Echo From Overwatch Is The Only Hero Without A 2D Portrait

Out of the dozens of heroes in Overwatch, Echo is the only one to not include a 2D portrait despite having one in the files.

Story Highlights

  • Echo is the only character in Overwatch to not have a 2D portrait in-game.
  • An unused 2D portrait for echo exists within the game files.
  • Brigitte is another character with a unique problem in her artwork.

Overwatch 2 is a multiplayer team-based and shooter-based fps game with a huge roster of playable and unique characters. These characters act as a selling point of the game, these characters are mostly known as heroes of their specific universe, some of them anyway.

Amongst the many unique supportive, DPS, and tank roles in the game there lies uniqueness and an impressive amount of techniques and systems that each character can build upon. Now aside from the game’s many balancing problems, there exist a few very discrete glitches, and this one is specifically intriguing.

When playing Overwatch 2, keen players will notice that each character actually has 2 models. A 2D one is used in the scoreboards and a 3D one is for general purposes. Every character contains these portraits, except Echo who contains a singular 3D portrait.

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The reason for this exclusion is not really known and the team hasn’t said anything about it due to it being so minuscule. A reason for this could be the resolution scaling that happened when the game shifted toward the sequel but it is not confirmed.

Players will be surprised to know that this actually does affect the gameplay, albeit to an extremely small extent. Areas built for the 2D portrait are replaced by Echo’s 3D portrait, something that was pretty much expected.

Another minor thing to note is Brigitte and a small problem that she has with her artwork. After Brigitte received a minor update to her artwork, her image became a bit blurred. This may be due to the difference in resolution but that does not seem to be the case.

Many heroes in the first Overwatch had this issue where they would have different resolution scaling than some of the other characters, but it really didn’t affect the gameplay aspect too much.

Minute stuff like this is extremely interesting to jump into and try to decipher what the team may have missed and why they missed it in the first place. Although minor problems like this may appear from time to time, it is doubtful that they will be as interesting as this one.

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