God of War Ragnarok Hidden Trophies [Full List]

Discover the God of War Ragnarok hidden trophies with our tips and strategies. Earn achievements and learn how to unlock them.

God of War Ragnarok has a variety of achievements or trophies that players can earn by completing certain objectives or reaching specific milestones within this game. While some of these trophies may be straightforward and easy to earn, some are hidden, requiring players to explore the world and mechanics more deeply.

Key Takeaways
  • God of War Ragnarok features 23 hidden trophies that encourage players to delve deeper into exploring its world and mechanics.
  • Some of the Bronze hidden trophies include “The Florist” (collect one flower from each of the Nine Realms) and “Blood Debt” (Defeat Thor).
  • Silver hidden trophies can be earned through side quests, such as “Invasive Species” (finish every Crater Hunt) and “Besties” (Pet Speki and Savanna).
  • Gold hidden trophies signify prestigious achievements like “Ragnarok” (defeat Odin), “Grave Mistake” (defeat King Hrolf), and “The True Queen” (defeat Gna).

List Of Hidden Trophies In GoW Ragnarok

There are 36 trophies in this game, out of which 23 are hidden and can be obtained by players in GoW Ragnarok. You can get most of the trophies simply by completing the main quests. But in the case of hidden trophies, you will have to go through the side quests. Side quests are typically optional, meaning they are not required to progress through the main storyline.

God of War Ragnarok
Gameplay of GOW Ragnarok [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
But here, the question arises: if you simply want to end GoW Ragnarok, why should one go through the side quests?  By completing side quests, players can gain valuable experience points and items.

Similarly, complete a side quest to get some of the hidden trophies in this game. Once the player has unlocked a hidden trophy, it is revealed in the trophy list of GoW Ragnarok, and the player can see its description and requirements.


HOW TO UNLOCK (Short Description)

  1. The Florist

Acquire one flower from every Nine Realms.

2. Grizzly Encounter

Engage in combat with the bear.

3. Blood Debt

Survived against the God of Thunder, Thor

4. Backyard Brawl

Defeat the Mysterious Valkyrie

5. Root of the Problem

Defeat Nidhogg

6. The Cauldron

Engage in combat with Gryla’s cauldron

7. Off the Leash

Defeat Garm

8. Comeuppance

Defeat Heimdall

9. Better Together

Defeat Hrist and Mist

10. Funeral for a Friend

 Be at the Viking’s Funeral

11. Rebel Leader

Bring back the Rebellion’s Hammer

12. New Friends

Retrieve Lunda’s sphere

13. Full Gufa

Release the Hafgufas

14. Making Amends

     Release the  Lyngbakr

15. It Was a Good Day

Recover Mardoll

16. Invasive Species

      Finish every Crater Hunt.

17. Besties

Pet Speki and Svanna

18. Rightful Place

Bring back all Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

19. Pure of Hart

Bring back the Four Seasons’ Stags

20. Trials by Fire

Finish Muspelheim’s Trials

21. Ragnarok

Engage in combat with All-Father

22. Grave Mistake

Engage in combat with King Hrolf

23. The True Queen

Defeat Gna

Bronze Trophies And Main Storyline Missions

Bronze trophies are typically the most common type of trophy in a game, and they are usually obtained by completing various objectives and tasks throughout it. In God of War Ragnarok’s hidden trophies, the first nine trophies in the list fall into this category, and they can only be earned by completing specific missions within the main storyline of GoW Ragnarok.

The Florist: Bronze

In God of War Ragnarok, players can collect flowers scattered throughout the Nine Realms. You must find one flower in each realm to get this trophy. 

A Grizzly Encounter: Bronze

To earn A Grizzly Encounter trophy, players must defeat a character named Bjorn during the Fimbulwinter mission. There is no requirement to complete any difficult side quests to obtain it. Since the trophy is a crucial component of the main story, it is guaranteed that it cannot be overlooked or omitted.

Blood Debt: Bronze

Blood Debt can be obtained during the Surviving Fimbulwinter mission by defeating the character of Thor. As it is a crucial part of the main story, it cannot be overlooked in this game.

Backyard Brawl: Bronze

To earn Backyard Brawl, players must defeat a character named Vanadis during the Lost Sanctuary. The player engages in combat with the 4th primary boss, an enigmatic Valkyrie.

Gameplay [image by eXputer]
Gameplay [image by eXputer]

Root Of The Problem: Bronze

To obtain the Root of the Problem trophy, players must defeat a character named Nidhogg during the Reckoning mission. As the trophy is linked to the main story, it is unmissable.

The Cauldron: Bronze

To unlock The Cauldron trophy, players must defeat the character of Gryla in The Lost Sanctuary. The third boss trophy is tied to the storyline, ensuring players cannot overlook it.

Off The Leash: Bronze

Off the Leash trophy can be obtained after defeating Garm in The Reunion mission. Don’t worry about missing the trophy as it is story-related and unmissable.

Comeuppance: Bronze

A comeuppance trophy can be obtained after defeating Heimdall in the Creatures of Prophecy mission. Similarly, like other Bronze trophies, you can’t miss it as it is a part of the main storyline.

Better Together: Bronze

To unlock the Better Together trophy, players must defeat the character of Hrist & Mist in The Summoning mission. It is impossible to miss the trophy since it is a part of the main storyline.

Silver Trophies And Favors In God of War Ragnarok

Silver trophies are a type of achievement in games considered more challenging or time-consuming than bronze trophies. Favors are essentially side quests to earn rewards and experience points. To earn the next 11 trophies in the GoW Ragnarok hidden trophy list, where Rebel Leader and New Friends are from the category of bronze while all others belong to the silver category, players must complete specific favors throughout this game.

GOW Ragnarok Gameplay
GOW Ragnarok Gameplay [image Captured by us]

Funeral for a friend: Silver

To unlock Funeral for a friend, players have to complete a Favor called A Viking Funeral. Upon completion of the main story, players can earn it.

Rebel Leader: Bronze

To earn a Rebel Leader trophy in the GoW, players need to complete a Favor called Spirit of Rebellion. Players must embark on a long journey to retrieve a hammer and then bring it back to Durlin in this task.

New Friends: Bronze

To acquire the New Friends trophy in GOW Ragnarok, players must finish The Mysterious Orb Favor. As a reward for completing the Favor and obtaining Lunda’s armor, the player receives a trophy called “New Friends” along with other items.

Full Gufa: Silver

To obtain the Full Gufa trophy, players must complete two Favors: Secret of the Sands and Song of the Sands. The freeing of the Hafgufas is the central theme of the two Favors. Players must finish the primary story before being able to access the mission.

Making Amends: Silver

Players must accomplish The Weight of Chains Favor to earn the Making Amends trophy in GOW Ragnarok. You must go to Svartalfheim to begin the quest. Then, using the map, go to a location known as the “Bay of Bounty.” Visit “The Watchtower” there, where you will require a key to enter. Mimir will inform you if you ask him that it is on the island. The “Weight of Chains” quest begins after you get on the Island. 

It Was A Good Day: Silver

Players must accomplish Freya’s Missing Peace Favor to earn the It was a Good Day trophy. You must help Freya find Mardoll to accomplish the mission. It is both Freya’s sword and the “peace” she is missing.

Invasive Species: Silver

To earn the Invasive Species trophy, you must complete the crater Hunts. Here are the locations for the 9 Crater Hunts in GoW Ragnarok

  • The Plains: 2 Dragon Hunts, 2 Epic Hunts
  • The Sinkholes: 2 Dragon Hunts
  • The Jungle: 3 Dragon Hunts
Silver Trophies [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Silver Trophies [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

Besties: Silver

To earn this Trophy, players must complete a Favor called Animal Instincts in Midgard. The player must go to the wolves after finishing the favor. Kratos prettifies the two wolves to calm them down because they are both afraid. The trophy “Besties” is finally won after some petting calms down both wolves.

Rightful Place: Silver

Players must complete a Favor called The Lost Lindwyrms to earn Rightful Place. A player should retrieve 6 Lindwyrms so they can get it.

Pure of Hart: Silver

In God of War Ragnarok, there is a collectible called Stags related to the Favor quest ‘A Stag for All Seasons.‘ This game features four different Stags that players must find, each corresponding to a different seasonal stag: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn.”

Trails by Fire: Silver

To earn the Trails by Fire trophy, players must complete all 15 combat trials in The Crucible, located in Muspelheim. To unlock The Crucible, players must locate and retrieve both halves of the Muspelheim seed.

Gold Trophies

Gold trophies are generally seen as a more prestigious accomplishment than silver or bronze trophies. And you can earn them by defeating enemies in certain levels.

Gold trophies Ragnarokn god of war Ragnarok
Gameplay [image Captured by eXputer]

Ragnarok: Gold

Players can earn Ragnarok Trophy by defeating Odin in The Realms at War, and it will be unlocked once the battle is won. It’s quite a lengthy war with Odin. Once you are done with the war, the trophy is in your cupboard.

Grave Mistake: Gold

Players can earn Grave Mistake Trophy in GOW Ragnarok by defeating King Hrolf. If you beat him, your armor should be at level 9 because he is one of the strongest opponents in this game.

The True Queen: Gold

To earn The True Queen trophy, players must defeat Gna. She is a level 9 enemy; therefore, you should be at your best to beat her. Once you finish this, “The True Queen” is in your custody.

Gold Trophies in GOW Ragnarok
Gold Trophies [Image Captured by eXputer]
In God of War Ragnarok, players can earn trophies or achievements by accomplishing particular objectives or reaching specific milestones during gameplay. God of War Ragnarok hidden trophies are unlocked by completing side quests that are typically optional but offer valuable experience points and items.

The first nine trophies in the list fall under the Bronze category and can only be earned by completing specific missions within GoW Ragnarok’s main storyline. The next 11 trophies fall under Silver, contain two bronze trophy categories, and require players to complete specific favors throughout GoW Ragnarok. The last three trophies fall into the category of gold, which is considered more prestigious than bronze and silver.

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