SOLVED: Starfield Headless Character Bug

Starfield's Headless Character Issue can be resolved by Gear Changes, Hand Scanner Use, and Switching Your View Perspective

The Headless Character Bug in Starfield, a highly anticipated space exploration game, has amused and puzzled players. Alongside issues like broken HDR and excessive motion blur, this bug turns players’ allies into headless entities. This guide offers solutions for those experiencing this bug. Starfield’s reception varies among fans, with some praising it as a top-notch space RPG while others face various bugs and glitches. This guide addresses the Invisible Head or Camouflaged Character bug, explaining its nature and providing effective fixes.

Key Takeaways
  • Players encounter the Headless Character Bug in Starfield, which turns allies into headless entities.
  • The Headless Character Bug is triggered by equipping the Chameleon armor set, which is supposed to grant temporary invisibility.

These are the possible solutions to the Starfield Headless Character Bug:

  • Change Gear: Try different equipment to fix the bug temporarily.
  • Hand Scanner: Use it for a temporary head restoration.
  • First-Person Mode: Switch to avoid the bug.
  • Restart/Reload: Reset by restarting or loading earlier saves.

What Causes The Starfield Headless Character Bug?

Equipping the Chameleon armor set allows players to turn invisible, temporarily enhancing their stealth options in Starfield.

Oddly, instead of achieving invisibility, this gear unintentionally removes the heads of characters and companions, leading to unsettling encounters during conversations.

Some users have noted that this peculiar bug is triggered when they switch to the third-person perspective, adding an additional layer of complexity to the issue.

FIX 1: Change Your Gear Selection In Starfield

Starfield Gear Change
Starfield Gear Change (Image by eXputer)

Numerous players suspect that the Chameleon gear is the root cause of this peculiar bug in Starfield.

Some have found temporary relief by swapping out their Chameleon gear for other equipment. However, it’s essential to remember that this workaround may not provide a permanent solution, leaving players eagerly awaiting an official fix from the game developers.

To temporarily solve the issue, consider unequipping all your currently worn items, including your spacesuit and helmet, if they include the Chameleon pack. This action appears to reset your character’s visual state, potentially eliminating the strange camouflage or invisibility effect.

Additionally, if your in-game companions are also affected by headless appearances, consider altering their clothing to see if it resolves the problem.

FIX 2: Utilize The Hand Scanner Technique In Starfield

The Hand Scanner
The Hand Scanner (Image by eXputer)

Another approach to address this bug involves utilizing the hand scanner feature.

You can activate the hand scanner by pressing the LB button on your Xbox controller or tapping the “F” key on your keyboard twice. It’s worth noting that this remedy is temporary and doesn’t guarantee the bug will resurface.

Some players have found that triggering the hand scanner can restore their character’s head. However, be mindful that this may not provide a lasting solution, and there’s a chance your character’s head may vanish again later.

Should this headless bug happen again, you can use the hotkey to restore your character’s head or address any lingering camouflage skin issues.

FIX 3: Transition To First-Person Perspective

First Person Vs Third Person
First Person vs. Third Person (Image by eXputer)

Shifting your point of view (POV) to a first-person perspective has proven beneficial for certain players facing the headless character bug.

You may find and stop the annoying issue by toggling to the first-person view. Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that reverting to the third-person POV may reintroduce the bug. If your character’s head persists in its game of hide-and-seek, whether in third-person or first-person view, the recommended strategy is to alternate between these viewing modes.

According to player reports, the bug manifests more frequently in third-person mode. Consequently, it may be prudent to engage in gameplay using the first-person perspective until an official patch is released.

Furthermore, be cautious about employing scopes or aiming down sights while in third-person mode, as these actions could potentially trigger the bug.

FIX 4: Restarting The Game And Reloading Saves

Reloading Saves
Reloading Saves (Image by eXputer)

If none of the previously suggested solutions seem to work, try restarting the game and loading an earlier save file. This action might just reset any temporary glitches or triggers responsible for the invisible head bug.

When opting for this approach, ensure that you select a save file from a point in your gameplay that removes the appearance of the bug. This way, you can eliminate any factors that might have triggered the issue initially.

When all else fails, you can rely on the age-old “turn it off and on again” method. Restart the game and closely monitor whether the problem persists.

If a simple restart doesn’t resolve the issue, give loading an earlier save a shot—a save from a time when the headless bug wasn’t plaguing your gameplay.

Ending Words

While the Starfield Invisible Head Bug can be a source of frustration for some players, don’t despair. Temporary remedies are at your disposal to restore your character’s head and enable you to continue your cosmic journey. Moreover, Bethesda, renowned for its commitment to enhancing gaming experiences through updates, may officially address this bug in forthcoming patches. 

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