being too slow, or the connections might not have been set up properly, which would cause a big ruckus for no reason, so here’s the fix for that!

From the main homepage on your PS4, scroll over to the top until you can see a few icons, and then you can scroll over to the far right from the first icon, which will be the settings, and click X. from settings, you want to scroll down until you can find the Network option and go ahead and press X on that. 


Overwatch 2 Testing Connections For LAN
Testing Connections For LAN (Image Credits: Exputer)

Once you’ve clicked on that, you will be shown five different options ranging from Connecting to the Internet, Setting up an internet connection, testing the Internet, Viewing the status of PSNS, and viewing the connection status. Players will need to choose the second option, which is “Set Up Internet Connection.” 

After that, click on LAN, and then you will be shown two options ranging from Easy and Custom upon being prompted on how you want to set up the Internet. Click on Easy, and the next window will show you “Checking Network Environment.” After a few seconds, another prompt will show that your internet settings have been updated. How about checking out our Overwatch 2 Error BC-153 guide?

Below that, it will show a button called “Test Internet Connection.” Go ahead and click on that. Now, it will test a few things, namely, 

  • Obtain IP Address
  • Internet Connection 
  • Playstation Network Sign-in
  • NAT Type
  • Connection Speed (Download)
  • Connection Speed Upload 
Overwatch 2 LAN Testing
LAN Testing (Image Captured By Exputer)

If the test is successful, then you should see the following prompts, as can be seen from the image above. 

  • Obtain IP Address- Successful 
  • Internet Connection- Successful 
  • Playstation Network Sign-In- Successful 
  • NAT Type- Type 2
  • Connection Speed- XYZ

The connection speed will vary based on your connections and servers. You will probably need to test the connection twice, and If the speeds are faster than before, your Internet is running at optimal speed. 


Now that you’ve tested your connection through LAN, let’s run a check by using WiFi instead. Once again, go ahead and click on “Set Up Internet Connection,” and instead of choosing LAN as you did, you will want to click on WiFi. 

Suppose you have already set up your WiFi anytime before. In that case, a message prompt will show up that will say that the settings for connecting via WiFi already exist and whether you want to use the already existing settings or not. 

Click on Yes, then Press on O to go back, and then choose the third option, which will be to test the connection. This time, the prompts should go something like this: 

  • Obtain IP Address- Successful 
  • Internet connection- successful 
  • Playstation network sign-in- successful 
  • NAT Type- Type 2 
  • Connection speed- XYZ

Test it again; if the speeds have increased, the same can be said for your WiFi. As for PC wifi testing, you can do so by using the Ookla Speed Tester

Xbox One 

Overwatch 2 Xbox WiFi Testing
Xbox WiFi Testing (Image Captured By Exputer)

Apart from the PS consoles, considering Overwatch 2 is also supported on the Xbox One series, you might want to test-run your Internet on the Xbox one consoles. From the main page, head over to the settings, from where you will be able to search for an option that’s labeled “Network.” 

When you do so, you will be shown two options, one being network settings and the other being network transfer. Go ahead and click on Network Settings, after which you will be presented with a few other options. Some will range from setting up a wireless network, testing the network connection, testing the Multiplayer connection, etc. 

From there, hover over to the troubleshooting area, as we have showcased in the image, where you can choose the fourth option, called “Detailed Network Statistics.” Once you do that, it will automatically start checking the connection for you. 

Detailed Network Statistics 

Once you do that, it will show a few details, such as your overall download speeds, upload speeds, packet losses, MTU, and latency. The higher the download speed and/or latency, the better the connections will be in-game. 

Other Methods 

Now that we’ve gone through a couple of the main methods you can try to fix up the Overwatch 2 Error Fix BC-101, there are still a few basic methods you can try out if you want to give them a shot. 

Changing the Date and Time 

One of the easiest methods you can try out is to simply see whether you have your date and time set up correctly. Usually, the main Error that occurs with having the date wrong from the main servers is that it will not pick up any command, whether you’re playing on PC, PS, or Xbox. 

Therefore, according to your respective devices, head over to settings, date, and time, and make sure that your time is in sync with the official time. 

Power Cycling 

Another thing that you might want to try out is power cycling. Power cycling will typically be pretty easy, as the only thing you do is find the main power supply for your respective devices, such as the PS or PC, and see where it is connected to the main power socket. 

Unplug it, and then wait for a while, preferably a rule of thumb will be to wait anywhere from 5 to 6 minutes. Plug the wire back in, restart your device and see whether the issue is fixed. Most of the time, the issue should be fixed. Our Playstation Error NP-34957-8 guide will be a worthwhile read for you!

Internet Router Reset 

Another quick solution might be that, let’s say that you cannot have your connection issues solved upon restarting the devices; you can also restart your internet router. The method can work for both, whether you’re using a modem or a data device. 

Head over to the place where your WiFi is connected, unplug the main wire, and repeat the waiting for a bit. Plug the WiFi back in, let it restart, and see whether your game is working now or not. 

Manual Internet Setup 

Lastly, you can also manually set up your internet connection if you’re playing on any device. 

  • For PS, head to settings, network, set up internet connection, choose easy, choose your WiFi, and check. 
  • For Xbox, the steps will be the same as PS. 
  • For PC, head to your bottom bar, disconnect and reconnect the WiFi, or head to settings and advanced settings, forget your WiFi and re-enter the password to set it up again manually. 


All in all, there will be six ways to help you fix the problem you’re having with your game. With that, we will wrap up our Overwatch 2 Error Fix BC-101 guide! Check out our Overwatch 2 Beta Login Error guide!

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