How to Gameshare on Xbox Series X/S? [Quick Guide]

Game sharing is the most efficient feature of Xbox in recent times. Here’s a guide on how to Gameshare on Xbox Series X/S in 2024.

Over the years, the demand for digital gaming has increased significantly, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Virtual players are looking for new gaming additions to make their indoor gaming sessions as thrilling as the outdoor ones. With the rise of smart technology, not only we’re able to play virtual games, but we can also lend such digital games to our closest friends to get the exact same exciting experience as ours. We’re referring to none other than the latest additions to the Xbox series. In the following guide, we’ll be evaluating how to Gameshare on Xbox with your pals.

Key Takeaways
  • Game Sharing on Xbox allows accessing another person’s game collection on your system.
  • To Gameshare, go to Settings, add a new title, and select “add new” for another account.
  • Log in to your friend’s account with their provided passwords, ensuring security coordination.
  • Select your friend’s gamertag, sign in, open the System Menu, and go to settings.
  • Under “personalization,” choose ‘my home Xbox’ and select “make this my console” to share the console.
  • Game sharing is possible between two active accounts, allowing one sharer at a time.

How to Gameshare in 2024

How to Gameshare on Xbox
Introduction to the gaming page.

With the arrival of the Xbox console, there is a way of sharing digital games from the Xbox Games store with a setting known as “Gameshare”.

Go to settings: 

Open the guide by clicking the Xbox symbol button on your controller.

Add new title: 

Go to the sign-in option in settings and scroll down to “add new”

How to Gameshare on Xbox
Adding new partners to your profile.

Adding Another Account: 

For adding another account, select “add new”

Signing in Another Account:

Now, sign in to your friend’s account with the passwords if they’ve provided. If they’re present physically, then they might do it themselves while maintaining the account security and privacy.

Organizing Security Preferences:

Checkout the privacy summary statement thoroughly and opt for “Next” button to proceed to the next step. Organize the security preferences with mutual understanding between you and your friends.

Returning to Home Screen:

Click on the Xbox button to open up the dashboard section and press the “home” option for returning to the home screen.

Selecting Gamertags: 

Now, scroll to your left where you’ll select Gamertags to choose your friend’s Gamertag to sign in to the account.

Choosing System Menu: 

After signing into your friend’s account, open the guide with the Xbox controller and choose the system menu.

How to Gameshare on Xbox
Personalization settings.

Select Personalization: 

Next, Go into the settings, press “personalization” and then select “My Home Xbox”.

Logging out: 

Select the “make this my console” to designate the console you’re utilizing as your home and the main Xbox console.

After practicing the above steps, repeat the same ones for other Xbox series. Then, sign back into your account on your respective consoles to maintain the other account’s game.

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Things You Must Know About Game Share

  • Game sharing is limited to two active accounts, allowing only one sharer at a time.
  • Xbox provides flexibility by allowing your home account to be changed at least five times per year.
  • Microsoft can potentially block game-sharing benefits in the future, although no modifications are planned currently.
  • Stay attentive for potential changes, even though no updates or new specifications have been announced


How many times can you Gameshare on Xbox?

Once the accounts are shared with the partners, they can play the games unlimited times. You must remember that one account can only be shared with a single player at a time. Meanwhile, you’ll have to make sure that My Home Xbox account can be modified only five times a year.

Is it important to share the Profile information?

For utilizing the Gameshare, you’ll have to share the confidential account details with a friend. Evidently, if your potential sharer lives in the same house as you, you can easily log in to each other’s consoles without sharing the passwords just like we utilize Netflix. However, if that isn’t the case, you’ll certainly have to share the details. Regardless of reading this guide on Xbox Series X/S Gameshare guide with your friend, you can still utilize your account, make purchases of the digital games, or message your friends, so make sure this person is trustworthy enough before setting up this feature.

Is Gamesharing only possible on digital copies of games?

Gamesharing only works with digital gaming copies. Unfortunately, Gamesharing isn’t possible with physical copies.

What content can we share with the Xbox Gameshare?

As you must’ve perceived, Gamesharing provides other player’s access to all of your Xbox 360. Also, it includes any paid subscription services such as Xbox Live Gold, and EA access. If that doesn’t work out for you, you could send a digital game as a present to your friends.

To Summarize, For years, Microsoft is assumed to be a luxury, which means that not everyone can afford it. However, they’ve done one decent act by saving your valuable pennies. Also, the team allows us to play expensive digital games with the Gamesharing property. Honestly, it appears to be like a con at first,  sharing is possible. Game sharing on Xbox is a great way to cut back the gaming expenses. Fortunately, it also provides access to multiple titles you wanted to play but can’t afford.

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