Last Epoch: Best Rogue Build [Battle-Tested]

After spending over 50 hours in Last Epoch, this is the Best Rogue Build to dominate in combat.

The Bladedancer build of Rogue Class in Last Epoch is a powerful and dynamic playstyle, focusing on speed and delivering high damage output. 

Key Takeaways
  • Bladedancer Rogue is advantageous in terms of speed and damage output.
  • Mastery in Bladedancer offers powerful buffs and agility-focused skills.
  • Key skills like Synchronized Strike, Shadow Cascade, and Umbral Blades offer devastating damage potential.
  • The disadvantage of this build is that the damage output may not compensate for the Rogue’s inherently low defense
  • Playstyle involves constant mobility, attacking, and evading swiftly.
  • Author’s Note: I spent over 50 hours in the Last Epoch, and my character is now at Level 100. 
My Character Level
My Level 100 Character in Last Epoch [Image by eXputer]

Best Rogue Build In Last Epoch

Here is an overview of the Best Rogue Build in Last Epoch:

MasteryBest SkillsPassive Abilities
BladedancerShadow Cascade, Umbral Blades, Synchronized Strike, Shift, Smoke BombsThe primary focus of Passives should be on enhancing defenses and damage output while also improving critical strike stats and skill development.

Rouge’s Role & Playstyle Last Epoch

Most Well-Balanced Build

The Rogue class in Last Epoch is highly versatile, excelling in both ranged and melee combat. This Rogue build is designed for fast-paced gameplay, offering high damage output at the expense of defensive capabilities in Last Epoch. 

  • One of the Fastest Characters in Last Epoch.
  • High Damage Output.
  • Able to deal damage in both mid and close-range.
  • Able to dodge quickly using skills like Shift.
  • Low Defense.
  • High Mana Consumption.
  • Difficult for Beginners.
Fighting Enemies using Rogue Bladedancer Build in Last Epoch
Fighting Enemies using Rogue Bladedancer Build in Last Epoch [Image Credit: eXputer]
Playing as a Bladedancer Rogue means dashing into enemies with Synchronized Strike, unleashing lethal attacks using Shadow Cascade and Umbral Blades, then swiftly retreating with Shift for a constantly mobile playstyle. However, due to lower defense, I advise you to maintain distance and maneuver carefully in Last Epoch.

Best Mastery

Choosing Mastery
Choosing Mastery after the completion of Quest [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Bladedancer is an ideal mastery path for the Rogue Class. It focuses on melee combat and shadow clone summoning in Last Epoch.

Why I Chose This: The Bladedancer mastery path perfectly aligns with my preferred playstyle as a Rogue in Last Epoch, offering engaged melee combat and strategic shadow clone summoning.
  • Powerful Buffs: By investing in specific Rogue skills, they can summon additional shadow clones, gain a boost of +15 melee physical damage, and enjoy a 15% increase in dodge rating.
  • Agility: This class thrives on Rogue abilities like Shift, allowing them to maintain agility as they move in and out of combat to deliver significant damage.

Skills & Specializations

Skills and Specializations
Skills and Specializations To Choose in Last Epoch [Image by eXputer]
Since this Rogue Build involves dodging and slashing your enemies, you would need skills related to that, too.

Here are the Best Skills that I recommend:

SkillsDescriptionDamageMana Cost
Shadow CascadeA circular attack that's also used by your shadow clones.96015
Umbral BladesThe combo ability features throwing two blades, then four blades, and recalling all blades from the ground, potentially hitting enemies multiple times, with Shadow users gaining enhanced effects.83312
Synchronized StrikeJump forward and strike in an area in front of you while shadows appear and simultaneously strike on either side of you.22273
ShiftDash a short fixed distance in the target direction.20916
Smoke BombsDeploy a Smoke Bomb granting haste and blinding enemies within its growing radius for 4 seconds.N/A21

Passive Abilities

Best Passive Abilities for Bladedancer in Last Epoch [Image by eXputer]
Start by investing points into the Cloak of Shadows, adding Dexterity and a chance to receive a Glancing Blow when struck. This initial passive node leads to the Shroud of Dusk, offering another chance to gain the Dusk Shroud buff when hit. These starting nodes enhance defenses to maneuver swiftly across the battlefield, aiming to avoid significant damage in the Last Epoch.

  1. Enhance Damage Output: Focus on Pursuit, Once, and Flash of Steel nodes
  2. Boost Critical Strike Stats: Incorporate Health Leech with Blood Dance and with Critical Eye
  3. Armour Shred: Use points on Hooked Blades
  4. Skill Development: Allocate the final point to Shadow Master.

I find Rogue Builds to be one of the most enjoyable and effective in Last Epoch, capable of dominating the game from start to finish.

If you are new to the game and still are stuck at selecting the class, check the Best Classes in Last Epoch according to your playstyle. Furthermore, learn How to Unlock Mastery to get more personalized options in your class


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