GOW Ragnarok: Svartalfheim Geyser Puzzle [SOLVED]

The sequel to God of War requires the use of both the blades and the axe to solve various puzzle found in the game, and the geyser puzzle is no exception.

The search for Tyr will take Kratos and Atreus to the Dwarven realm, Svartalfheim, where you will be introduced to various new puzzles. The first ones you will encounter are the geyser puzzles, which make you utilize both the blades and the axe to open the gates and progress further into the region. In today’s God of War Ragnarok guide, we will discuss geyser water puzzles and their solutions.

Key Takeaways
  • The Geyser puzzle is one of the first puzzles that you encounter in Svartalfheim, and you need to solve it in order to get inside the main town.
  • There are two gates that you need to open to clear your path on the river.

  • The first gate is opened up by simply increasing the water pressure from a geyser near the gate.
    • First, open up the geyser using your Chaos Blades, and then freeze the water using your Leviathan Axe so that you can get across the geyser.
    • Next, climb up the platform and freeze the water source that looks like a jar using your Axe again. This will increase the output of water from the geyser, which will rotate the water wheel leading to the opening of the first gate.

  • The second gate is more complex to open up as compared to the first gate.
    • First, dock your boat next to the second gate and follow the linear path. You will see an iron block in your path which you can drop by using your Axe. Go to the other side and pull the chains to remove half of the barricades of the gate.
    • Take a left and follow the path until you arrive at a closed geyser. Open it up with your blades and freeze the water. This will pressurize the water and cause the water wheel to move, which will also cause an iron block to descend.
    • You need to use your axe to destroy the support of the iron block and make it fall, but your timing needs to be quick. Next, get on top of the block, freeze the water again, and ascend to the upper floor. 
    • There you will find another chain that you can pull to remove the second set of barricades, and that will open the second gate.

Water Wheel & Geyser Puzzle

First River Gate puzzle
Arrived at the first geyser puzzle. [Image credit: eXputer] 
The first geyser puzzle is relatively simple and doesn’t require you to time your throws or anything. After arriving at the shore with a closed wooden gate beside the water wheel, you’ll notice a geyser closed with a cap. Open the geyser via the blades, and freeze the water that comes out of it using the Leviathan axe.

Blades of Chaos throw
Opening the geyser cap via Blades of Chaos [Image credit: eXputer] 
Leviathan axe freeze
Using Leviathan Axe, to freeze the water coming out of the geyser [Image credit: eXputer] 
Now get to the other side after freezing the water coming out of the geyser and climb up the wooden platforms. After reaching the top, call back your axe and freeze the water coming from the huge jar or vase.

Leviathan axe freeze
Freezing the second geyser to lower the gate [Image credit: eXputer] 
This will increase the water pressure of the bottom geyser, and the water that comes out of it will start rotating the wheel, hence unlocking the first wooden gate.

Lift & Geyser Puzzle

Second River Gate puzzle
Arrived at the second puzzle [Image credit: eXputer]
After opening the gate, go back to your boat and follow the river until you arrive at the second river gate. Dock the ship nearby, and progress forward until you see a large block hanging from the chains. Aim and throw your axe towards the pulley binding all of the chains to release the block. Climb the block and interact with the chain located on the wooden platform in order to lower the first layer of the wooden gate.

Now move left, towards the water wheel, and jump over the large gap between the two wooden platforms. Freeze the water coming out of the geyser, located between the wooden structure, and jump over. Follow the rounded path until you can see the closed geyser and the large water wheel clearly. Open the closed geyser cap through your blades.

Blades of Chaos throw
Opening the geyser cap [Image credit: eXputer]
Afterward, throw your axe at the geyser located between the wooden structure in order to pressurize the water coming out of the geyser beneath the water wheel. This will cause the water wheel to rotate.

Leviathan axe freeze
Freezing the geyser beneath the wooden structure [Image credit: eXputer]
If you call the axe back, the geyser you just froze will open up again, causing the wheel to stop. The trick here is to make the large stone boulder, located just above the geyser, fall on it. To do this, you need to time your throw to crush the pulley, causing the stone to fall on the geyser,

Throwing Axe
Timing the throw correctly in order to break the chains

The window of opportunity is generous enough to throw the axe at the pulley carefully but just be prepared for the throw as soon as you call back your axe. Afterward, backtrack the rounded path and climb the block. Now aim at the geyser you opened via the blades earlier in order to pressurize water from the geyser beneath the block, hence lifting you up.

Leviathan axe freeze
Freezing the previously opened geyser to lift up the stone [Image credit: eXputer]
Climb up the wooden platforms and pick up any collectibles around, and open the chest for some hacksilver and forged iron. Interact with the nearby steel chain and lower the river gate, opening the path beyond.

Lowering the chain
Lowering the wooden gate via steel chain [Image credit: eXputer]


This marks the end of our God of War Ragnarok Geyser puzzle guide. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. For more on God of War Ragnarok, be sure to check out our God of War Ragnarok review and see what we thought about the sequel to the critically acclaimed masterpiece of the last generation.

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