Overwatch 2 Error Code BC-153 [Quick Fix]

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Story Highlights
  • BC-153, an issue in Overwatch 2, is preventing players from connecting to the server.
  • Both new and devoted Overwatch fans have been attracted by the sequel's arrival. Given that player numbers increase as a result of such releases.
  • When server-related problems like the BC-153, which are caused by failed servers, emerge, it may be difficult for the servers to meet the demand, and Players are unable to connect to the game.
  • You can do things like check server status, and restart your router to see if you can log in.

The release of Overwatch 2 has drawn both new and loyal fans of the series. Given that such releases result in a spike in player numbers. It could be challenging for servers to handle the demand. Sadly, Overwatch 2‘s error BC-153 is causing players to lose connection to the server. Today, we’re going to talk about the Overwatch 2 Error BC-153 and resolve it. Also, consider reading Overwatch 2 PC Crashing error fix guide.

Players can’t connect to the game when server-related issues like the BC-153 appear, which are caused by failing servers.

How To Fix BC-153 Login Error

How to fix Error BC-153

The following troubleshooting techniques can be used if the issue persists despite typically going away after a few failed login attempts.

Check The Server Status

The server status of Overwatch 2 may be seen in a variety of ways. The official forums and community hubs like Reddit are two places where users may connect if they are experiencing login issues as well. Players will be made to sit tight for Blizzard to repair its servers if several users are complaining about the BC-153 error as an outage.

Downdetector may also be used as a backup source for staying current with Overwatch 2’s servers. Users’ feedback is another source of data for Downdetector, and many gamers utilize the service to report outages as they happen.

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Restart Your Router and Device

Restart your Device and Router

Players may need to examine their wifi router if they get the BC-153 login issues when Overwatch 2’s servers are online. The fastest and simplest solution to many local network issues is frequently to restart your router and gaming device.

You should try to play Overwatch 2 as soon as your internet router and gaming device are back online before doing anything else.

Change The DNS Servers

Your entire connectivity speed will be impacted if your DNS servers are offline. The majority of players utilize the DNS servers that the internet service provider typically assigns to them. The quickest method to troubleshoot them is by utilizing Google or OpenDNS-like services.

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After making the DNS change, if you no longer see the BC-153 login issue in Overwatch 2, you should keep using the new DNS servers till after your old ones are operational once again.

Other Alternative Fixes For Error BC-153

  • Delete and Reinstall Overwatch 2
  • Change your region
  • Update any gaming software and drivers that are available.
  • Check if Overwatch 2 is updated
  • Reset your console


We hope that our Error BC-153 Guide has helped you log back into the game and get wins! If you are still having problems, lets us know in the comment section below.

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