GOW Ragnarok: How To Get Raven Tears Armor

Learn why you should kill the Odin's Ravens & unlock the Raven Tears Armor in God of War Ragnarok.

Story Highlights
  • In God of War: Ragnarok, the Raven's Tears Armor is regarded as one of the best.
  • You can unlock it by killing Odin's Ravens, which are scattered across the Norse realms.
  • By killing up to 18 Ravens, Kratos can then open the legendary chests that hold the Raven Tears armor pieces at the Raven Tree in Niflheim.
  • The Raven Tears Armor Set grants an increased healing effect and also has a low chance of emitting a Healing Mist during battle.

Armors are a key component that every player needs to focus on while playing God of War Ragnarok and Raven Tears Armor is one of the best ones in the game. It is crucial to keep Kratos well-defended at all times. As you progress through the story, the enemies and bosses in the game will continue getting tougher. 

The Raven Tears Armor set is quite tough to acquire. For it, you will need to focus specifically on a certain collectible in the game. There is no other way to get the armor in God of War Ragnarok. With that said, the particular collectible you need to keep an eye on is ‘Odin’s Ravens‘.

There are a total of 48 Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. However, killing just 18 of them will be enough for you to get your hands on the Raven Tears Armor set for Kratos. Let us now get into more details regarding the rare armor set in God of War Ragnarok.

Raven Tears Armor Location 

GOW Ragnarok Raven tears armor
Raven Tears armor [Image Credit: eXputer]
Some of the Best sets in God of War Ragnarok include the Berserker Armor, Steinbjorn Armor, Dragon Scaled Armor, and Giptumadr Armor. But for today, our focus will solely be on the Raven Tears Armor Set.

We mentioned earlier that despite having 48 Odin’s Ravens across the map, only 18 would be enough to unlock the armor set. All the ravens you kill in the game will end up at the Raven Tree. You can find the Raven Tree in Niflheim; here, you will also find a few locked chests which only open up after a certain amount of Odin’s Ravens have been killed in God of War Ragnarok.

There are 6 total chests. Out of which, Three hold the pieces of the Raven Tears Armor Set. For further clarification, we have broken down the Rewards for each Odin’s Raven chest down below (which can be unlocked by killing a certain amount of ravens).

  • 6 Ravens: Girdle of Raven Tears
  • 12 Ravens: Bracers of Raven Tears
  • 18 Ravens: Cuirass of Raven Tears
  • 28 Ravens: Breath of Thamur Heavy Runic Attack
  • 38 Ravens: Meteoric Slam Heavy Runic Attack
  • 48 Ravens: The Finger of Ruin Heavy Runic Attack

There you have it; we have mentioned all the rewards that you can get from opening up the Raven Chests in Niflheim. Although, since we are covering the Raven Tears Armor today, we will only focus on the first three chests, which can be unlocked by killing 18 Ravens.

Putting it simply, to obtain the Raven Tears armor in God of War Ragnarok, you just need to kill the first 18 Odin’s ravens out of the 48. The Ravens are scattered across the Realms. However, the first 18 can be completed from Svartalfheim, Alfheim, and Vanaheim.

Now let us point out these first 18 Odin’s Ravens for you so that you can get one of the Best Armor in God of War Ragnarok.

Odin’s Ravens Location

raven chests in god of war ragnarok
Raven Tree in Niflheim [Image Credit: eXputer]
In this section, we will cover the first few Odin’s Ravens that you can get in Svartalfheim, Alfheim, and Vanaheim. Killing Ravens can be quite tricky at times. Sometimes you may find them resting on a branch, platform, or cliff. In these scenarios, it is easy to aim and throw the Leviathan Axe. However, some of Odin’s Ravens can be found circling and flying through the sky. For the flying ravens, you will need to perfectly time your shot to bring them down.

In God of War Ragnarok, Odin’s Ravens are easier to find since they have a unique, hard-to-miss croak. If you’re playing with a good audio system, then you’d easily spot them while traversing through the nine realms. Whenever you hear a Raven, it means that the bird can be seen from the spot you’re in. So whenever you hear them, stop moving and slowly pan your camera around Kratos to spot the Raven.

Now let us cover all the Locations in which you can find the ravens at. To start things off, we will first review Svartalfheim.


raven at the Docks ragnarok
Odin’s Raven in Svartalfheim [Image Credit: eXputer]
There are 13 Odin’s Ravens in the Svartalfheim realm, however, you will only be able to kill 9 of them during your first visit. The rest can be killed later on when you revisit the place. Since we are only covering the first 18 ravens, we will keep things Spoiler-free and focus on the first 9 Ravens in Svartalfheim.

So let’s review all of the 9 Svartalfheim Ravens that are possible to kill right off the bat. Here are their locations in God of War Ragnarok.

  • The First Raven can be found right after you reach Svartalfheim. When Atreus points at the boat, skew the camera to the left to see the Raven atop a rocky platform.
  • The Second Raven is located in the Boat Dock of Nidavellir town. From the boat docks, make your way to the large statue placed at the center of a few buildings. The Odin’s Raven is right behind it, sitting on a house’s rooftop next to a waterwheel.
  • The Third Raven is in the Bay of Bounty on the Watchtower in Svartalfheim. Climb towards the watchtower; once you reach it, you will instantly hear the Raven. However, this time around it won’t be sitting idly. Using your Leviathan Axe, you will need to kill the sucker in mid-air.
  • The Fourth Raven is also found in the Bounty of Bay, quite close to the third raven in the watchtower. This one is located at the Radsvinn’s Rig. Make your way toward the rig by climbing over a few walls. Once you reach the rig, you will notice the raven sitting calmly on the hanging hook.
  • The Fifth Raven is located on the west side of Bounty of Bay. To be exact, you can find it at the Althjof’s Rig. Close to the rig, you will notice a chain that Kratos can climb. Use it to get to the upper platform; once you land there, look straight ahead, and you will find Odin’s Raven hiding inside a cracked wooden wall.
  • The Sixth Raven is also found at the Bounty of Bay on Lyngbakr Island. This raven can only be reached after you initiate ‘The Weight of Chains‘ side quest. Do the quest until Kratos gets his hand on a fire bomb. Grab the explosive and walk across the cliff, skewing towards your right until you reach the Golden rocks. Blow them up using the bomb, then make your way across using the Blade of Chaos. Go through the small tunnel to your right and then look to the left to find the Raven.
  • The Seventh Raven is located in The Forge. Once you reach the top of the fort, next to the Volcanic rock, you will be able to see Odin’s Ravens flying across. So be ready and time your shot to put the bird down.
  • The Eighth Raven can be found at the Jarnsmida Pitmines in Svartalfheim. You can spot the raven from quite afar because it is openly flying around in the middle levels of the Pitmines. Make your way down and try catching it mid-flight.
  • The Ninth Raven is situated in The Applecore area of Svartalfheim. You will come across this raven during the final phases of your first visit to the Dwarves’ realm. As you go down the mine to find Tyr, you will notice a small crack in the wall (after getting separated from Atreus) which you can squeeze through to find the Raven sitting on top of a wooden branch. 

So there you have it; these are all the Ravens you can kill during your first visit to Svartalfheim. Since we are aiming for efficiency and the quickest method to get the Raven Tears Armor in God of War Ragnarok, hence it is important to kill these 9 ravens. The other ravens can be killed much later in the game to unlock other rewards.


raven in the strond
Odin’s Raven in Alfheim [Image Credit: eXputer]
After your first visit to Svartalfheim, your next best place for Raven hunting will be the Alfheim realm. In total, there are 10 Odin’s Ravens in Alfheim. However, you can only access Six of them during Kratos’ first visit. Hence, we will only cover the first 6 because the rest come later on in the game, and we don’t want to wait that long to get the Raven Tears Armor.

Nonetheless, here are all the Odin’s Ravens Locations in Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok during Kratos’ first visit to the realm.

  • The First Raven is found at The Strond in Alfheim. When you first enter the realm, make your way toward the Temple of Light. On your way, you will find a Nornir chest; close to it, there will be a ledge which you can drop down from. Continue on the path until you see a dead tree on the edge of a cliff. The Raven will be calmly sitting on one of its branches.
  • The Second Raven can be found in the Temple of Light after you pass through The Strond. At the Temple of Light locate the Light of Alfheim. From here, go up through the spiral staircase and drop to your left whenever you see an opening while going up. Follow the path to your right to see the Raven behind a metal gate. Use the Purple rock on your left to reflect your Leviathan Axe in order to kill the raven.
  • The Third Raven is also found within The Temple of Light. Continue the main story until you reach a circular platform through which the Light of Alfheim is passing by. Run past it towards the right, where you can see a staircase. The raven is sitting on the left of the staircase on a distant platform.
  • The Fourth Raven is found in The Canyon after sending Tyr back home. When you reach Sindri’s shop, pan the camera around to gaze at the area until you see spikes blocking a path. The raven will be flying over it, and you can kill it in mid-air using the Leviathan Axe.
  • The Fifth Raven is situated in the northern parts of The Barrens. While in The Barrens you can find a Broken Tower; right next to it, the Raven is sitting on top of a dead tree.
  • The Sixth Raven is also found at The Barrens in Alfheim. To be precise, the raven is right at the huge Dragon skeleton in the northeastern parts of The Barrens area. The raven is sitting peacefully inside the eye socket of the dragon skeleton.

These are all the Ravens you can get during your first visit to the Alfheim realm. The other 4 ravens can be killed later on as you progress through the main story. However, for now, these should be enough if you’re aiming for the Raven Tear Armor set in God of War Ragnarok.


Raven in pilgrims landing god of war ragnarok
Odin’s Ravens in Vanaheim [Image Credit: eXputer]
Vanaheim holds the most Odin Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. You will find 15 Ravens in this realm. However, sadly only 6 of them will be accessible to you on your first visit. Although, that should be enough for you to complete your full set of Raven Tears armor.

With that said, here are all the Odin Ravens that you should keep an eye out for during Kratos’ first visit to Vanaheim.

  • The First Raven is found in The Southern Wilds of Vanaheim. Right after passing through the Mystic gateway in Vanaheim, go towards the left until you find an archway made out of tree branches. Pass through it to find the raven flying over a small pond. 
  • The Second Raven is at the Freyr’s Camp. Once you’re at the camp, exit the camp from the back during nighttime. Go towards the eastern woods until you locate a huge crescent-shaped object being held up by multiple branches. The raven should be sitting right next to it on a tree.
  • The Third Raven is located at Pilgrim’s Landing in Vanaheim. It is accessible while completing the favor called ‘A Cure for the Dead‘. Navigate through the area, during which you will lower a bridge and fight numerous enemies. There will come the point where you will need to solve the Chandelier puzzle using the Leviathan Axe and Freya’s help. After completing the puzzle, lower the next bridge to find a legendary chest. On its left, through an arched window, you will find the raven sitting next to a tree. If you have killed all the ravens up till this point, then you’ll be ready to unlock the Raven Tears armor!
  • The Fourth Raven is found at The Veiled Passage in Vanaheim. At the passage, take a boat to cross the mushy water until you reach a gate surrounded by purple mist. When Kratos gets off the boat make a full turn and pan your camera up towards the opening in the cave. Here you will notice the Raven sitting on a tiny branch.
  • The Fifth Raven is situated in The River Delta. Clear the purple mist while exiting the cave. After you get out use the chain to go to the lower level, then skew towards the right until you find a chest. From the chest’s location, the raven can be seen, at a distance, sitting on a branch next to a huge tree.
  • The Sixth Raven can be found at the Goddess Falls. While making your way through the falls you may notice the Raven flying around. However, wait till after Kratos and Freya climb a lengthy cliff. Once at the top, you will have a better view of the Raven. Hence, killing the bird in midair will be much easier.

These are the first 6 Ravens you can kill in Vanaheim. The remaining 9 Ravens can be killed later on after you progress the main storyline and revisit Vanaheim.

So, there you have it. We covered the first 21 Odin’s Ravens that you can kill the quickest in God of War Ragnarok. Despite including 21 Ravens, you will only need to kill 18 to acquire the Raven Tears armor. Hence,  even if you missed 2-3 ravens from the list above, you’d still be good to go. 

Raven Tears Armor Stats 

Now that you know the full process of How To Get the Raven Tears Armor, it’s important that you also know what the stats of this armor set are. It is safe to say that the Raven Tears Armor Set is considered one of the best armor in the game. It is great for defensive players because it has some amazing Healing Effects

When it comes to the stats of the armor pieces of the Raven Tears set, it is quite evident that its forte lies in the ‘Defence‘ sect. Before we get into the statistical numbers regarding the armor, here is what the game has to say about it, “Heavily fortified armor that is said to be stronger than the hardened ice of Niflheim.”

With that said, let us now look at the Base Stats and Maxed-out Stats of each Raven Tears Armor piece.

Cuirass Of Raven Tears

cuirass of raven tears kratos
Raven Tears Cuirass [Image Credit: eXputer]
Cuirass of Raven Tears is the chest plate worn by Kratos and can be unlocked after killing 18 Odin’s Ravens and opening a legendary chest at the Raven Tree in Niflheim. The Cuirass of Raven Tears will also grant the ability to have a low chance of creating a Healing Mist when you hit enemies.

Here are the Base stats for the Cuirass of Raven Tears.

  • Strength: 14
  • Defense: 32
  • Luck: 14

You can upgrade the Cuirass of Raven Tears to Level 9 by using 35,000 Hacksilver, 5 Smoldering Embers, and 40 Purified Crystalline when it is at Level 8.

Here are the Stats of the Cuirass of Raven Tears once it is Fully upgraded.

  • Strength: 48
  • Defense: 109
  • Luck: 48

Bracers Of Raven Tears

god of war raven tears bracers
Raven Tears Bracers [Image Credit: eXputer]
Kratos will wear the Bracers of Raven Tears on his forearms. The Bracers can be unlocked after killing up to 12 Odin’s Ravens and opening a legendary chest at the Raven Tree in Niflheim in God of War Ragnarok. While wearing the Bracers of Raven Tears, Kratos’s healing will increase when he uses Healthstones, Rage, and Gear.

Here are the Base Stats of the Bracers of Raven Tears.

  • Strength: 19
  • Defense: 10 
  • Luck: 9

The Bracers of Raven Tears can be upgraded from Level 8 to Level 9 by using 25,000 Hacksilvers, 5 Tempered Remnant, and 20 Purified Crystalline.

Here are the Level 9 Bracers of Raven Tears stats.

  • Strength: 64
  • Defense: 34
  • Luck: 30

Girdle Of Raven Tears 

girdle of raven tears armor
Raven Tears Girdle [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Girdle of Raven Tears is the last piece of the prestigious armor set. Kratos will wear this around his waist. You can unlock it by killing 6 of Odin’s Ravens and opening a legendary chest at the Raven Tree in Niflheim in God of War Ragnarok. It comes with a Healing Efficacy ability. While wearing it, Kratos will receive increased healing effects from Healthstones, Gear, and Rage.

Here are the Base Stats of Girdle of Raven Tears.

  • Defense: 29
  • Luck: 9

In order to reach Level 9 with the Girdle of Raven Tears you will need to use up to 25,000 Hacksilvers, 10 Sparkling Crystal, and 20 Purified Crystalline, once you’re at level 8.

Here are the Stats for the Level 9 Girdle of Raven Tears

  • Defense: 98
  • Luck: 30

Wrap Up

With that, we reach the end of our extensive guide about the Raven Tears Armor. We covered every detail there is to know about the rare armor set. In our guide, you will learn about how you can get the Raven Tears armor in God of War Ragnarok. Other than that, we have covered the stats of each Raven Tears armor piece as well. We hope you learned some valuable stuff from the complete guide of Raven Tears Armor.

God of War Ragnarok is finally out. Now you can travel through the nine realms with Kratos and Atreus as they try to uncover the hidden truths in the Norse World. The Fimbulwinter is finally here, which means Ragnarok is just on the horizon, so make sure your Combat is in top condition. Also, make sure you get the Best Skills for Kratos, along with the Best Relics in God of War Ragnarok.

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