Last Epoch: Best Beastmaster Build [Tried & Tested]

After spending over 50 hours in Last Epoch, the following is my take on the best Beastmaster build for high DPS!

Last Epoch features five classes, and all of them have three different masteries. Every mastery has a completely different play style, so players have plenty of options. Among them, Beastmaster, a mastery of Primalist, stands out in Last Epoch due to its unique gameplay, but it requires the best build for optimal experience. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 5 classes in Last Epoch.
  • Primalist is among the five classes, and it features three masteries.
  • One of the masteries is the Beastmaster, which relies on the summons for high damage.
  • My build focuses on dealing with high melee damage and majorly revolves around the summons.
  • Players can select up to 5 skills, among which two must be skills that summon companions.
  • The disadvantage of the build would be that it relies too much on the summons.
  • Author’s Note: As you can see in the image below, my character is level 100, proving that I have spent over 50 hours in Last Epoch, making my guide a trustworthy source of information for you!
Showcase of My Character Level In Last Epoch (Image Captured By eXputer)

Best Beastmaster Build In Last Epoch

Beastmaster is arguably one of the best masteries of Primalist as it features the summoning of companions. So, the main focus of my build is going to be strengthening the companions and the base attack of the Primalist in order to deal high DPS. 

The following is an overview of my Beastmaster build in Last Epoch:

ClassMasteryHealthManaBest SkillsPassive Abilities
PrimalistBeastmaster1857159Tempest Strike, Gathering Storm, Summon Wolf, Summon Bear, Summon Raptor, Summon Storm Crows, Summon Thorn Totem, Summon Frenzy Totem. The main focus of the passive abilities should be on the type of summon you would like to utilize in the combat.
  • High damage output.
  • Summons help a lot in combat.
  • Variety of skills available.
  • The equipment strengthens the summons.
  • Decent base melee damage. 
  • Relies too much on the summons.

Best Equipment For the Build

Showcase of the Best Equipment For The Beastmaster Build (Image By Us)

The following are my recommended pieces of equipment for the beastmaster build in Last Epoch:

  • Primalist Helmet: Opt for Howl of the West Wind for increased protection and strength, enhancing summons, particularly wolves.
  • Amulet And Shield: Choose The Claw for enhanced wolf summoning capabilities.
  • Body Armour: Titan Heart Armor provides significant health and damage boosts along with lightning resistance.
  • Weapon: Tempest Maw, a one-handed axe, synergizes well with Totem due to its special ability.
  • Rings and Belt: Prioritize primary stats with good secondary stats. Vipertail belt offers relevant buffs for the build.
  • Relic, Gloves, And Boots: Select Grimoire of Necrotic Elixirs for relic, Lessons of The Metropolis for boots, and Boulderfists for gloves.

These different pieces will mainly increase the damage and chances of survivability of your summons. It will also increase the melee damage of the Primalist, allowing you to dominate the combat.  

Skills & Specializations 

Best Skills and Specializations For The Beastmaster Build (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)

As you can see in the image above, there are 17 skills available from which to choose. These are the maximum skills you can get for one mastery, so you will have to choose five among them.

I would recommend choosing from the following skills:

  • Tempest Strike: Deals massive damage (physical, cold, and lightning) without mana cost.
  • Gathering Storm: No cooldown or mana cost, allowing spamming similar to Tempest Strike.
  • Summon Wolf: Summons a wolf to aid in combat.
  • Summon Bear: Summons a powerful Primal Bear ally.
  • Summon Raptor: Summons a durable Raptor with high health and resistance.
  • Summon Storm Crows: Deals significant damage and allows teleportation to the next enemy.
  • Summon Thorn Totem: Summons a totem at the enemy location, dealing decent damage and drawing aggro.
  • Summon Frenzy Totem: Summons a totem granting Frenzy to allies, increasing cast and attack speed by 20%.

You can select any five among these skills and dominate the combat with the best Beastmaster build in Last Epoch, especially in the mid-game area. 

Passive Abilities

Showcase of the Passive Abilities of the Beastmaster In Last Epoch

Passive abilities are extremely important as they are directly related to your mastery. Until you unlock the mastery, you won’t be able to spend the points in any of the mastery. However, you can spend them in the passives of your main class. 

  • Spending Points In The Beastmaster Passive Tree: As you can see in the image above, I have maxed out almost all of the passive abilities in the tree, as they are all important. You would need to upgrade the abilities at some point to progress further, but maxing them is not necessary. These abilities are necessary in order to make the best beastmaster build in Last Epoch.

Play Style

The Play style of the Beastmaster isn’t complicated at all. You need to focus on your health and strike along with your companions. The summoned companions can be revived when defeated, so look out for them. Other than that, the main focus should be on the summons, as the Beastmaster Mastery solely relies on them.

I would also recommend focusing on the Tempest Strike, as it is one of the best skills of the Primalist that can deal some great damage. Other than that, the combat will be straightforward most of the time.

My Take On The Best Beastmaster Build

I personally chose the Primalist class at the beginning and chose Beastmaster as the mastery due to its high DPS and unique play style. 

The Beastmaster build relies on the summons, but they deal high damage to the enemies. Wolf summon is available from the start, which helps a lot. However, in the end-game areas, Raptor and other high-level summons would be better. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best Beastmaster Build in Last Epoch. I have made this build after a thorough analysis of every piece of equipment and skill. 

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