Fall Guys: How To Join a Party – PlayStation, Xbox, & Switch

The complete guide to joining and inviting players in Fall Guys on different consoles as well as some brief details on invite problems and custom matches.

Fall Guys surprised gamers around the world by going completely free-to-play. The developers at MediaTonic approached for a partnership with Epic Games. It allowed the game to be released in this state, with now fully accessible with Crossplay & Cross-save functionality.

The game features tons of creative and awe-inspiring action courses. You can party up with your friends or try to win it all in solo modes. Today we will be discussing how to exactly join a party in Fall Guys as well as some issues like the invites not working.

The game is heavily based on the concept of Battle Royale. There are over 50+ players in matches competing either in team-based matches or in a free for all game show-like events. Real-life game shows like Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior heavily inspire these courses.

Players survive till the end of the last show round in the match. During the finale, you score the crown to win the entire match and be the last man standing. Also, consider reading Fall Guys Error Code 201_003 error fix guide and learn how to fix it. 

However, The only confusion that might cross players’ minds will be some of the error codes in the game, which act as bugs & glitches. Your main concern will be how to join a friend and their party and as some invites not working in Fall Guys. It is not a really difficult task at all to do once you enter the main lobby of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The invite not working issue is prominent across all platforms, including PC.
  • A quick restart of the game or console is often a quick fix for the issue.
  • If restarting the game doesn’t work, you can try disabling FRAPS, MSI Afterburner, or RivaTuner.
  • You can also try accepting invitations without launching the game.
  • Running the game on administrator privileges may also fix the issue.
  • If all else fails, you can reinstall the game or wait for a patch.

How To Join Party in Fall Guys

The game may be fun to try and compete in solo stakes, but having a team makes it much more worthwhile. Running a full squad with you or a group of friends will also allow you to compete in special team shows.

Before you go ahead and try to join your friends, you will first need to make sure you have Epic Games ID linked. It will provide you access to the Cross-play invite feature of the game. The account linking process can be done straight from the main menu when you boot up the game.

You also have the option to sign in to Epic games using your other account credentials like PSN or Steam. It will send you to a site to log in manually or produce a QR Code for you to scan and log in quickly.

If you want to accept any invites of players from across multiple platforms, you will have to enable the crossplay aspect in the settings tab. It might just be already toggled on as you dive into the game for the first time.

However, the game has recently had a flood of free-to-play players rushing into it. The influx of so many players has caused some issues and error code problems for the game.

Most of the issues are players figuring out why their invites are not working in Fall Guys. We will explain more of that in detail later in the guide.

For now, let’s continue with how you can join parties across the multiple consoles including PC. Some of which offer unique methods & ways to host lobbies or join other players.

How to Join & Create Parties Across Different Platforms

Fal lguys friend list
The in-game Epic Games friend list menu.

Hosting lobbies in the menu is pretty simple enough as well as joining others too. But like we mentioned earlier, you will at least need an Epic Games account before you can do anything like joining or inviting someone.

The procedure to do these steps are almost all the same on every platform with minor exceptions like different buttons to open friends menus. Currently, it is the only way to invite or join players on the PC version of the game. Following are the essential steps needed to freely join parties in Fall Guys:

  • Link your Epic Games Account: Of course, an EGS account is required for cross-platform play, so you will want to have it set up before you can start playing with your friends.
  • Adding users to Epic Games: You can add friends by searching for their Epic Games Account Gamertag in the Friend List search bar as displayed in the image above.
  • Enabling Crossplay: It is an especially important step if you want to play with your friends on the other platforms. It is also recommended by the game to enable the feature for faster matchmaking.
  • Open Party from the main menu: You can then toggle the “open party” function located in the bottom left of the main menu screen to check invites and joined players in your session.

Currently, only a total of 4 players can be allowed as a full squad. Unfortunately, you will have to create a custom lobby to accommodate more than 4 players so be wary of it.

For now, let’s look at the special invite systems on each console in short detail. We will only be excluding the PC port as it basically uses the EGS system only.

Playstation Consoles

Playstation Play together
The Play together feature in Playstation party chat

The method can work identically for both the Playstation 4 and 5 consoles. The game supports cross-gen so you can easily party up with your friends on either version of the game. The process is exactly the same as we mentioned above. There is a unique way to invite players through the Party Chat interface of the console.

  • You can create a voice party chat in the parties section of the main interface on Playstation.
  • Create a voice chat session and invite your friends or the players that you want in your game lobby.
  • With the players in your voice chat, scroll into the party features and onto the “Invite to Game” option.
  • It is a unique feature for PSN users where they can instantly voice chat players into multiplayer lobbies.
  • Click on it, and then select Fall Guys, upon doing it will send an instant to every player in your voice chat.
  • It is a pretty handy feature one that many players do not know can save you time and any effort.

Keep in mind that the Epic Games social panel can be opened by pressing the touchpad button on your Dualshock 4 or dual sense controller.

Xbox Consoles

Party chat on Xbox
How to invite players to game sessions through Xbox Voice Chat

It is a method similar to the party chat feature in Playstation consoles. The Xbox console also supports the game via its generational crossplay. You can use the Epic Games invite system here but there is another optional way to invite as well as join players. The process is relatively the same across the Xbox One and the new Series X/S.

  • Create a voice chat, simply invite your friends to the group chat.
  • Make sure you have your game running in the background.
  • In the party settings, Click on “Looking for Post” at the top of the party as shown in the picture.
  • It will send out an invite post to the players at the party for whichever game you are playing.
  • Players in the voice chat can accept these invites to quickly join your game session.

You can open the in-game Epic Games friend list by pressing the “View” button located on the middle left of your controller just below the Xbox Home button.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch fall guys
The Main Menu screen of Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, there is really no separate invite feature available for the switch. It does thankfully support up to a total of 4 players in its squad considering the hardware capabilities. It also supports the Epic Games Friend list.

However, that is currently the only way to invite friends into the game. You have the option to go into your Nintendo Switch interface and manually invite your switch-only friends through there. Otherwise, you will have to settle for inviting players across different consoles via Epic Games.

The EGS Friend List UI is accessed by pressing the “Negative” button on the top left side of your switch console. It may take some time to open due to the limitations on the switch hardware. But you can safely know how to join parties by inviting and accepting other invitations through the Epic Games Friendlist in Fall Guys.

There are also rare occasions where the invite you may receive will not be working so for that we recommend simply restarting Fall Guys by closing it from the home screen on your switch.

How to Create a Custom Lobby in Fall Guys

Custom lobby fall guys
The newly introduced custom game mode in Fall Guys

Private custom matches are finally in the game and you can compete with your friends across several of the game shows. It is worth noting that the game may only support up to a maximum of 60 players for a session. The minimum requirement for the custom games is 10 players so keep that in mind.

To build a custom match in Fall Guys, click on the show selector menu on the main menu screen. It should have different buttons like ‘Square’ on Playstation or ‘Y’ on the switch. If you are playing on the PC version, simply click on the ‘Game Mode’ option located in the bottom right of the main lobby screen.

Once you enter the custom shows, you will have the option to either host or join players. You can “host shows” and add various action sequences of your choosing to the rotation. Once everything is ready you can then send out a 5-digit code to your friends which will allow them to join your custom lobbies.

In the case of joining other players, simply enter the 5-digit code at the “Join” option under the custom shows lobby screen. Since the game has cross-platform play, every player can easily join each other with ease.

Invite Not Working in Fall Guys

Fall Guys may have just had the biggest free-to-play launch yet it got plagued with tons of issues in spite of it. Although the developers are effortlessly trying to push out fixes to these error problems and glitches. There is the main headache in the game which causes your invites to not work properly to join other players.

Our full detailed guide on Fall Guys Invite Not Working. 

The issue functions similarly to the various error codes found in the game which be quite annoying to deal with if you don’t know or have any knowledge about them. The basic gist is that upon receiving an invite from one of your friends through the epic games friend list, the invite will not work at all.

What does end up happening is the game may break get stuck or prompt an error code to you. In most extreme cases, there have been reports from the community that it may brick or freeze your console too. The error is prominent across every console including PC.

If you do indeed run into the error of your invites not being able to work, we highly recommend doing a quick restart of the game or console instead of pulling your hair at the problem. Invites may or may not consistently work all the time so it is best to reboot your game if the invite errors are acting tenacious.

This wraps up our in-depth guide on how you can join parties as well as find any workaround fixes to your invites not working as programmed in Fall Guys. Let us know if we missed anything or any other question related to the guide in the comments box below!

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