Last Epoch: Best Mage Build [Personal Favorite]

Take a look the best skills, passives and gear for a powerful mage build in Last Epoch.

Mage is the most diverse class in the Last Epoch that will allow you to deal damage to enemies at a safe distance. With a lot of damage types to choose from, you can make the best Mage build suitable to your play style in Last Epoch. An optimal mage build will focus on AOE spell damage and will focus on increasing melee damage as well. 

Key Takeaways
  • The best mage build uses runemaster mastery in Last Epoch. 
  • Skills like Runic Invocation, Glacier, Flame Ward, and Flame Rush are recommended. 
  • Passives like Arcane Flames, Mental Catalysis, Sphere Of Protection, and Chill To The Bone are best for the build. 
  • The build will mostly focus on increasing elemental damage, health, and defense. 

Best Mage Build In Last Epoch 

The Best Early To Mid Game Build For Elemental Damage.

Below is a brief overview of the skills, mastery, and passives that are required for the best mage build. 

BlessingsEmbers Of Immortality , Protection Of Heorot, Echo Of Solarum,
Hunger Of The Void,
Cruelty Of The Meruma, Heart Of The Caldera, Persistence Of Will, Survival Of Might
IdolsAdorned Arcane Idol,
Throne Of Ambition,
Grand Glass Idol
PassivesArcanist, Arcane flames , Decree of the burning wind, Chill to the bone, Lost knowledge, Mental catalysis, Edict of Scion, Sphere of Protection

SkillsGlacier, Runic invocation, Flame ward, Runic bolt, Flame rush

Mage is a great ranged magic class in Last Epoch that uses elemental skills dealing damage using fire, lightning, and cold. Furthermore, you can deal with decent melee damage using this class. In my opinion, I found the Mage to be the strongest class in Last Epoch because not only can it deal damage at a safe distance, avoiding enemies, but it can also use powerful melee attacks to kill bosses easily. 

  • Powerful ranged damage dealer 
  • High AOE 
  • Can use melee weapons to deal elemental damage 
  • Able to use skills like teleport 

  • Limited build options 
  • Mostly relies on spells to deal damage 
  • Low defense 

Best Mastery 

Before you start focusing on creating the best Mage build, you will have to select a mastery. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to select a mastery early on, and you will need to reach around level 20 to do so. You will be given three choices: Runemaster, Spellblade, and Sorcerer.

Best Mage Runemaster Build In Last Epoch
Runemaster has a lot of perks and powerful skills to offer. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Once you choose a mastery, you cannot change it again, but you can respec skills and passives. I highly recommend picking the Runemaster mage mastery as it combines sorcerer and Spellblade. 

  • Using high DPS attacks: as soon as you unlock Runemaster, you can use skills with high DPS. Therefore, you can deal damage at a distance while slaying enemies in close combat. 
  • Activating the Runic Invocation: I recommended Runemaster because of its mastery skill called runic invocation, which is the most diverse skill in Last Epoch. It will allow you to deal damage based on your equipped runes. It uses all elemental types to create a unique spell, allowing you to use a variety of combinations. 

Why I Chose This: I chose runemaster as my mastery because of the diverse range of skills.

Best Skills 

Since we are opting for the runemaster mage mastery, we will mostly go for elemental skills that will deal great damage, like Flame Ward, Glacier, and Runic Invocation.

Best Mage Build and Skills In Last Epoch
Choose and invest points in powerful elemental active skills. (Image Captured by eXputer)

However, Glacier will be our main source of damage for this particular build, and you will be able to unlock it in the early game. 

Below is a list of the best skills you can use as a mage in Last Epoch. 

SkillsDescriptionDamageMana costMultiplier Nodes
GlacierIt creates three large explosions of ice in the targeted direction, dealing damage. Each successive explosion will deal more damage than the last one.177.065.0Endless frost, greater destruction, Morditas Bane.
Runic InvocationIt will consume all of your activated runes to cast a unique spell based on invocation. The last rune in the sequence will determine the damage type. I recommend going for a lightning-fire-fire combo to get Hydrahedron.-15.0Unbridled ruin, devastating Starfall, runic energy.
Flame WardIt will cast a burst of 400 Ward, and the hits will deal 30% less damage. It will also cast a burst of flames.-25.0Dual Aegis
Runic BoltCombination spell that will fire a lot of piercing projectiles. The first combination will deal fire damage, the second will deal lightning damage, and the third will deal cold damage.32.03.0Lightning spear, jolting spark, and arcane restoration.
Flame RushThe player will turn into a ball of flame and launch directly in the target direction. When you stop, an explosion will occur, damaging enemies nearby. Players will get 40% less damage when the skill is activated.66.022.0Celestial guidance, runic eclipse, lunar protection.


Choosing the right passives is important, and you want to ensure they enhance your active skills.

Best Mage Build In Last Epoch
Choose Passives that complement your build and playstyle. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Below is a list of recommended passives for the mage class. 

ArcanistEach point of intelligence will grant players a 4% Ward retention and will improve skills like mana strike and lightning blast.
Arcane FlamesWhen you hit an enemy with a fire skill, you will ignite additional enemies nearby with a 5-second skill cooldown rate.
Decree of the Burning WindPlayers will deal more damage to rare enemies and bosses.
Chill to the Bonepenetrating enemies, it can bring them down to 0% resistance. This will allow them to take more damage.
Lost KnowledgeYou will gain Ward based on your current mana. It will be activated when you use a skill that will use up to 40 mana.
Mental CatalysisYou will take reduced bonus damage from critical strikes, and after using a catalyst, you will have additional intelligence.
Edict of ScionThe skills you use will have an increased area. When you directly use an area skill, you will get a ward per active rune from runic invocation
Sphere of ProtectionYou will get additional health and will take less damage from chilled, shocked, or ignited enemies.

You can also use Elemental Affinity, Arcanist, and Elemental Ascendance, as they are powerful mid-game passives.

Best Gear 

For this build, I mostly focused on equipping gear that will increase intelligence and health. Furthermore, I also ensured that it increased mana and ward retention while granting high defense. 


Idols will help you grant important bonuses to make you even stronger.

Best idols
Obtain idols and unlock idol slots by completing quests (Image Captured by eXputer)

Following are the idols recommended for the build. 

  • Adorned Arcane Idol 
  • Throne Of Ambition 
  • Grand Glass Idol 


You will get blessings when you complete a timeline in Monolith of Fate. Below, I would recommend some normal blessings that you can use in early to mid-game.

Best Mage class Build In Last Epoch 
Unlock blessings by completing timelines in Monolith of Fate. (Image Capture Credits to eXputer)

However, I will recommend farming more of the empowered combat blessings to create a strong mage build. 

  • Embers Of Immortality 
  • Protection Of Heorot 
  • Echo Of Solarum 
  • Hunger Of The Void 
  • Cruelty Of The Meruma 
  • Heart Of The Caldera 
  • Persistence Of Will 
  • Survival Of Might 

For empowered combat blessings, I would recommend choosing Grand Survival Of Might, Grand Body Of Obsidian, Grand Emptiness Of Ash, and Grand Cruelty Of The Meruna. 

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on the best mage build in Last Epoch. While you are at it, I would recommend checking out the Obaid’s guide on best classes in case you are just starting out. You can also read the guide on how to unlock mastery for Mage as well as other classes. 

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