Last Epoch: 3 Best DPS Classes [Battle-Tested]

Having spent over 50 hours in Last Epoch and testing out all classes, the following is my take on the best DPS classes in-game for the highest damage!

Last Epoch features five classes, and some stand out due to their massive DPS potential. From my personal experience, each class has a particular build featuring high DPS, but there are some of the best ones for the job in Last Epoch. Each class has three further masteries that matter highly when making a DPS build.

Key Takeaways
  • There are five classes in the Last Epoch.
  • I believe that the Mage class has the highest DPS.
  • The Mage class even provides a blend between melee and spell combat. 
  • For high DPS with melee combat and summoning, players should go with Beastmaster Mastery of Primalist.
  • For past-paced or ranged combat in Last Epoch, players should go with Rogue.
  • Why Trust Us: Obaid has spent over 50 hours in the Last Epoch as his character level has reached level 100, which is the max level, proving that this guide is a trustworthy source of information for you! 
Showcase of My Character Level In Last Epoch (Image Captured By eXputer)

Best DPS Classes In Last Epoch Compared

Here is an overview of the three best DPS classes as per my experience in-game: 

ClassMastery For High DPSBest ForAlternatives
MageSpellbladeThe Best DPS Class In Last EpochWarlock or Lich Mastery of Acolyte.
PrimalistBeastmasterThe Best Melee Class For High DPS In Last EpochVoid Knight of Sentinel or Necromancer of Acolyte.
RogueBlademaster Or MarksmanThe Best Well-Balanced Class For High DPS In Last EpochRunemaster or Spellblade Mastery of Made.

1. Mage Class

The Best DPS Class In Last Epoch.
Showcase of the Mage Class Along With Its Three Masteries And Skills (Screenshot By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the mage as the best DPS class in Last Epoch due to its massive damage and the fact that each mastery it features has high DPS potential, making it an ideal choice for players.

The Mage class features the highest DPS out of all due to its large arsenal of spells available. This class is often not well-liked in the community due to spammable moves. However, in Last Epoch, there is a Spellblade mastery for the Mage class that allows it to use melee along with magic. There are other two masteries that have completely different play styles. 

  • Extremely high DPS potential.
  • Blend between magic and melee combat.
  • Viable in all areas.
  • Covers close as well as long-range. 
  • Spellcaster is a difficult Mastery to play with.

Best Mastery For High DPS 

As mentioned before, there would be three masteries for each class.

  • Unlocking The Mastery: You would have to unlock a mastery for your class after some progression. After unlocking, you will be able to select one that you prefer, as you won’t be able to change it again. 
  • Spellblade Mastery For High DPS: I personally liked Spellblade the most as there is a variety of spells available, and there is no lack of melee combat, either. So, making a perfect build using this mastery will surely allow you to deal some massive damage. 

2- Primalist Class

The Best Melee Class For High DPS In Last Epoch.
Showcase of Primalist, The Best Melee Class For High DPS (Image Taken By eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Primalist was my go-to class in Class due to its high DPS potential, and thanks to this class, I managed to dominate the early game combat without dying even once.

Some might argue that Sentinel is a better option than the Primalist Class due to the Void Knight Mastery. This particular mastery is great and has high DPS potential, but I believe the Beastmaster and Druid Mastery of Primalist offer more DPS. I chose the Beastmaster Mastery for the Primalist; believe me; it destroys the opponents in combat. You can even make your build focusing on just one single summon, and it will work.

  • High melee DPS potential.
  • Minion’s damage is extremely high.
  • Plenty of summoning skills are available. 
  • Many pieces of equipment that boost minion’s damage are available. 
  • Relies a lot on the summons.

Best Mastery For High DPS 

  • All Masteries Of Primalist: It features three masteries: Beastmaster, Druid, and Shaman. All 3 masteries are pretty great, with each featuring a different play style, meaning DPS will be affected based on your choice.
  • Beastmaster Mastery For High DPS: You can choose either Druid or Beastmaster for high DPS, but I would recommend going with the Beastmaster. There are plenty of summon skills available, so make sure you select any two among them and focus more on them in the passive tree.

3- Rogue Class

The Best Well-Balanced Class For High DPS In Last Epoch.
Showcase of The Rogue Class Along With Its Masteries And Key Skills (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the Rogue class mainly because of its versatility, and it can also deal some great damage and win fights against most of the enemies in Last Epoch. 

The Rogue class is the last one on the list due to its versatility and, of course, the High DPS. Rogue is among my favorite classes due to its fast-paced melee combat. If you are not a fan of fast-paced combat, then you simply select another mastery that features long-ranged combat, as the Rogue Class has got you covered in either case. It also features a mastery that relies on traps and a summon.  

  • High versatility and damage.
  • Each mastery features high DPS.
  • Features fast-paced or long-ranged combat.
  • Extremely fun to play with.
  • The damage isn’t as high as the Primalist and Mage classes.

Best Mastery For High DPS 

  • Selecting Mastery For Rogue: You can drop the Falconer mastery and focus on selecting one between Bladedancer and Marksman. Both feature high DPS and completely different play styles.  
  • Blademaster Or Marksman Mastery For High DPS: If you want to experience fast-paced combat, then go with the Blademaster, but if you prefer ranged combat, then go with the Marksman Mastery. Both of these masteries feature high DPS that can allow you to win most fights in Last Epoch.  

Other Options To Go For

I have discussed the three best DPS classes and their respective masteries among the five available in-game.  

These are the other options you can go for:

  • Lich Or Warlock Mastery Of Acolyte: Both of these masteries are pretty great and can allow you to deal with some high DPS in-game with the right build. However, I prefer the masteries of Mage over Acolyte due to better gameplay and damage.
  • Void Knight Mastery Of Sentinel: Void Knight is arguably a good mastery for Sentinel, but this class is overall not great, which is why I prefer Rogue and Primalist over it. The other two masteries of Sentinel aren’t that good for DPS, either. 

My Take

My favorite class in-game is the Primalist, but when it comes to DPS, I believe the Mage Class features the most. 

Mage is one of the starting classes in Last Epoch that deals high damage. Even in the early areas, without a good build, you can defeat most of the enemies without dying. Other than that, Primalist does high melee damage and relies on summons that deal some good damage, too. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best DPS Class in Last Epoch. I have ranked these three classes based on my preference and experience with them in-game.  While you are at it, you should take a look at the guide on how to dismantle items in Last Epoch to get Affix Shards

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