Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Known Villains To Appear

Insomniac Games have teased quite a few new and returning villains for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 through trailers.

The most hyped-up thing about Insomniac’s latest superhero adventure is actually the newly introduced villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Some villains from Spider-Man 2018 are also making a return, but it is actually the new cast of bad guys that has taken everyone by surprise. If you haven’t watched the game trailers for Spider-Man 2, then I suggest doing so before reading the guide.

Key Takeaways
  • According to the gameplay trailers and previews, six villains have been confirmed to appear in Spider-Man 2.
  • Martin Li is returning from Spider-Man 2018, while the rest of the cast of villains is completely new.
  • Lizard was revealed in the first gameplay trailer, whereas Sandman has been recently teased in the launch trailer.
  • Mysterio is speculated to be present in Spider-Man 2 since his sign can be found while exploring New-York in a gameplay trailer.
  • Kraven and Venom will take the spotlight as the two main antagonists for Peter Parker and Miles Morales.
  • My hype for Spider-Man 2 has skyrocketed after looking at such a strong and amazing cast of villains.
Important: If you’ve been avoiding all trailers and want to play Spider-Man 2 without any information, proceed cautiously!

1. Lizard, AKA Dr Curt Conners

marvel's spider-man 2 villains
Lizard In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The first gameplay reveal trailer from Insomniac Games showcased the appearance of Lizard as one of the main villains in Spider-Man 2. Peter is chasing after Lizard, aka Dr Curt Conners, because he supposedly knows the cure to Harry’s genetical disease. Connors actually mutated himself into the Lizard, which gave him access to superhuman reflexes. Nevertheless, Lizard is responsible for causing a lot of destruction in Marvel’s New York and must be taken down by Spider-Man.

2. Mysterio

spiderman 2 characters
Mysterio In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac has also teased the presence of Mysterio in Spider-Man 2 in their features detail trailer of the title. While exploring New York, Mysterio’s sign can be spotted, probably related to some side activity related to the villain. The current objectives of Mysterio are not known in Spider-Man 2, but his presence does build up on the already amazing roster of villains.

3. Sandman

marvel's spider-man 2 villains
Sandman In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The addition of Sandman in Spider-Man 2 actually took me by surprise, as it was revealed recently in the launch trailer. From the trailer, it can be clearly seen that the Sandman fight will probably be a huge and iconic set-piece battle spanning the entirety of New York. The design of Sandman himself is also pretty cool.

4. Martin Li AKA Mister Negative

marvel's spider-man 2 villains
Martin Li In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

It seems like Martin Li is also returning in Spider-Man 2, as his appearance was teased in the story trailer. However, I’m not sure if he will play a role as a villain or if Insomniac will try to give him a redemption arc. Nonetheless, Martin was one of the main antagonists of Spider-Man 2018, and it looks like Miles will have some special interactions with this character in Spider-Man 2 since he was responsible for murdering his Father.

5. Kraven The Hunter

enemy in game
Kraven The Hunter In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

If you didn’t know already, Kraven is actually one of the two main villains in Spider-Man 2, and he has been shown in almost every trailer and gameplay reveal so far.

Kraven has not seen much love in a lot of Spider-Man adaptations, including movies, but it seems like Insomniac will do justice to this underrated Marvel villain. Additionally, Kraven’s attitude is colder, and he is a darker villain when compared with other bad guys in Spider-Man 2 since he wants to engage in ruthless fighting.

6. Venom

marvel's spider-man 2 villains
Venom In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Lastly, Venom is the main antagonist of Spider-Man 2, and probably the only villain almost every fan is looking forward to fighting. Insomniac’s design for Venom has to be one of the best designs for this villain, and it can be seen in all of its glory in the story trailer. From the ending of Spider-Man 2018, I can speculate that Venom might be Harry Osborn, but it’s just a theory. However, I’ll be really excited if Insomniac decides to make Venom a playable character in Spider-Man 2.

My Thoughts On Spider-Man 2’s Villains

After looking at such a strong cast of villains, I am extremely excited about the release of Spider-Man 2. Honestly, it feels like traveling back in time at the release of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies after seeing Sandman, Lizard, and Venom in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2. The Spider-Man fan inside me couldn’t be more hyped for October 20th, 2023.

Spider-Man 2 releases soon, and I hope you’ve got your favorite edition pre-ordered and ready to go. The new cast of characters will also make the narrative much more interesting.

This concludes my guide on the currently known villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. I have listed all of the villains that have been teased through game trailers, gameplay previews, or Playstation blogs. Currently, I only have limited knowledge regarding these characters, but more will be revealed with the launch. In the comments below, let me know if you will play Spider-Man 2, day 1!



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