Last Epoch: Top 6 Best Armor [Tested & Compared]

After spending 20+hours in Last Epoch, the following are the best most essential armor you should have while running different classes!

Armor is crucial to making the best possible builds for your character in Last Epoch. The armor found in the game has different prefixes and suffixes that can be either added on or pre-equipped by the armor. Different sets of armor are made available to all the best classes in Last Epoch. According to stats and early availability, I found the best armor in Last Epoch for the class of characters I play with. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 94 Body Armor in the Last Epoch.
  • Armor will help you negate physical and elemental damage while boosting your health in some situations.
  • Attuned Noble Plate Of Evasion is the best armor for me due to its lighting resistance and gives the most physical damage resistance early on in the Last Epoch. 
  • Author’s Note: I have spent over 50 hours in the Last Epoch gathering and testing out each set of armor, which makes my guide a trustworthy source of information for you!
Level Image For Game
My Level In Last Epoch After Playing For 20 Hours – (Image credit: eXputer)

Best Armors In Last Epoch And Comparison Between Them

It wasn’t easy for me to pick and choose my favorite armor among 94 armor for each class. Eventually, I developed the finest armor that could work till the mid or even late eras. 

The following are the best armor you can have earlier with good prefixes and suffixes:

RankArmor NameKey AttributesLevel RequirementForging PotentialBest For
1Attuned Noble Plate Of Evasion+180 Armor Health, +60 Dodge Rating, +11% Fire Resistance, +12% to 36% Lightning Resistance4228The Best Armor For Physical Damage Resistance
2Vital Full Plate Of Sparks+145 Armor Health, +3 Vitality, 50% Lightning Resistance, 31% Fire Resistance, +3 Strength440The Best Armor For Fire And Lightning Resistance
3Mighty Iron Cuirass Of The Turtle+60 Armor Health, +2 Strength, +11% Fire Resistance, +35 Total Armor Set524The Best Unique Armor For Sentinel
4Infantry Hauberk Of Evasion+65 Armor Health, +37 Dodge Rating, -2 Vitality416The Best Early Sentinel Armor
5Vital Vorn Plate+75 Armor Health, +2 Vitality414The Best Mid-Game Sentinel Armor
6Mighty Infantry Hauberk+65 Armor Health, +2 Strength419The Best Early Sentinel Armor

6. Mighty Infantry Hauberk

The Best Early Sentinal Armor.
Armor Piece In Last Epoch
Mighty Infantry Hauberk In My Inventory Along With Its Statistics – (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: I got it pretty early on while using the Sentinel Class, and it worked pretty well for me until mid-game.
  • Has +65 Armor Health
  • +2 Strength
  • Only Requires Level 4 
  • 19 Forging Potential
  • Is Only Tier 1 
  • Range 2 to 2
  • Worth 5 Gold Coins If Sold

5. Vital Vorn Plate

The Best Mid-Game Sentinal Armor.
Vital Armor In Game
Vital Vorn Armor Equipped By Me At The Starting Era Of Last Epoch – (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer) 
  • Why I Chose This: It’s Vitality Prefix, and the look just made me want to equip it for most of my game.
  • Has +75 Armor Health
  • +2 Vitality
  • Only Requires Level 4 
  • 14 Forging Potential
  • Looks Really Daunting And Cool
  • Is Only Tier 1 
  • Range 2 to 2
  • Requires Sentinal Class

4. Infantry Hauberk Of Evasion

The Best Armor For Dodge.
Hauberk Evasion In LE
Infantry Hauberk Of Evasion In My First Ever Stash Tab That I Made – (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Dodging is a pretty important element for me while fighting, which is why the end bosses of some areas couldn’t touch me when I had it on.
  • 16 Forging Potential
  • Has +65 Armor Health
  • +37 Dodge Rating
  • 16 Forging Potential
  • Range 22 to 38
  • Is Only Tier 1 
  • -2 Vitality
  • Worth 5 Gold Coins If Sold

3. Mighty Iron Cuirass Of The Turtle

The Best Unique Armor For Sentinel.
Mighty Iron Turtle Protection In ARPG
The Mighty Iron Cuirass Of The Turtle Equipped By Me Mid-Game – (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It is a balanced overall set of armor that can be equipped for most of the game without having to change it.
  • 16 Forging Potential
  • Has +60 Armor Health
  • +2 Strength
  • +11% Fire Resistance 
  • Additional of +35 In Total Armor Set
  • 24 Forging Potential
  • Worth 11 Gold Coins If Sold
  • Requires Level 5

2. Vital Full Plate Of Sparks

The Best Armor For Fire And Lighting Resistance.
Vital Full Plate of Sparks Armor In Last Epoch
This Is Where I Found The Vital Full Plate of Sparks Found After Killing A Boss – (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: I didn’t worry about any fire elemental attacks coming my way since the armor negated most of their effects.
  • +3 Vitality
  • +145 Armor Health
  • 50% Lightning Resistance
  • 31% Fire Resistance
  • +3 Strength
  • +11% Fire Resistance 
  • Requires Level 44 And Is Hard To Reach 
  • Worth 46 Gold Coins When Sold
  • 0 Forging Potential

1. Attuned Noble Plate Of Evasion

The Best Armor For Physical Damage Resistance.
Attuned Noble Plate Of Evasion In Last Epoch
Attuned Noble Plate Of Evasion Found During A Drop – (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It has the most defense you can get out of armor early and is lightning resistant.
  • +13 Physical Resistance Forging
  • Has +180 Armor Health
  • +60 Dodge Rating
  • +11% Fire Resistance 
  • Additional of +35 In Total Armor Set
  • 28 Forging Potential
  • +12% to 36% Lightning Resistance
  • Requires Level 42 And Is Hard To Reach 
  • Worth 30 Gold Coins When Sold

My Take On The Best Armor In Last Epoch

As a seasoned warrior in Last Epoch, I’ve faced countless foes, each encounter a test of my armor’s worth. Among the 94 armor options, the Attuned Noble Plate of Evasion and the Vital Full Plate of Sparks are the best!

Physical Damage and Dodge capability-wise, nothing can match the Attuned Noble Plate Of Evasion. They aren’t just armor for me; they are a symbol of strength, as they helped me stand my ground against each enemy trying to deplete my health points. 

So these were the best armor you could equip in the Last Epoch, as per my suggestions, most of them being great for the early eras. Last Epoch has some of the best-looking armors, even base forms, as per some users on X. Do check out our recently put-out article telling you how to unlock mastery in Last Epoch.

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