How To Get Petrified Bone In God Of War Ragnarok

Learn everything about petrified bone including how to obtain it 7 what does it do in God of War Ragnarok.

Besides Chaos Flame and Frozen Flame, one of the resources needed for Leviathan and Chaos Blade upgrades in God of War Ragnarok is Petrified Bone. Petrified bones can’t be utilized to make armor, unlike other materials. However, they’re used to craft weapon attachments.

Key Takeaways
  • Petrified Bone is a crafting material for weapon attachments in God of War Ragnarok.
  • Players can obtain it from Red or Legendary Chests scattered throughout the Realms.
  • Yggdrasil Rifts are another source of Petrified Bone.
  • Favor quests in the Realms also yield Petrified Bone.
  • Musphelheim Trials offer Petrified Bone, though it’s more challenging.
  • Exploring thoroughly in the Realms increases the chances of finding this material.

Guide To Get Petrified Bones In GOW Ragnarok?

GOWR Where to find Petrified Bone
Where to find Petrified Bone (Image Credit: eXputer)

After spending at least a few hours playing the game, users can find petrified bones throughout the terrain. Here is our step by step guide:

  1. Yggdrasil Rifts and Chests: Keep an eye out for Yggdrasil Rifts and Red or Legendary Chests as you explore the terrain. These chests may contain Petrified Bones, but they can be hidden and require some exploration and story progress to access. Be thorough in your exploration and open every bright red box you encounter.
  2. Enemy Encounters: Petrified Bones can sometimes drop as loot from enemy encounters. Engage in battles with various enemies throughout the game to increase your chances of obtaining this resource. Take on more difficult adversaries for better drop rates.
  3. Favors: Completing Favors can also reward you with Petrified Bones. Keep an eye out for favor opportunities and complete them to earn rewards, including Petrified Bones.
  4. Muspelheim Trials: Participating in the Muspelheim Trials offers another opportunity to obtain Petrified Bones. These trials are challenging but rewarding, and successfully completing them will earn you Petrified Bones as rewards.

What Is Petrified Bone & What Does It Do?

What is the GOWR Petrified Bone and what does it do?
What is the Petrified Bone, and what does it do (Image Credit: eXputer)

God of War Ragnarok has a ton of missions and opponents for players to face off against to advance. Players will seek to acquire materials, such as Chaos and Frozen Flames, to create and update better and better armor.

While they could start appearing in the environment quite early on, other things, like petrified bones, might be more challenging to locate. 

It’s a precious resource utilized only to make the greatest weapon attachments in the Nine Realms. It implies that gamers won’t want to pass them up as soon as they become obtainable. Story advancement will be important in this regard since it will provide players access to additional resources as they complete more story quests.

Kratos and Atreus‘ heavenly abilities may frequently solve a variety of issues, but you will require an advantage if the barriers in your path have godly abilities equal to or greater than your own. Your equipment in God of War Ragnarok gives you an advantage, and you’ll need plenty of money to get it in top condition. 

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