How To Unlock Palace Edition Cars In NFS Unbound

Learn everything there is about the Palace edition cars and how to unlock them in NFS Unbound

You can unlock four exclusive cars if you purchase the Palace Edition of Need For Speed Unbound. These special cars can certainly provide you with an edge over the opposition with the right tuning builds, but unfortunately, you can only unlock them during specific progression points of the game.

Key Highlights:

  • The Palace Edition of NFS Unbound contains a plethora of customization items as well as 4 exclusive cars.
  • Each of these cars has its own stats and properties, but most importantly, they need to be unlocked first before players can purchase them.
  • Players need to reach specific progression thresholds in single-player to unlock and purchase them.
  • However, in the Multi-player mode, you can buy them in an instant with the required cash from the dealership.

The List Of The Palace Edition Cars In NFS Unbound

As we mentioned previously, the palace edition of the game includes 4 different cars, each one offering drastically distinctive stats and properties. If you want to take full advantage of them, then upgrading them with a full suite of customization and performance parts will be vital. Unfortunately, EA wasn’t all too clear on how you could unlock these cars, as most assumed we would receive them right from the beginning of the campaign.

However, that does not seem to be the case here as, during the single-player campaign, you will need to unlock these cars for purchasing while progressing towards a position in ‘The Grand,’ a high-stakes challenging race event. As the weeks successfully progress, you will slowly be able to unlock all of the four cars here on the list.

Mercedes – AMG G 63 (2017)

nfs unbound palace edition cars unlock
The Mercedes– AMG G 63 (2017) (Image Captured by us)
  • Target Tier: A
  • Top Speed [MPH]: 149
  • 0-60 MPH: 5.1
  • Handling: 40% Grip
  • Price: 110,000$

The ‘Mercedes AMG G 63‘ is one of the first cars that you can unlock if you own the Palace Edition of the game. The car starts off at a B tier but can be slowly upgraded to reach an A tier status. The traction of the car is an all-wheel drive with a heavy emphasis on off-road driving. It is worth pointing out that the price is pretty steep as you can get better cars with a cheaper price tag from the dealership.

You can unlock the car as early as Week One of the game, which begins right after finishing the Prologue. Just like any other car, the dealership through which you can purchase it is located in your Garage by accessing the Rides section next to your character customization.

Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976)

NFS unbound volkswagon golf gti
The Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Target Tier: A
  • Top Speed [MPH]: 153
  • 0-60 MPH: 5.1
  • Handling: 60% Grip
  • Price: 30,000$

The Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) is easily the cheapest Palace Edition car that you can unlock for purchase fairly early on in the game, which is during Week Two of The Grand’s progression during the main storyline. The car has four-wheel drive and a balanced status between road and off-road tires on initial purchase. But just like any other car in the game, you can upgrade it with performance parts and tune it to your desired play style.

BMW M3 Evolution II E30 (1988)

nfs unbound BMW M3 evolution
The BMW M3 Evolution II E30 (1988) (Image by eXputer)
  • Target Tier: A
  • Top Speed [MPH]: 165
  • 0-60 MPH: 4.5
  • Handling: 60% Grip
  • Price: 60,000$

The BMW M3 Evolution II E30 (1988) is one of our personal favorites as the car offers a balanced stat spread while looking sleek and stylish with its classical look. You can unlock the car for purchase at the dealership during Week Three of the main campaign. The price isn’t too steep, considering when the car unlocks for purchase, you will have a decent pile of cash at hand. It supports rear-wheel drive with traction focused on road mobility.

Mercedes – AMG GT BlackSeries (2020)

NFS Unbound Mercedes - AMG GT BlackSeries (2020)
The Mercedes – AMG GT BlackSeries (2020) (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Target Tier: S
  • Top Speed [MPH]: 201
  • 0-60 MPH: 3.1
  • Handling: 0% Grip (Balanced)
  • Price: 275,000$

Lastly, the Mercedes – AMG GT BlackSeries (2020) is one of the fastest cars included with the Palace Edition, and you can unlock it during Week Four of the main campaign progression. Furthermore, it is the most expensive car of the four here on the list, and it also offers a balanced stat spread in both handling and traction. But as always, you can tweak them in any way you want after purchasing them via the Performance part upgrades.

The Wrap-Up

The modern Need For Speed games features exclusive content with higher-priced editions and with the latest title, NFS Unbound. Need For Speed Unbound puts the series back to its roots with style and glamour as the game beautifully showcases an underground racing theme, filled with high-risk, high-reward police chases and more.

Along with the cars, you also receive other bonuses such as clothing packs, decal effects, and other customization goodies. It goes to show that both EA and the developers at Criterion were passionate about the franchise because, as most fans would remember, the entire series before NFS Heat had seen darker days.

When it comes down to the gritty here, the gameplay is much more fine-tuned than ever as the arcade racing feels closely similar to that of Simulation-racing titles. Not to mention the handful of accessibility options can redefine your play style in an instant, making each car feel more special and unique than the other in mechanics.

Aside from the exclusive content of the Palace Edition, the entire List Of Cars in NFS Unbound are sure to impress you, as the game features most of the legendary manufacturers from Porsche to Nissan and Ferrari.

For now, this wraps up our guide on how you can unlock the Palace Edition Cars in the game. If you have any other questions related to the guide or would like to share your experience with us, then feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and we will reply back at a moment’s notice.

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