NFS Unbound: How To Upgrade Garage

Take a look at how to upgrade the garage in NFS Unbound and all garage upgrades that you can get by spending money in the game.

It is important to upgrade the garage in NFS Unbound along with your cars. Only by upgrading the garage to a higher level will you be able to add some of the most powerful parts, as well as any new parts introduced in the game, to your cars in order to make them better than before.

Key Highlights

  • Upgrading the garage is important for NFS Unbound if you want to tune and tweak your cards. 
  •  The sport upgrade is by default, and you will be able to upgrade your garage to pro, super, and elite by spending money in the game. 
  •  After successfully upgrading the garage to the highest level, you will also unlock a trophy. 

Performance Menu 

Fortunately for the players, upgrading the garage in the game is not that hard. All you need to do is open the Performance Menu in the game. You can find it in the Rides Menu. After that, you must select the Upgrade Garage option, which is right underneath handling.

You will get access to three new upgrades when you open the Upgrade Garage section. Each of the upgrades will allow you to obtain several new parts in order to tune your car. However, the only con to it is that it requires a lot of money for the upgrade.

How To Upgrade Garage in NFS Unbound
All Garage Upgrades [Image by eXputer]
Even if the upgrade is not that cheap and the final one will cost you around $100,000, upgrading the garage is one of the crucial parts of the game. When you first start NFS Unbound, you will already have the Sport Upgrade for the garage unlocked by default. 

All Garage Upgrades 

Here are the garage upgrades in Need for Speed Unbound and how to unlock them:

  1. Sport Upgrade: Unlocked by default at the beginning of the game, allowing you to obtain Sport Parts without any cost.
  2. Pro Upgrade: To unlock Pro Parts, you need to upgrade your garage to the Pro level by spending $7,500.
  3. Super Upgrade: To access Super Parts, upgrade your garage to the Super level by spending $50,000.
  4. Elite Upgrade: Unlock all Elite Parts by upgrading your garage to the Elite level for $100,000.

Achievement/Trophy: Fully upgrading your garage to the highest level will also earn you an achievement or trophy.

Total Cost: Upgrading your garage to all levels will cost a total of $157,500.

Note: You don’t need to rush to upgrade your garage early in the game. It’s essential to reach the required level for the Weekly Qualifier before upgrading your cars. Garage upgrades are limited to one tier per week, so you’ll only reach the Elite Upgrade in week three. If you want to accelerate the process, participate in more races to earn enough money for faster upgrades.

Are Garage Upgrades Important In NFS Unbound? 

Garage upgrades are important, but their significance depends on your gameplay style:

  1. Tuning Power: Garage upgrades are crucial if you aim to have the most powerful parts for your cars, especially if you plan to extensively tune and customize your vehicles.
  2. Car Changing Frequency: If you frequently switch between cars and don’t invest much in a single vehicle, garage upgrades may not provide significant benefits. In such cases, using Sport Upgrade parts might be sufficient.
  3. Investing in Starter Car: If you intend to invest in and improve your starter car, it’s advisable to upgrade your garage to unlock better parts for it.
  4. Prioritize Garage Upgrades: Before using parts from any upgrade tier, it’s recommended to upgrade your garage to at least the Super or Elite level. Using Sport Upgrade parts may only be suitable for players who frequently switch cars.
  5. Money Management: NFS Unbound can be challenging when it comes to earning money, so be cautious about how you spend your funds. Save up for high-quality cars before investing heavily in upgrades.
How To Upgrade Garage in NFS Unbound
Tuning Parts after upgrading your Garage [Image by eXputer]

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our guide on how to upgrade your garage in the game and all the garage upgrades you can get. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on how to add performance upgrades in NFS Unbound.

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