NFS Unbound: How To Add Performance Upgrades

Take a look at all performance upgrades available in NFS Unbound to boost your car's performance and power in the game.

Performance Upgrades in NFS Unbound are necessary if you want your ride to be the best in the game. You will get a lot of cars to customize and upgrade in the game, and with so many options & parts, players will tend to get confused about what parts and upgrades to invest in in order to boost their performance. That is why learning about how Performance Upgrades work in the game and how they impact your car is important. 

Key Takeaways

Key Highlights

  • Performance upgrades are important to increase the stats of your car in NFS Unbound. 
  • There are many methods to increase the performance of your car, like using high-quality parts, handling profiles, tweaking traction, and more. 
  • You can also take your car to the Garage to upgrade and improve its performance. 

Performance Upgrades To Increase Car Performance 

One of the most important perks of owning a car in NFS Unbound is that you will get to upgrade it from time to time. You will need the performance of your car to be top-notch in the game because you will be facing some deadly competition as you progress in the main story.

Performance Upgrades
Performance Upgrades [Picture taken by eXputer]
Therefore, there are many performance upgrades for you to utilize in NFS Unbound to boost the performance of your car in order to make it faster and more competitive.

When it comes to the performance of your car, it can be boosted in several ways, like using some of the best parts available in Need For Speed Unbound or getting car upgrades in the store. In our detailed guide below, you will learn how different parts affect the performance of your car and how you can boost it in several ways. 

Performance Rating And Quality  

Depending upon the parts you are using, you will be able to boost the performance of your car and increase its base stats to the maximum stats in the game. The performance rating of your car can range from 100 to 400.

Here’s a breakdown of the performance ratings and their corresponding categories:

  • 100 to 159: B-rated cars
  • 160 to 209: A-tier cars
  • 210 to 269: A+ rated cars
  • 270 to 329: S-rated cars
  • 330 to 400+: S+ rated cars

The performance rating reflects the overall performance and capabilities of your car, with higher-rated cars being more powerful and competitive in races and chases.

Quality is another important factor to consider when upgrading your car’s parts.

The quality options in the game are:

  • Stock
  • Sport
  • Pro
  • Super
  • Elite

Higher-quality parts generally provide better performance enhancements, so choosing higher-quality components can significantly improve your car’s overall performance.

By carefully selecting and upgrading your car’s parts, you can customize its performance to match your preferences and optimize it for various race types and challenges in Need for Speed: Unbound.

Handling Profile 

Your car’s performance depends on Handling and Suspension, both part of the Handling Profile. You can adjust it.

Performance Upgrades in NFS Unbound
Handling [Picture taken by eXputer]
The slider will determine how well the car handling profile is. 

  • Neutral: If the slider is in the center, the car is likely to break or maintain traction. 
  • Grip: If the slider is more to the left, then you can expect better traction from the car. 
  • Drift: if the slider is towards the right, then your vehicle is more likely to break traction in NFS Unbound. 

Your handling profile is affected by different parts, as well as the suspension and tires of your vehicle. Using different parts, you will be able to change the handling profile of your car. 


Knowing the Traction Profile of your car, you will get a better idea of its performance on different Driving Surfaces.

Parts for the Performance Upgrades in NFS Unbound
Traction Settings to boost Performance [Picture taken by eXputer]
The traction profile of your car depends on the position of the slider, and here is how you can know the most suitable driving surface for your car: 

  • Far Left: Ideal for on-road, not for off-road.
  • Far Right: Best off-road, avoid on-road.
  • Right Side: Great off-road, decent on-road.
  • Center: Works well on both surfaces.
  • Left Side: Primarily for the road, less off-road.

To adjust, go to the Garage in the Pause Menu, swap parts from your Inventory Menu. Auxiliary parts can’t be swapped. 

In order to adjust the performance of your car, you can edit the handling stats depending on your preference. Depending upon the performance parts you have and the quality they possess, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your car. 

Using Parts And Car Upgrades 

After the prologue, car upgrades become available. Mostly, you can customize external parts. The game store offers various parts and upgrades to enhance car efficiency and performance.

Choose from Engines, Exhaust Systems, Brakes, Tires, and more, each impacting performance differently.

Top upgrades include Nitrous Oxide tanks for race boosts and intercoolers to enhance their effectiveness.

Here are details on how each part affects your car’s performance in NFS Unbound.


  • Induction: Improves air quality and flow to the engine, affecting acceleration, top speed, power, and nitrous.
  • ECU: Controls electronic parts of the car and can improve performance and power output.
  • Fuel System: Enhances combustion by providing a better air-fuel mixture, resulting in higher power output.
  • Exhaust: Clears hot gases from the combustion chamber, maintaining engine performance.
  • Aspiration: Boosts power output by improving induction and utilizing superchargers or turbochargers.
  • Nitrous System: Provides a speed boost by adding extra fuel and air into the engine, activated during races and chases.
How to increase performance
Engine Parts [Picture taken by eXputer]


  • Suspension: Affects handling and traction; customization options available.
  • Brakes: Crucial for slowing down the vehicle, impacts lap times and cornering.
    Performance Upgrades in NFS Unbound
    Brakes [Picture taken by eXputer]
  • Tires: Influences handling and traction with different characteristics and effects.
Tires [Picture taken by eXputer]


  • Differential: Affects acceleration, top speed, and handling, with various setups available.
  • Gearbox: Determines the number of gears; ideal gear setup varies by car and driving style.
  • Clutch: Reduces shifting time for better acceleration.


  • Allows the installation of passive auxiliary items that boost speed during races and chases.

Visiting The Garage 

Another great way of improving the performance of your car and getting upgrades for it is to take it to the garage.

Visit the Garage [Picture taken by eXputer]
You will find a mechanic in the garage that will advise you on how to boost the performance of your car through different parts and performance settings. And if you like, you can also allow the mechanic to make some changes to your car. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on performance upgrades in NFS Unbound and all the ways to upgrade the performance of your car in the game. All of these methods will help you boost the performance of your car to become one of the best racers out there.

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