NFS Unbound: All Licensed Clothing Brands

Learn all about the famous clothing brands that make an appearance in NFS Unbound.

The NFS franchise has always been about style and making a statement. This time, the style goes beyond the vehicles in the game and into the fashion of the characters. This means that there are real-life clothing brands in the game now. Here are all the licensed clothing brands in Need For Speed Unbound.

Key Points

  • Plenty of recognizable names from the world of fashion can be seen in NFS Unbound. 
  • Characters can be customized with outfits from leading licensed brands of the world.
  • Versace, Danielle Guizio, FILA, AWGE, and GCDS are some of the leading licensed brands in NFS Unbound.
  • You need to buy the brand outfits using in-game money to be able to wear them on your avatar.

All Licensed Clothing Brands

all licensed clothing brands in need for speed unbound
Clothing in the game. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Clothing brands play a vital role when it comes to the style of your character. While creating and customizing your character at the start of the game, you can choose the outfit for them as well. The clothing is divided into two main categories; ‘All Clothing,’ which entails all the normal outfits, and ‘Brand Collections,’ where all the licensed clothing articles are.

There are some pretty huge names from the world of fashion that are present in the game.

The fashion brands that are in Need For Speed Unbound are as follows: 

  • Palace
  • Champion
  • Vans
  • Mki Miyuki Yoku
  • Versace
  • Danielle Guizio
  • Puma
  • GCDS
  • Edwin
  • Alpha Industries
  • Born -X- Raised
  • Brain-Dead
  • FILA
  • Balmain Paris
  • Namilia
  • AWGE
  • Acne Studios
  • Khrissjoy

Such brands were included in the game to allow players to express themselves freely. Having the ability to stylize your characters and cars can be very refreshing and allows the players to have a more customized experience. You can spend in-game currency to unlock these clothing items and flex them as a fashion statement. 

Here are some of the characters in the game who adorn clothes that come from these brands:

  • Versace: The character ‘Medusa’ wears clothes from Versace and represents them in the game. 
  • Puma: The character ‘Chase’ is seen wearing clothes from Puma in the game.
  • Danielle Guizo: One of the rival racers ‘Harlow’ can be seen wearing clothes from Danielle Guizo in the game.


The most recent entry in the well-known NFS franchise is called Need For Speed Unbound. The game has thus far proved pleasing to series fans. Players seek to customize their avatars in the game with the many fashion brands that are present in it. We have entailed all there is to know about all the licensed clothing brands in Need For Speed Unbound. You can now race through the streets while being dripped out!

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