How To Get Forged Iron In God Of War Ragnarok

Learn how to obtain the forged iron and where to use it in God of War Ragnarok

Forged Iron is an important crafting material in God Of War Ragnarok, and it is also needed to upgrade your armor. Almost each and every crafting material is used to upgrade something, including the best armor setsLeviathan axe, Chaos Blades, and relics of Kratos. There are various methods of obtaining forged iron that we will discuss in complete detail.

Key Takeaways
  • Forged Iron is one of the most useful crafting materials in the game, as it is required to upgrade armor and various other things.
  • You can get forged iron in several different ways, these include:
    • Looting red chests that are scattered across all realms.
    • Looting the yellow spots that appear in the river of Svartalfheim.
    • Purchasing forged iron directly from Brok or Sidri. For this method, you will need to complete the main quest called “The Reckoning” and also require a lot of Hacksilver.
  • As mentioned, since forged Iron is a crafting material, you can use it to craft early or mid-game armor and also upgrade it.

Methods Of Obtaining Forged Iron 

There are many different ways of obtaining forged iron in the game. Some of these methods require you to solve puzzles, while others require you to farm. Resources like forged iron can also be collected in the overworld while exploring.

Following are the best methods of obtaining the forged iron in the game;

  • Looting Red Chests
  • Looting the River In Svartalfheim
  • Purchasing from Huldra Brothers’ Workshop

Now we will explain each of these methods in complete detail.

Looting Red Chests

god of war ragnarok forged iron
The Red Chests In The Game
  • Throughout the game, you’ll encounter red chests scattered in various realms and areas.
  • These chests contain special crafting materials, including forged iron.
  • Some chests may be well hidden or require certain upgrades to access.
  • Exploration is key to finding these chests and obtaining forged iron.

Looting the River In Svartalfheim

god of war ragnarok forged iron
The Loot In The Lake
  • In Svartalfheim, the first realm you visit, explore the river and lake.
  • Look for yellow-colored areas on the river, indicating potential loot.
  • Approach these areas, and Atreus will collect loot, which may include forged iron.
  • This method provides a slower but consistent source of forged iron.

Purchasing from Huldra Brothers’ Workshop

god of war ragnarok forged iron
Purchasing Forged Iron
  • You can buy forged iron directly from Brok or Sindri at the Huldra Brothers’ Workshop.
  • This is the most efficient method as it requires no grinding or looting.
  • Purchase five pieces of forged iron for 500 Hacksilver, the game’s currency.
  • Forged iron becomes available for purchase after completing “The Reckoning” main quest.

The Reckoning Quest 

  • This main quest involves Freya’s redemption arc and breaking the curse Odin placed on her.
  • Journey with Freya to Vanaheim and help her destroy the curse by defeating the boss Nidhogg.
  • Once the curse is broken and the quest is completed, you can buy forged iron from Brok or Sindri.

Uses Of Forged Iron 

As we have already mentioned, forged iron is a resource material in the game. It is actually used both in crafting and upgrading. It is actually very useful for crafting early to mid-game armor sets additionally. Following are the uses of forged iron in the game;

  • Crafting Armor 
  • Upgrading Armor

Crafting Armor 

Forged Iron can be used to craft various armor sets in the game, and that is why it is important to collect as much of it as you can. 

Upgrading Armor

material in the game
Upgrading Using Forged Iron

Armor can also be upgraded using forged iron, as you can see in the image above. Upgrading not only increases the defense provided by the armor but also improves your overall stats in God Of War Ragnarok. So, forged iron will come in handy to get the maximum use out of your armor in the game.

This concludes our guide on how you can get Forged Iron in God Of War Ragnarok. We entailed all the different methods of obtaining that resource in the game. The uses of forged iron have also been explained in complete detail. We hope that the guide was helpful to you. Let us know what you think about God Of War Ragnarok in the comments below!


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