Last Epoch: Best Acolyte Items [Battle-Tested]

With more than 80 hours spent as an Acolyte fighting off forces of the Void, this is my take on the best Acolyte items in Last Epoch.

When starting your journey as an Acolyte in Last Epoch, it is essential to know what sort of gear you need to keep an eye out for. These Best Acolyte Items in the Last Epoch have been condensed into a list after my experimentation, which accounts for the early to mid stages of the Last Epoch. It is important to note that some builds are tied to specific equipment, and these items do not account for them.

  • Author’s Note: With more than 80 hours as an Acolyte in Last Epoch, you can trust me regarding the best equipment for that class type.
Key Takeaways
  • An Acolyte is a mage who uses their powers to alter the forces of life and death.
  • Most Acolyte items focus on increasing necrotic damage and increasing their minions’ powers.
  • There are 331 equipment items in the Last Epoch from the Unique and Set items categories.
  • The items listed don’t give much in terms of defense, which may compromise your durability in longer fights.

Best Acolyte Items In Last Epoch

After experimenting with almost every unique weapon and item set I could get my hands on, I deduced some of the best Items for an Acolyte. It is important to note that the item rank is based on the quality of Suffixes and Prefixes, paired with its base stats.

A quick overview of the Best Acolyte Items:

Item RankItem NameItem TypeBest ModifierLevel RequirementBest For
1Aberrant CallTwo-Handed Staff+(6 to 12) Maximum Wraiths38The Best Necromancer Staff
2Bone HarvesterTwo-Handed Axe+(45 to 60) Necrotic Melee Damage21The Best Summoner Axe
3Advent Of The ErasedBootsGrants Minions and Self Haste and Frenzy when an enemy dies16The Best Acolyte Greaves
Chronicle Of The DamnedOff-Hand Catalyst(11% to 16%) Chance to inflict Damned on Hit with Hungering Souls per Active Wandering Spirit8The Best Acolyte Catalyst
5Pebbles' FemurWand(80% to 120%) increased Minion Melee Damage30The Best Acolyte Set Wand
6Pebbles' Bitemarked SashBelt(24% to 42%) increased Minion Damage12The Best Acolyte Set Belt
7Pebbles' CollarRelic(24% to 42%) increased Minion Damage12The Best Acolyte Set Relic

1. Aberrant Call

The Best Necromancer Staff.
Last Epoch Best Acolyte Staff
My Two-Handed Staff: Aberrant Call (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Aberrant Call gave me every stat I needed as a Necromancer and improved my Wraith’s damage.
Melee Damage53
Spell Damage(39 to 47)
Increased Damage Over Time(39% to 93%)

The Aberrant Call is one of the best two-handed staff members for an Acolyte Necromancer. It boosts the Summon Wraith spell by increasing the spawn limit and the Wraith’s level.

  • It has a common drop rate despite being a Unique item.
  • Adds incredible boosts to summons.
  • It adds a debuff to minions, which slowly kills them off.
  • Not suitable for non-melee summons.

2. Bone Harvester

The Best Summoner Axe.
The Bone Harvester Axe
A Bone Harvester with 20 hours of painful grinding behind it (Image Caputed by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Bone Harvester performed extremely well in my builds, which revolved around minions and a lot of Necrotic damage.
Melee Damage 42
Increased Minion Damage(24% to 50%)
Necrotic Melee Damage(45 to 60)
Intelligence(9 to 13)

The Bone Harvester is a Two-Handed Axe that’s a hit or miss with most Acolyte enthusiasts. However, in my experience, the Bone Harvester is an exceptional tool for any summons-based Acolyte as it increases your minion’s stats by a reasonable amount and has a chance to summon a Skeleton Harvester upon kill.

  • Increases minion damage and Necrotic melee damage.
  • You only need level 21 to use the Bone Harvester.
  • It takes away the second-hand slot as it is a two-handed item.
  • It doesn’t boost ranged minion damage.

3. Advent Of The Erased

The Best Acolyte Greaves.
Last Epoch Best Acolyte Greaves
The Haste And Frenzy Ridden Advent Of The Erased (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Advent Of the Erased are the perfect boots for an Acolyte that relies on its minions to do all the damage while it watches from a safe distance.
Movement Speed Bonus(7% to 9%)
Less Damage Taken With Haste(35% to 15%)
Ward When Under Haste(30 to 60)

The Advent of the Erased is one of the best footwear options a summoner Acolyte has. It gives you both Haste and Frenzy with a good amount of armor and movement speed. Furthermore, Haste and Frenzy effects extend to your minions for 3 seconds. These effects are the primary reason it is one of the best Acolyte Items in Last Epoch.

  • It gives your minions Frenzy and Haste.
  • You can use it as soon as you hit level 16.
  • No direct damage increase.

4. Chronicle Of The Damned

The Best Acolyte Catalyst.
Last Epoch Best Acolyte Catalyst
The Cursed Catalyst: Chronicles of the Damned (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: In the early game stages, where Hungering Souls and Wandering Spirits are your best skills, this item outperforms any two-handed staff or weapon.
Intelligence(2 to 5)
Increased Cast Speed(5% to 8%)
Increased Wandering Spirits Level1
Increased Hungering Souls Level1

The Chronicle of the Damned is a unique Catalyst item that primarily boosts your wards. However, the item is tied to two Acolyte skills, Hungering Souls and Wandering Spirits. Its low-level requirement synergizes with these skills, making it the best early-game Catalyst you can obtain before you unlock your mastery as an Acolyte.

  • Directly increases skills and boosts Intelligence stat.
  • Can apply “Damned” on death, increasing damage over time.
  • Not suitable for late-game builds.
  • It takes away the ability to use two-handed weapons.

5. Pebbes’ Femur

The Best Acolyte Set Wand.
The Femur Wand
The Wand Set Item: Pebbles’ Femur (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Pebbles’ Set is an amazing collection of equipment, with the wand being its key player with the best stats.
Spell Damage(20 to 26)
Ward Retention(20% to 30%)
Mana Cost for Spells-3
Lightning Resistance(24% to 42%)

Pebbles’ Femur is a wand from a 3-item Pebble’s set. If you are an Acolyte who loves using the Bone Golem and Skeletons as summons, this wand is for you. It boosts your spells and your mana consumption and adds bonuses to your summons, making it one of the best Acolyte items in Last Epoch.

  • Directly increases summons and spells.
  • It boosts elemental damage on skills and minions.
  • The set bonus only applies if you have the complete set equipped.
  • It has the highest level requirement in the set (level 30).

6. Pebbles’ Bitemarked Sash

The Best Acolyte Set Belt.
Last Epoch Best Acolyte Belt
The Belt Set Item: Pebbles’ Bitemarked Sash (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Bitemarked Sash brings you one step closer to the set bonus and increases your potion slots, which is crucial in the early stages of the game.
Fire Resistance(24% to 42%)
Increased Minion Damage(24% to 42%)

Pebbles’ Bitmarked Sash, like the set wand, boosts your minion damage and increases your potion slots by 3. Unlike the lightning resistance from the wand, the belt provides additional resistance to fire damage.

  • Increases melee fire damage from Minions.
  • It increases your potion slots, synergizing with the set bonus.
  • The set bonus only applies if you have the complete set equipped.

7. Pebbles’ Collar

The Best Acolyte Set Relic.
Pebbles' Collar Relic Item
The Relic Set Item: Pebbles’ Collar (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Pebbles’ Collar completes the set and gives bonus damage to your minions, which is always a useful perk for an Acolyte.
Mana(6 to 10)
Cold Resistance(24% to 42%)
Increased Minion Damage(24% to 42%)

The Collar is a relic item that shares the low-level requirement with the belt. Keeping in trend with the set, this relic also increases your minion damage and boosts your intelligence. However, instead of cold or lightning resistance, the relic gives the user Cold Resistance for a balanced resistance rating.

  • Increases minion damage and adds bonus cold damage on their melee attacks.
  • It boosts intelligence and gives the wearer resistance to cold spells.
  • The set bonus only applies if you have the complete set equipped.

Honorable Mentions

Due to the large pool of available equipment, I could not fit every item I liked in this list. Although powerful, they failed to perform well consistently.

  • Lich’s Scorn: Converts Necrotic damage to cold, which isn’t good with most of your skills.
  • Hollow Finger: Increases skeleton damage but has poor necrotic damage boost.

My Tips For Acolyte Items

Last Epoch Progress
My Progress in Last Epoch so far (Image Captured by eXputer)

It is difficult to deduce a list of the best Acolyte items in Last Epoch because of the several skill and passive dependencies. However, if these items aren’t working well for you, I suggest experimenting with your loot and mixing and matching until you start clearing waves with impeccable ease.

With that, this list has come to an end. Although short, I think it gives a good taste of what an Acolytes early to mid-game might benefit from. You can also check out my Best Acolyte build in Last Epoch to get a clearer picture. I also recommend checking out the Best Classes in Last Epoch if you want to expand into other classes.

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