Last Epoch: How To Unlock Mastery [Easy Steps]

Here is how to unlock Mastery of a particular class that will determine your play style!

Last Epoch lets you select a class before starting your journey. That class will initially determine your play style, but you can get more choices later. Any class you have selected further has three masteries you can select. You can only select one, but knowing how to unlock Mastery first in the Last Epoch is necessary, as it won’t be available from the start.   

Key Takeaways
  • Players can unlock Mastery in Last Epoch after defeating Elder Pannion and entering End of the Time.
  • Talk to the Forgotten Knight to initiate The Power of Mastery quest.
  • This quest is necessary to unlock the Mastery of a particular class.
  • After speaking to the Forgotten Knight, the next step is to talk to the Elder Gasper.
  • Talking to him will allow players to choose among three masteries.
  • Players can select only one mastery, so they must be careful when selecting it.
Important: Selecting a Mastery of your character is extremely important as it will determine your play style. Each Mastery features a different play style, and once you select one, you won’t be able to change it, so make sure you select it based on your preferences.

Steps To Unlock Mastery

To unlock mastery in Last Epoch, follow these easy steps:

  1. Unlocks During Chapter 2: To unlock the Mastery of a certain class, you must reach a certain point in-game. You must defeat the Elder Pannion and find your way to the End of Time. This will be the main area/hub of Last Epoch, where you initiate the quest The Power of Mastery.
    Talk To Forgotten Knight To Initiate The Power of Mastery Quest (Image Captured By Us)
  2. Talk To The Forgotten Knight: After reading The End of Time, all you have to do is talk to the Forgotten Knight. Speak to her, skip through the dialogues, and then you will be instructed to speak to the Elder Gasper. 
    Head Straight From Here To Find The Elder Gasper (Screenshot Captured By eXputer)
  3. Finding The Elder Gasper: You can find the Elder Gasper on the platform above you. Reach that place via rock stairs, and when you are at the location shown in the image above, head straight, and you will find Elder Gasper.
    Choose A Mastery Based On Your Preference (Image Taken By Us)
  4. How To Unlock Mastery In Last Epoch: Talk to the Elder Gasper, and when you exhaust the dialogues, you will be given three options. The three are masteries of your particular class, so choose one. I chose the Primalist class at the beginning, so in my case, I was given Beastmaster, Shaman, and Druid to choose from.  
    Talk To The Elder Gasper Again To Complete The Quest (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)
  5. Finishing The Quest: After selecting your desired Mastery, you must talk to the Elder Gasper again. By doing so, you will complete the quest and receive a Passive Point and 500 Experience as rewards. 

Unlocking the Mastery of a particular class is extremely important as it determines what play style you will opt for.

Before unlocking mastery, every class has a particular set of moves and skills to get used to. However, after you are given three options, you have to decide carefully as that will be the deciding factor of how you play the game. Each mastery will feature a completely different play style.

That is almost everything you would want to know about unlocking Mastery in Last Epoch. Unlocking Mastery is simple, but selecting one for your class can be tricky. So, just decide which play style you want to go with and choose one. 

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