18 Best Fallout New Vegas Armors – Heavy, Medium, Light

In Fallout New Vegas, armors are all about DT since it’s the rating of how much damage the armor can take. Once the DT of armor falls to zero, you start taking damage. Other than DT, there are three more important factors about the armor that one should keep in mind before choosing an armor.

Firstly, it is the weight, which classifies an armor as Light, Medium, or Heavy. Secondly, it is the hp of armor, and this determines how much armor can take before needing to get repaired. Then lastly, you have bonuses or effects that might be an important factor in a specific situation. In this Fallout New Vegas best armor guide, we have listed six armors from each weight category and ranked them according to their DT.

Key Takeaways
  • Armors in Fallout New Vegas are split into 3 categories known Heavy, Medium, and Light.
  • Players should keep 3 things in their mind when choosing their armor which are: 
    • Weight: Makes it easier to categorize in Heavy, Medium, or Light Armor.
    • Armor HP: How much damage can an Armor take on before it needs repairing.
    • Bonus/Effects: The bonuses that armor can give in particular situations.
  • Some of the Best Heavy Armor include the following:
    • Remnants Power Armor.
    • T-51B Power Armor.
    • T-45D Power Armor.
  • Some of the Best Medium Armor include the following:
    • Gannon Family Tesla Armor.
    • Elite Riot Gear.
    • Desert Ranger Combat Armor.
  • Some of the Best Light Armor include the following:
    • Sierra Madre Armor.
    • Vault 34 Security Armor.
    • Gecko-Backed Leather Armor.

Fallout New Vegas Best Heavy Armors 

In Fallout New Vegas heavy armors are hard to get, but for obvious reasons. For one, they have the highest DT rates in the entire game, and they also weigh a lot, as the word “Heavy” suggests. We have listed here the best Heavy Armors you can get in Fallout New Vegas.

  • Note: Our armor ranking is based on DT ranking, and other players of the game may have a reservation when it comes to our ranking order of each armor in this list. That’s why in each armor’s description we have discussed every other important factor. So pick the one which best appeals to you.
  • The DT rating for ranking also counts the armor’s given helmet as part of the complete armor set. 

Remnants Power Armor – Best Power Armor (36)

Remnants Power Armor is the best power armor in terms of DT in Fallout New Vegas. However, the armor heavily lacks in hp, having only 400 of it, and that is the lowest amongst all the other Power Armors. This implies that this armor will require you to repair it often and we don’t recommend it without the Jury Rigging perk.

Other than the DT rating of 28, it has +15 Radiation Resistance, +1 Strength, and weights 45. A helmet comes with this armor with 8 DT, +5 Radiation Resistance, -1 Charisma, and weights 5. All in all, Remnants Power Armor is an excellent armor since DT is the most crucial factor about armors in Fallout New Vegas.

Remnants Power armor set
Remnants Power Armor Showcase

Getting this armor is no easy task. But there are two ways you can get this armor at the Remnants bunker. First, you can get it from Orion Moreno by killing him. Second, during For Auld Lang Syne quest, you can take it from Cannibal Johnson’s and get your Power Armor Training there.

T-51B Power Armor – Best Heavy Armor (31)

T-51B power armor is the runner-up for the best power armor in the entire Fallout New Vegas. It has a DT of 25 and weighs only 40, which is five less than the Remnants power armor. This armor also offers an excellent +25 Radiation Resistance and +1 Strength. The Radiation Resistance is also +10 more than Remnant power armor. It also has a crazy hp of 2000, compared to its rival which has only 400.

The only reason it’s not at the top is its DT. The rating is three values less, but overall the armor set dominates in the game. The armor comes with a helmet with six DT, +1 Charisma, +8 Radiation Resistance, and has four weight. With T-51b power armor, Brotherhood T-51b power armor, T-45d power armor, and NCR salvaged power armor you can repair your armor. Or you can always use Jury Rigging with any heavy armor.

T-51B Power Tough heavy set
T-51B Power Armor Showcase

There are many ways to get this armor set, but the easiest method is to buy it. Once you have completed Eyesight to the Blind or Tend to Your Business quest, then you can buy it from Knight Torres in Hidden Valley bunker.

T-45D Power Armor (27)

It’s one of Fallout New Vegas best heavy armors. T-45D Power Armor offers a DT of 22, compared to T-51b power armor; it has three less DT ratings. But otherwise, it offers the same effect being+2 Strength, -2 Agility, and +10% Radiation Resistance. But it’s better than any other non-power armor in the entire game.

You also get a helmet that has a DT of 5 and weights 5. The armor itself has a hp of 1000 and weights 45, so a total of 50 weights and a total of 27 DT. You can repair this armor with any variants of T-45d power armor, T-51b power armor, and also heavy armors with Jury Rigging perk.

T-45D armor set heavy
T-45D Power Armor Showcase

The armor is very easy to be found at a lot of locations and sometimes sold by some sellers as well. However, the best way to get your hands on it is by completing the quest Eyesight To The Blind. At the same time, you can always look for or buy this armor.

Scorched Sierra Power Armor (24)

This heavy armor provides a DT rate of 24 and weights 40. The armor also provides a decent hp of 1600, but the reason it’s on our list of best armors in Fallout New Vegas is because of its effect. It provides you +25 Fire Resistance,+1 Strength, and has an amazing effect of +2 hp regeneration per second.

Combining this effect with the Monocyte Breeder perk will help you with your hp a lot. It’s worth noting that this armor is power armor and you will need the power armor training to use it. This heavy armor can be repaired using any other heavy armor using Jury Rigging or with these armors; T-45d power armor variants, T-51b power armor variants, Marked trooper armor, and Marked patrol armor.

fallout new vegas best armor
Scorched Sierra Power Armor Showcase

Getting this armor is only possible if you nuked NCR when completed Lonesome Road. You find this armor worn by Colonel Royez at Long 15. Now getting it from him should be easy.

NCR Salvaged Power Armor (24)

Although this armor is called power armor, it does not require power armor training to use in Fallout New Vegas. However, at the same time weapons that use power like pulse guns will not have any power effect that you get with other power armors. This armor has a DT rate of 20 and weights 40 which is a lot of DT to weight ratio.

The armor also has a helmet which has 4 DT. Even some of the medium armors are better than this. The real advantage it has over the medium armors is its hp which is 1000. All in all a decent armor since it’s pretty easy to get. Repairing the armor requires T-51b variants, or T-45d variants, and also any heavy armor if you have Jury Rigging.

fallout new vegas best armor
NCR Salvaged Power Armor Showcase

You can get this armor from multiple locations, worn mainly by troopers. Here are some of the common places to look for this armor, Camp Forlorn Hope, Camp McCarran, or 188 Trading Post.

Armor Of The 87th Tribe (22)

This armor is very similar to Legion centurion armor, but it’s heavy armor where that one is a medium. It has a DT rate of 22, which is not that impressive but it weighs only 35 for heavy armors. This armor also has some amazing effects, which is the main reason we have added it to our list of best armors in Fallout New Vegas. 

It has +10 Action Points, +3 Critical Chance, and +1 Charisma, all that make this armor a good heavy armor. This armor can be repaired with any of these armors Legion armor, Marked scout armor, Marked tribal armor, and any Heavy armor using Jury Rigging.

heavy Armor Of The 87th Tribe
Armor Of The 87th Tribe Showcase

Getting this armor is a bit difficult and is only found at one place in the game. This armor is worn by a centurion named Gaius Magnus at Dry Wells.

Fallout New Vegas Best Medium Armors

Medium Armors are that balanced point between DT rates and weight. One of the Medium Armor we have listed below is also Fallout New Vegas best armor in the game. Other then that, they are great for balance. Below are the six best medium armors you will come across in Fallout New Vegas.

Gannon Family Tesla Armor – Best Armor In The Game (32)

Arguably this is the best armor in the entirety of Fallout New Vegas. The armor itself provides a DT of 26, which is the highest in Medium Armors, and the second-highest DT in medium armor is 22. The numbers really reflect the armor resistance quality of this armor. This armor also has effects of +10 Energy Weapons and +20 Radiation Resistance.

The armor’s hp is 400 and weights 35 which is also great. To top it all off, this armor has a helmet that offers 6 DT and more +5 Radiation Resistance. Making the set standing at a total of 32 DT, +25 Radiation Resistance, +10 Energy Weapons, and -1 Charisma (from the helmet) with 40 weight total. You can repair this armor with any medium armor with Jury Rigging, otherwise using the Remnants power armor.

Best medium Armor Fallout New Vegas
Gannon Family Tesla Armor Showcase

Getting this armor is only possible after completing the For Auld Lang Syne quest. When you complete the given quest and leave the Remnants bunker, Arcade will confront you. He will be wearing this armor and share with you how this armor belonged to his father. If you choose the correct dialogues, he will hand you the armor. 

Elite Riot Gear – Best Medium Armor (28)

The best medium armor in Fallout New Vegas, and for some, it’s the best armor in the game because a lot of things it offers no other armor does. It has a DT of 22, second only to the Gannon family Tesla armor but it weights much less than the Gannon family Tesla armor. It weighs 23 and has 750 hp, the highest amongst most the medium armor in the game.

The armor has effects of Riot’s Ruin, +5 Chance for Critical, +10 Guns, and+1 Charisma. This armor also has a helmet with a DT of 6 and effects of Red Scare, Sneak Sight, +5 Speech, +2 Perception. All in all, a great medium set to use for long runs. The armor can be repaired using Riot Armor or with any medium armor with Jury Rigging perk.

Elite Riot Gear Medium Armor
Elite Riot Gear Showcase

You can get this armor at the NCR riot control officer on the third floor of the Third Street Municipal Building. You can get to the third floor through the sewers from the second floor and find the armor besides the Sniper Rifle.

Desert Ranger Combat Armor – Best Non-Power Armor (27)

Having a 22 DT rate Desert Ranger combat armor is one of the best armors in Medium. It makes its way onto our list of best armors in Fallout New Vegas because it’s a non-power armor. Weighing at 30 and having a hp of 600, being equal to the NCR Ranger Combat Armor but it has more DT rate.

This armor also has a helmet with a DT rating of five, making the set stand at a total of 27 DT. All in all, a great armor to get your hands on. Repairs will require NCR Ranger combat armor or medium armor with the perk Jury Rigging.

Best Non-Power Armor In Fallout New Vegas
Desert Ranger Combat Armor Showcase

There is only one place where this armor is located: the Stone Bone Cave. The exact location is at the very end of the cave, besides a footlocker.

NCR Ranger Combat Armor (24)

This armor is one of the most significant medium armors in Fallout New Vegas. Plus, It can be considered a great armor, amongst all types. It offers a DT of 20, which is one of the highest in Medium armors. You also get a helmet with this armor that has a DT of 4. This armor weighs 30 and has a hp of 600.

The hp is where this armor shines, it doesn’t have the highest DT but you won’t always be repairing it. Getting this armor repaired will be a pain because you will need NCR Ranger combat armor for that.

NCR Ranger Combat medium Armor
NCR Ranger Combat Armor Showcase

There are multiple ways to get this armor, like the NCR Ranger safe house. However, you will need the keys from Colonel James Hsu. So the best place to get this is from dead NCR troopers at Long 15, only if you have nuked NCR when completed The Apocalypse. 

Legion Centurion Armor (23)

This is the best armor in Caesar’s Legion and a great overall medium armor in Fallout New Vegas. You can also use this armor as a disguise in Caesar’s Legion. It has a DT of 18 and a good hp of 450, making it a great defensive and durable armor. There is also a helmet that comes with this armor which has a DT of 5, making a total of 23 DT with the complete set.

It weighs 35 which might be too much considering other armors in our list. The armor can only be repaired with Legion centurion armor, Legion armor, and any medium armor, given you have Jury Rigging.

fallout new vegas best armor
Legion Centurion Armor Showcase

This set can be found in a lot of places such as Caesar’s Legion safehouse or Dry Wells. However, you can get it during the early game by pick-pocketing Aurelius of Phoenix, located in Cottonwood Cove. 

Stealth Suit MK-II – Best Stealth Armor (14)

This armor is unique since it’s the only suit of armor that can be upgraded. It has a DT of 14,500 hp and a weight of 25, at first all this sounds not too impressive but this suit shines in its effects. The base effect of this set is just +15 Sneak but if you upgrade it with all its frameworks you get, +25 Sneak,+1 Perception,+1 Agility, and+20% Speed increased while crouched.

All this makes up for the best stealth armor suit for Fallout New Vegas. The set can be repaired with Combat armor or Combat armor, reinforced, also you can use any other medium armor with Jury Rigging perk.

Best Stealth Armor In Fallout New Vegas
Joshua Graham’s Armor Showcase

You can get this armor set from the X-13 research facility during the X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator quest. The suit will be found on three pieces, each piece located in a different lab inside the first hallway right when you enter there.

Fallout New Vegas Best Light Armors

Light Armors are by far the easiest one to get and use in the game. You will quickly find some of the best Light Armors in the early hour of Fallout New Vegas, but their DT rate will be less. Still, they are worth it, especially when compared to Heavy or Medium Armors due to their usefulness, and besides, they weigh so little too. Here are six Fallout New Vegas best Light Armors you should know.

Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced – Best Light Armor (23)

The Best Light Armor in the entire Fallout New Vegas, this piece of armor is on par with some of the best medium armors. The armor has a DT of 18, which is the main reason it’s on this list. Since its light armor, it weighs 17 and provides a hp of 500.

There is also a helmet for armor which has an additional 5 DT and 45 hp. You can get this armor repaired with any normal Sierra Madre armor or with any other light armor using the perk Jury Rigging. In the end, this is the best light armor in the game.

Best Light Armor In Fallout New Vegas
Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced Showcase

You can get this armor from many locations, and we have only mentioned a few of those. The most accessible place to get this armor is from the Sierra Madre vault. Or you can get it from a security closet at the northwest of Executive suites, inside a locked door.

Vault 34 Security Armor (19)

This is the second-best light armor in terms of a higher DT rating. This armor has a DT of 16, which is excellent and makes this armor set one of the best armors in Fallout New Vegas. However, just like other light armor on our list, this one is very light, having 15 weight only.

There is also a helmet for this armor which has 3 DT, 25 hp, and weights 3. This armor would have been one of the top ones if not for its hp which is just 100. Basically, you will always have to repair this armor and it requires the green combat suit to repair, and getting it is hard. However, if you have the Jury Rigging perk, you can still make good use of this armor.

fallout new vegas best armor
Vault 34 Security Armor Showcase

You can only get this armor at one place, which is inside Vault 34 as the name of the armor suggests. You will find a total of seven armors and helmets there. 

Gecko-Backed Leather Armor, Reinforced (15)

This is the reinforced version of Gecko-backed leather armor and it’s much more powerful than the normal one as well. It has a DT of 15, one-third more than the standard version, and some additional effects. It has +15 Fire, Poison, and Radiance Resistance.

This armor set offers 325 hp, half more than the standard one. Other than that you can repair this armor with Leather armor or Leather armor, reinforced. You can also repair it with other light armor using perk Jury Rigging. All in all, a great armor to use in Fallout New Vegas.

fallout new vegas best armor
Gecko-Backed Leather Armor, Reinforced Showcase

You will not find this armor anywhere in the world of Fallout New Vegas and the only way to get is to craft it. You will need a Campfire or Hot Plate along with 90 Survival to craft this armor. Moreover, you will require 1x leather armor, reinforced, 1x tanned fire gecko hide, 1x tanned golden gecko hide, and 1x tanned green gecko hide for crafting.

Joshua Graham’s Armor (15)

Many players may have come across the Combat Armor, one of the go-to armor for beginners and veterans of the game. This armor set offers the same DT of 15 and weighs just 8, compared to Combat Armor’s 25. The armor has a hp of 200, which is not too bad but not the best in its class.

This armor also +3% chance for critical hits, all of it makes this a pretty decent light armor for Fallout New Vegas. Repairing this armor is a bit annoying without the Jury Rigging perk since you will need Powder Gang guard armor to fix it.

NPC Joshua Graham's Armor
Joshua Graham’s Armor Showcase

There are only two ways you can get this armor with. The first way you can get this set is from Joshua Graham’s dead body. And the second way to get this is in the Honest Hearts DLC. Once you complete the Honest Hearts, a footlocker will appear in front of you, and inside you will find this armor. 

Assassin Suit (14)

This armor is also known as Stealth suit Mk I, which is the previous version of Mk II on our list. However, this one is here because it’s classified as light armor while Mk II is Medium armor. Anyways, this set has 14 DT, which is pretty decent especially with its health and effect.

It has 500 hp along with +10 sneak and that makes it a solid light armor in Fallout New Vegas. However, it weighs 20 which is a lot for light armor. The armor can be repaired with any light set if you have Jury Rigging and can also be repaired with combat armor.

Assassin Suit without helmet
Assassin Suit Showcase

You can find the armor inside the medical clinic of Sierra Madre. To get this armor, when you reach the clinic look for the room which has two green tables and two corpses. The armor is on one of the green tables. 

Ulysses’ Duster (13)

The best armor in weight to DT ratio in Fallout New Vegas. It has a weight of 3 and a DT of 13. Not only that but this armor also has 800hp and two effects first being 5% Critical Chance and the second being 1 Charisma. The armor also looks very cool as well, and it has the United States commonwealth flag along with a mask. The armor can only be repaired with Powder Gang guard armor or with light armor using Jury Rigging perk.

Ulysses' Duster lightweight set
Ulysses’ Duster Showcase

You can get this armor from two places in the entire world of Fallout New Vegas. The first is at Ulysses’ Temple, where the armor is worn by Ulysses himself. The second place is the Canyon wreckage, where you can loot it from a Footlocker that is found near Divide’s Entrance, just where the Lonesome finishes.

These are all the best armors in Fallout New Vegas, which are part of the base game and the DLCs. Which armor has been your favorite in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the best armor in Fallout New Vegas?

You can get the best armor In Fallout New Vegas after completing For Auld Lang Syne Quest then choosing correct dialogues with Arcade.

Where to find the best armor in Fallout New Vegas?

You can find the best armor in Fallout New Vegas outside the Remnants bunker after completing For Auld Lang Syne Quest.

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