NFS Unbound: How To Unlock Safe Houses

In This Guide, We Entail To You On How You Can Acquire More Safe Houses In The New NFS Unbound.

Safe houses in NFS Unbound play a crucial role for the players to escape the cops on their tails. So it is vital for every player to know How To Unlock Safe Houses in NFS Unbound

Key Highlights

  • Safe Houses in Need For Speed have been playing an important role in the franchise for a long time now.
  • The safe houses in NFS Unbound provide the player with a place to hide from the cops and also save the money that they have collected and are at risk of getting deducted by the cops.
  • In NFS Unbound, there are a total of three ways through which you can gain access to safe houses all over the place in Lake Shore.
  • A player unaware of these safe houses will not have many places to hide from the cops or save their cash. And even to buy or upgrade any and all cars in any way possible.

How To Unlock Safe Houses In NFS Unbound

Safe Houses In NFS Unbound
A Safe House In NFS Unbound [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, there are several ways through which you can get safe houses in the game. And among them, the first one is to progress through the main missions and the story of the game to unlock safe houses. The first safe house that you will unlock by this method will be Rudiger’s Safe House. While the second one will be Anechka’s Safe House

However, there are still two more ways through which you can unlock even more safe houses. In total, that makes three methods to unlock the safe houses, which are as the following:

  • Progressing Through Main Missions And Story
  • Helping Out Other Drivers
  • Buying Them From Other Drivers

Helping Other Drivers

Cops In NFS Unbound
Helping Out Drivers To Escape The Cops In NFS Unbound [Image By: eXputer]
Next up is one of the three ways to obtain a safe house in NFS Unbound. It revolves around a phone call you can receive at any given minute while free roaming. The call is from a driver who is in need of your help in order to escape the cops. If you accept their request, you will have to travel to them and pick them up. And then guide them to their safe house while also evading the cops that are on your trail.

Once you have completed the request, the driver will reward you with their own safe house, which you can now freely use. However, if you miss their call and do not accept it for some reason, then there is still hope for an alternative way.

Buying It From Drivers

Buying NFS Unbound Safe House
Buying A Safe House In NFs Unbound [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Another method to acquire a safe house in NFS Unbound is to buy them directly from the drivers that you could have helped out. To do this you will need to head towards a meet-up and go under the rivals tab, from where you can choose the person from which you want to buy the safe house. Each has its own requirements with different amounts of cash requirements for each.

Importance Of Safe Houses In NFS Unbound

Now, safe houses have played different roles with different features in every NFS game. However, in the case of NFS Unbound, the safe house play an even bigger role as they have multiple important roles. Furthermore, we will be listing the most important roles of the safe houses in NFS Unbound. The roles of the safe houses are as the following:

  • Save Money: First up, the safe houses are vital in the game to bank the money that you are carrying around on you. The money you win and earn does not instantly get deposited into your account, meaning you will have to visit a safe house to secure it. If you fail to do so, then when the cops catch you, a decent amount of money will be subtracted from this unstored money, represented by red in the top right corner.
  • Escape Cops: Next, as suggested by the name, the safe houses provide you with an impenetrable defense from the cops. It is a place where you can hide away and stay low to lose your heat and also to lose your pursuers. So it instantly becomes an important game mechanic.
  • Upgrade And Buy Cars: Another one of the perks of the safe houses is that you are able to buy and sell cars freely provided that you have the cash to do so. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the cars here to make them even faster and to make them suit your needs.

And with this, we bring our NFS Unbound How To Unlock Safe Houses guide to an end. Where we explained to you thoroughly how you can unlock the safe house in the new NFS Unbound and even some of the important roles of the safe house in the game; however, if you still believe that we forgot to add something, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.


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