How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite? [Best Tips]

Here are some crucial tips and tricks to help you level up fast in Fortnite!

Leveling up in Fortnite can get players all sorts of rewards and cosmetic items, whether through in-game events or Battle Pass. With each new season comes new challenges and battle-pass ranks to unlock. Here are some of the easiest and most helpful tips to level up FAST in Fortnite.

Key Takeaways
  • Make sure to do as many daily and weekly challenges as possible as they are not only one of the quickest ways for leveling up in Fortnite.
  • Getting Better is also important for leveling up by getting your basics down, surviving, and killing as many enemies as possible to gain more XP.
  • Buying Battle Pass allows you to perform even more challenges which will help in gaining a reasonable amount of XP.
  • Make sure to have fun as getting too worked up in increasing your XP can make the game feel pretty boring which in the long run is not helpful.

Complete Challenges

Fortnite challenges
Quests in Fortnite [Screenshot by eXputer]
Fortnite also features other kinds of challenges for players. These may vary in nature, but one thing is for certain they will give you XP. Most of these challenges are quite easy to complete, if you have a whole squad playing with you then you’d breeze through them. 

Here are some types of challenges you can complete:

  1. Daily Challenges: These are simple tasks that refresh daily, providing a steady source of XP. Even if you can’t complete them all, you can still earn XP through Supercharged XP for a few games.
  2. Storyline Quests: Linked to the season’s theme, these quests involve new mechanics, NPCs, and locations. Some may be challenging due to their uniqueness each season, but they offer a significant XP reward upon completion.
  3. Event Challenges: These challenges are time-limited and tied to collaborations and in-game events. For example, during the Marvel collaboration, challenges were superhero-themed. Completing event challenges grants XP and other rewards.
  4. Seasonal Quests: These are part of the battle pass and provide a structured way to earn XP throughout the season.

Be sure to check the Quests Tab in Fortnite regularly to stay updated on available challenges and maximize your XP gain.

Play Other Modes Too

game modes in fortnite
Game Modes in Fortnite [Image by eXputer]
Taking a break from the BR mode and diving into the Creative mode can immensely help you gain more XP and level up faster in Fortnite! Yes, that’s right, there are tons of maps and game modes in the Fortnite Creative section that grant hundreds and thousands of XP to the player. Many players prefer farming XP through creative mode rather than BR.

Therefore, try taking a break from the Battle Royale and spend some hours in the Creative mode. The games in Creative mode are fast-paced and may feel like a fresh breeze of air too, like the Pit, Hide n Seek, and Death Run. All in all, you’ll most probably end up satisfied with a big bag of Fortnite XP.

If you have access to Fortnite Save the World mode, then you can also gain a decent amount of XP from there too. Save the World may not be as popularized as the BR is, however, it’s still holding its ground and offers multiple ways through which players can earn some extra XP.

Land In Popular POIs

fortnite landing spots
Dropping In [Screenshot by eXputer]
Believe it or not, landing in popular spots in the Fortnite Map will help you gain some extra XP. Yes, it’s true that you might die instantly and it could possibly frustrate you as well. However, these POIs can also greatly improve your awareness and gun skills. Consistently landing in these hotspots will eventually improve your gameplay and will ultimately grant you extra XP.

Popular POIs are also great places to complete aggressive challenges like doing a certain amount of damage, getting kills with a specific weapon, etc. So if you’re trying to get better at Fortnite and also looking for a way to gain some extra XP then land at the hot drop points in the game!


fortnite looting xp
Looting [Image by eXputer]
Another simple way to gain some XP in order to level up in Fortnite is by simply looting. Opening up chests, airdrops, ammo boxes, llamas, and fishing barrels will give you XP. Looting in Fortnite is extremely easy, even though it won’t give you huge amounts of XP but if you consistently loot every area you go to, you could easily accumulate 20,000-40,000 XP in a couple of games.

Therefore, whenever you’re out of combat try to loot every chest you see in your path. Even if you have the perfect loadout, it still shouldn’t stop you from looting and getting those extra bits of XP in Fortnite.

Don’t Ignore The Season Quests

I know… it sounds basic but we can’t stress enough how important it is to do as many of the challenges as possible. If your objective is to level up super-fast in Fortnite. One of the easiest ways to level up in Fortnite is by completing the daily quick challenges and weekly challenges as well. Although, players who have bought the Battle Pass will have more Seasons Quests at their disposal.

We recommend loading up a game solo or with a squad to check off the seasonal challenges as soon as possible. One other reason to complete those seasonal challenges is the chance to earn V-bucks, now who doesn’t like V-bucks?

It’s As Simple As ‘Git Gud Bro’

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite
Fortnite Battle Royal [Screenshot by eXputer]
You’re all probably itching to find out some secret glitch that will exponentially increase your level-up rate, but the reality is that one of the best ways of leveling up fast is by being good at the game. Sounds like a no-brainer no? Well, you’re right but it never hurts to get our bases covered.

The equation is simple, the longer you survive the more kills you accumulate – the more XP you generate! Enlist the help of your friends when off hunting for loot and easy kills as grinding can get lonesome.

So focus on your playstyle, improve the sectors where you lack, and eventually you’ll be leveling up faster in Fortnite just by getting more kills or ranking higher in a battle royale match. Knowing some great building techniques and the Best Weapons in Fortnite can greatly assist you!

Keep An Eye On Supercharged XP

From time to time, Fortnite grants players Supercharged XP. These usually come by during weekends, events, or in the final days of a season. Supercharged XP allows players to gain extra amounts of XP than they normally would. Consider this as a 2x factor. So keep an eye on when the Supercharged XP is activated because that’s when you can put in an extra shift and gain some serious amounts of XP.

Supercharged XP is great for leveling up and is extremely helpful in the final days of a season as it usually helps players max out their battle pass and level.

Gather Up Your Friends And Use Party Assist

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite
Squad Up in Fortnite [Screenshot by eXputer]
If you’re struggling with a particular challenge, there’s no shame in calling up your friends to lend you a hand. The Party Assist function lets your party mates contribute to your challenges, this means when they complete a particular challenge, you do too! So, if you’re having trouble getting those last kills turn on Party Assist and watch the XP come!

Buying The Battle-Pass

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite
Fortnite Battle Pass [Screenshot by eXputer]
Yeah, free content players, I know you didn’t want to hear this but it’s true. Buying the battle pass can help you earn very good amounts of XP exclusive to the paid tier of the battle pass. If you don’t have the cash, see if you can use some saved-up V-buck from previous seasons.

Unlocking the Battle Pass gives you access to more season quests. Therefore, by completing more of these challenges you will ultimately gain more XP which will help you level up faster in Fortnite. As bad as it may sound, spending real money on the game could open the floodgates of XP for you.

Have Fun

We love battle-royale games! We love the thrill, the unpredictability, and the countless surprising moments, we get to share after a heart-racing session with friends. Some of the best advice we can give is to enjoy the game and have FUN!

Don’t let the focus on gaining XP turn playing Fortnite into a chore that you dread doing. Play at your own pace, squad up with some buddies, and take it one day at a time.

We hope we’ve given you the information you need to improve your XP grind for this season of Fortnite! If by any means you are having problems getting decent FPS In Fortnite. Make sure you give this guide a read.

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