Last Epoch: How To Dismantle Items [Complete Guide]

Here is how you can dismantle items and get affix shards in Last Epoch.

If you have any extra gear or equipment you no longer require, you can sell it for gold or dismantle it to get better items in Last Epoch. Dismantling or salvaging items can help you obtain useful crafting resources, like Shards and Glyphs, for your current equipment. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players can get Affix Shards and Glyphs by dismantling weapons and equipment in the Last Epoch. 
  • These crafting items are important to improve gear. 
  • Players will require the Rune of Shattering to dismantle items, which can be found as a random drop or purchased from the Vendor. 
  • The gear can be dismantled on the forging screen in Last Epoch. 
  • Legendary, set, and unique gear cannot be dismantled to get affix shards. 

How To Dismantle Items 

You will be able to start dismantling items as soon as you finish the tutorial by using an item called the Rune of Shattering.

How To Dismantle and Salvage Items In Last Epoch
Rune of Shattering was bought from the Shop. [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
This key item is important to dismantle any weapons or gear you cannot use to get Affix Shards and crafting materials in return. You can obtain the Rune of Shattering as a random drop by slaying enemies, or you can also buy it from vendors. 

  • Opening the Forge: the next step involves accessing the Forge in the Last Epoch. Press the F Key to do that, and the forge screen will open. 
  • Selecting the Item: now, you must drag and drop the item you want to dismantle in the Forge. Remember that these items will be destroyed permanently, so choose only the ones you don’t need anymore.
    Dismantling the weapon in the Forge [Image By eXputer]
  • Using the Rune of Shattering: now you need to add the Rune of Shattering by clicking on the + icon near the ‘Use A Modifier Item’ window. After adding the rune, click on the Shatter Button, and the item will be dismantled. As a result, you will get shards or crafting items you can use. 

Using Shards On Equipment 

You will get Affix Shards in return when you dismantle any weapon or gear in the Forge. You can also get glyphs linked with your weapons and equipment. Furthermore, you will get the affix shards based on your dismantled items.

How To Dismantle Items In Last Epoch
Getting Affix Shards or Glyphs that can be used in crafting. [Image Captured By eXputer]
You should also keep in mind that once you have dismantled an item, you cannot get it back, so choose carefully. Make sure to place any crafting items that you get, including the glyphs, and affix shards in the Forge by clicking on Transfer Materials to avoid any unnecessary clutter in your inventory. 

My Verdict

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on how to dismantle items in Last Epoch by using the Rune of Shattering. Keep in mind that you cannot dismantle any unique, set, or legendary equipment in Last Epoch. I will recommend dismantling items only in mid to late-game as most of the early-game equipment won’t drop any useful affix shards for you to use.  

If you are new to the game, I recommend checking out the guide on the best classes in Last Epoch. You can also learn how to unlock mastery and level up.

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