God Of War Ragnarok: How To Defeat King Hrolf

Our guide is here to help you defeat King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok has plenty of bosses for you to fight, and one of the toughest ones is King Hrolf. This is a boss you will encounter in the later parts of the game, and you need to defeat him in order to complete a side quest. Defeating King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok isn’t an easy task, as he can use plenty of attacks in combat.

Key Takeaways
  • King Hrolf is the leader of Berserkers and one of the most challenging bosses in God of War Ragnarok.
  • To kill King Hrolf, you must complete the side quest “Fit for a King” by defeating 12 Berserker souls in nine realms.
  • Before fighting him, try to get your hands on every possible powerful weapon, strongest armor, and best skills to dominate him.
  • King Hrolf can do multiple attacks during combat. So be prepared to face his poison, Bifrost, flame, and shock attacks.
  • He can use Hammer Slam, Tonfa Combo, Hammer Charge attack, Elemental Barrage, and Homing Ball of Doom attack against you. 
  • You can defeat him by getting out of his radius and not being hit, or you can dodge his attacks and projectiles to live longer.
  • King Hrolf will manage to equip himself with the Enhanced Life Bar, which will protect his health.
  • After killing the boss, you’ll get 250000 Hacksilver, 300 Bonded leather, Helheim’s Virtue of Amulet enchantment, and Hilt of SKOFNNG as a reward.

Side quests are a big part of God of War Ragnarok, and their difficulty level keeps increasing as you progress through the game. After you have made significant progress in the game, you will come across a side quest called Fit for a King. To complete it, you will need to defeat a total of 12 Berserker Souls in nine different realms.

Where To Find King Hrolf  

The 12 Berserkers are not easy to defeat. In fact, they are easily some of the most formidable opponents that you’ll face during the game. All of them are highly skilled in combat and can instantly send you to your grave if you’re not careful enough.

After you have managed to defeat all of them, you will have to take down their leader, King Hrolf. Keep in mind that King Hrolf is an optional boss, and you don’t have to defeat him in order to progress through the main story. 

After defeating all of his minions, you can head over to King’s Grave in Midgard to trigger the boss fight. His gravestone can be found in the mentioned area, and its exact location can be seen in the image below. After you get near his gravestone, you will be able to summon King Hrolf.

god of war ragnarok king hrolf
King Hrolf Location – Image Credits [Exputer]

How To Prepare For The Fight 

Now, before we talk about how to defeat King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok, let’s first discuss how you should prepare for the fight. After all, King Hrolf is the leader of all the Berserkers, and taking him down isn’t an easy task. In fact, you will most likely get killed during your first few tries. 

The recommended power level for the fight is 9, meaning that you need to max out all of your gear before starting the fight. You need to make sure that your weapons and armor are upgraded to their max level, as you will not stand a chance against the boss otherwise. Taking your gear to the max level also unlocks the transmog feature, which can help you change the appearance of your armor.

Before starting the fight, it will be wise to get your hands on a powerful armor set. As you’ll be facing the boss during the later parts of the game, chances are that you already have a strong armor set equipped. If you haven’t, then we will suggest you get yourself armor sets such as the Guiding Light armor or the Raven Tears armor. However, you can choose any other armor set that you think goes well with your playstyle.

Next, you want to make sure that you have the best skills equipped for the fight. And finally, make sure that you acquire the best axe skills so that your Leviathan Axe is extremely powerful during the fight.

How To Defeat King Hrolf In God Of War Ragnarok 

Now that you have learned about how you need to prepare yourself for the fight let’s take a look at how King Hrolf will act during the fight and what you can do to counter his attacks.

King Hrolf’s Moveset 

For those who don’t know, King Hrolf’s moveset is similar to the moveset of the Berserkers you defeated before. If there is anything that any of the 12 Berserkers can do, then keep in mind that their leader can do it to. This means that you will already be familiar with the attacks he is going to use in combat, but there is a big downside attached to this.

King Hrolf will keep changing his tactics, and you will never know which attack he is going to use. For instance, he might use an attack that was used by Fraekni and then instantly perform an attack from Hjalti’s moveset. Therefore, you will never be able to tell his next move.

Another annoying thing about this boss is that he can use any element during combat. This means that instead of focusing on a single element, you will need to prepare yourself to handle all of them. In other words, be prepared to counter poison, flame, frost, bifrost, and shock attacks. 

How To Avoid His Attacks 

Throughout the fight, King Hrolf will keep using multiple attacks, and you won’t be safe from him at any range. In close-range situations, he can use an extremely powerful attack called Hammer Slam. For this, he raises his hammer before hitting it on the ground.

The attack can quickly deplete plenty of your health, so you need to avoid getting hit by it. The good news is that he takes a few seconds to prepare for the attack, and you can take this time to get away from him. Keep in mind that the attack can not be blocked in any way, so make sure to just get out of its radius to avoid getting hit by it. 

god of war ragnarok king hrolf
Ground Slam – Image Credits [Exputer]
Another powerful attack you need to look out for is Tonfa Combo. For this attack, Hrolf performs a number of close-range attacks that can easily break your defense. When that happens, he can quickly pin you to the ground. Therefore, whenever you see Hrolf starts performing a series of close-range attacks, start dodging or parrying them.

Hrolf can also use an attack called Charge to rush toward you and hit you with the Battle Axe of Fraekni. Even if you are at the other end of the arena, Hrolf will reach you in no time. Therefore, make sure that you quickly dodge it, as the attack is extremely powerful.

Charge Attack
Charge Attack – Image Credits [Exputer]
During the fight, King Hrolf will also use different elemental attacks, and the one you need to watch out for is Elemental Barrage. During this attack, the boss will float in the air and then fire a bunch of projectiles toward you. The projectiles can be of any element, and there is no way to block them. Therefore, as soon as you notice King Hrolf floating in the air, be prepared to dodge the projectiles.

While some of King Hrolf’s attacks can not be blocked or countered, others can be interrupted. For instance, when he uses an attack called Hammer Charge, he will start charging two maces. At this moment, you need to quickly run towards him and attack him to interrupt the charge.

Similarly, the boss can use an attack called Homing Ball of Doom, thanks to which he can attack you with a ball of ice or fire. You can make this ball disappear by attacking it with any of your ranged attacks. 

The Enhanced Life Bar 

After you manage to deplete half of King Hrolf’s attacks, he will equip the Enhanced Life Bar. In other words, the remaining of his health will be protected by a shield, and you will need to destroy it before you can start dealing more damage to him. This means that King Hrolf won’t go down so easily, and you will be spending a lot of time on the fight.

Enhanced Life Bar
Enhanced Life Bar – Image Credits [Exputer]
When you destroy the shield, you can continue performing your regular attacks while dodging whatever King Hrolf throws toward you. After a while, you will have defeated King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok. 

Again, it is important to remember that your strategies will continue to change during the fight, as King Hrolf can start using the moveset of any of his subordinates. Just make sure to keep your distance from him whenever he is in the air, and quickly dodge all of his attacks that are unblockable. 

Rewards For Defeating Him 

As King Hrolf is a powerful boss, you will unlock the following rewards upon defeating him:

  • 250000 Hacksilver.
  • 300 Bonded Leather.
  • Helheim’s Virtue of Amulet Enchantment.
  • Hilt of SKOFNNG.

The Hit of SKOFNUNG is an extremely powerful sword. As per its official description, it is the “sharpest sword in the realm.” This is the kind of weapon that you can trust against the enemies you will be facing during the late game. 

Hilt of SKOFNNG – Image Credits [Exputer]
This was everything you needed to know about how to defeat King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok. As you can see for yourself, the fight is extremely difficult as the boss has a lot at his disposal. Having the luxury to use the attacks of 12 other bosses makes King Hrolf one of the toughest opponents in the entire game.

However, this does not mean that he can not be defeated. Just stay calm during the entire fight, and don’t try to keep an aggressive approach only. In other words, keep a balance between defending and attacking. In the meantime, you can also read about where to find all Lake of Nine artifacts in the game. Furthermore, we also have a detailed walkthrough of the Burning Skies Favour, and you can check it out if you’re having trouble completing it. 

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