Mortal Kombat 1: Best Kameo Fighters + All Moves

Here are the best Kameo Characters that can help your main character create lethal combo attacks on opponents in MK1 or Mortal Kombat 1.

Kameo Characters are an amazing feature that can help each of the characters enhance their move-sets in MK1. There are 15 Kameo Characters in total. Each of the character’s dynamic matches with your character to perform a wide range of lethal combos. These characters are actually more powerful than the main playable fighters. If you manage to choose the best Kameo for each character in MK1, you can have an amazing assist or escape deadly situations. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 15 Kameo Characters, and each has its own unique abilities and combos.
  • Kameo Characters help the main character in battles and perform combos in Mortal Kombat 1.
  • The best Kameo Character can be determined by compatibility, combo potential, and defense capabilities.
  • There is a learning curve to Kameo fighters, so you can get distracted trying to use the Kameos in a fight.
  • Kameo Characters can enhance a main fighter’s move-set, enable lethal combos for devastating damage, and aid in defense and strategy in Mortal Kombat 1.

Best Kameo Characters Ranked

The following are the Top 7 Kameo Characters that you can pair up with your main character: 

RankKameo CharacterDescription
7SonyaUnique playstyle with powerful Kameo throw and dynamic moveset. Energy Ring and Charge attacks for effective long-range combat.
6ShujinkoDistraction-focused Kameo with copycat abilities. Combos of up to 15 strikes can be achieved with Fiery Blades attack.
5SareenaImpressive special moves and fatalities. Easy-to-use combos, such as Kia's Blades, make her versatile and effective.
4MotaroVersatile Kameo with defensive abilities, shield, and laser projectile. Reflect ability for countering projectiles.
3DarriusHigh-Low mixup techniques with better range. Twister Kick for multiple kicks and Fiery Blades for high damage.
2SektorRocket launch moves for decent damage and distraction. Aerial attack opponent can be countered with the base-up Rocket move.
1CyraxArguably the best Kameo character with deadly aerial combos. Helicopter move for ground-to-aerial throw combos.

7. Sonya 

The best versatile Kameo Character
Sonya Kameo Character In Mortal Kombat 1
Sonya – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Square WaveR1R1R1RBR60
Leg GrabB + R1Back + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + R36
Energy RingsF + R1Forward + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R60
ChargeHold R1Hold R1Hold R1Hold RBHold R9
CancelD, DDown, DownDown, DownDown, DownN/AN/A

If you’re looking for a character with a unique playstyle, Sonya might just be your pick. Her Ambush Kameo Attack acts in the air, adding an aerial cover for her paired-up main character. Moreover, I loved using Sonya’s powerful Kameo throw because it deals the most damage of all characters.

  • Energy Ring and Charge attacks make sure the enemy is dealt with easily if they are at a distance.
  • One unique feature in Sonya’s Moveset that I found was her Grab, which not only deals damage but also bounces her target on impact.
  • The unique ability can be a game-changer when you want to hit those devastating combos. 
  • Sonya’s Projectile delay feature makes her a really versatile Kameo, in my opinion.
  • The delayed projectile catches opponents off guard and makes them unable to time their crouch.
  • I believe all the skilled players looking for diverse combat strategies will find Sonya’s playstyle pretty dynamic.

6. Shujinko 

The best Kameo Character for distraction
Shujinko Character In Game
Shujinko – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Passing TimeR1R1RBRN/AN/A
Passing Time DelayHold R1Hold R1Hold RBHold RN/AN/A
REALLY Passing TimeDDownDownDownN/AN/A
Peace OutHold R1Hold R1Hold RBHold RN/AN/A
Apep PunchF + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R60High
REALLY Passing TimeDDownDownDownN/AN/A
Konquest KickB + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + R60Mid
REALLY Passing TimeDDownDownDownN/AN/A
MimicD, B + R1Down, Back + R1Down, Back + RBDown, Back + RN/AN/A
Kopy KatD, F + R1Down, Forward + R1Down, Forward + RBDown, Forward + RN/AN/A

When you first get into the battle, Shujinko is one of the only ones whose Kameo meter needs to be charged by pressing the Kameo button. Shujinko is not a Kameo that will provide support to your main character like the other Kameos. I just used Shujinko to just distract my enemies and bamboozle them. It makes Shujinko a very rare kind of Kameo.

  • Using his ability to your advantage requires you to play with Shujinko and check his moveset out yourself.
  • Shujinko’s moveset is not really the best of all Kameo characters in MK1, but it does the job.
  • Shujinko’s Kameo character relies on its copycat abilities to be effective in MK1.
  • I was able to make combos of up to 15 strikes, which can be made by using his Fiery blades attack. 

5. Sareena

Kameo Character with the best moveset
Sareena Kameo Character in MK1
Sareena – [Image credit: eXputer]
Jataaka's KurseR1R1RBRN/AUnblockable
Kia's BladesB + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + R68High
Old MoonF + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R60High
Demonic DanceD + R1Down + R1Down + RBDown + R60Mid

What differentiates Sareena from the rest is her impressive special moves and fatalities. The other reason I chose her for the list is because she can pair well with any main Mortal Kombat 1 character, whether it is characters like Smoke or Sindel. She can bring out the capabilities of other fighters as long as you have enough meters to spend for her.

  • Sareena is the easiest Kameo Character with straightforward combos.
  • She uses a simple one-two combo with Smoke to enhance Kia’s Blades.
  • Jataaka’s Kurse depletes opponents’ super meters, preventing breaks or amplified moves.
  • Execute Jataaka’s Kurse in the corner to maximize its effectiveness during attacks.
  • I strongly recommend exploiting long animated attacks of fighters like Liu Kang with Jataaka’s Kurse to gain an advantage.

4. Motaro

The best defensive Kameo Character
Motaro Character In Game
Motaro – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Centaurian WarpR1R1RBRN/AN/A
ReflectB + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + RN/AN/A
Moving ReflectHold R1Hold R1Hold RBHold RN/AN/A
Tail ShotF + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R40Low
Tail TurretD + R1Down + R1Down + RBDown + R102.90Mid

When speaking of a versatile Kameo Character, Motaro definitely tops the list. Many characters with low mobility suffer when battling with a quick-paced fighter like Smoke. That is where Motaro can come in to teleport them on the blindside of the fighter to get in those heavy combos. This ability is particularly fast and even faster than the teleportation skills of Kung Lao’s Teleport ability. Motaro can be paired up with the heavy hitters easily.

  • Your back Kameo hold can provide your character with a shield so that you can hold it and walk across to protect your character.
  • The Defensive abilities protect your main fighter from getting zoned out. 
  • Any projectile hitting the shield throws the projectile back at the opponent, which is actually insane.
  • The Forward and Downward Kameo provide you with a laser projectile, knocking your opponent up and down so you can make combos. 

3. Darrius 

Kameo Character with the best mixup techniques
Darrius Character For Assist
Darrius – [Image by eXputer]
Tornado KickR1R1RBR0.10Mid
The Double WhammyR1, B + R1R1, Back + R1RB, Back + RBR, Back + RN/AN/A
Twister KickR1, B + R1, B + R1R1, Back + R1, Back + R1RB, Back + RB, Back + RBR, Back + R, Back + RN/AN/A
VolleyballisticR1, F + R1R1, Forward + R1RB, Forward + RBR, Forward + RN/AN/A
(Delay) Eat DirtR1, F + R1, Hold R1R1, Forward + R1, Hold R1RB, Forward + RB, Hold RBR, Forward + R, Hold RN/AN/A
VolleyballisticF + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R100Overhead
(Delay) Eat DirtR1, F + R1, Hold R1R1, Forward + R1, Hold R1RB, Forward + RB, Hold RBR, Forward + R, Hold RN/AN/A
Twister KicksB + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + R192.50Mid

I mostly used Darrius for the High-Low mixup techniques with a better range than most Kameo Characters. His Tornado Kick as a base move allows you to extend combos up to 7 hits in the get-go. Most of his hits stun the opponent, so I think you should choose your special moves accordingly. Even though his Kameo uses up the entire Kameo Meter, you can extend his move by forward or downward attack. 

  • Darrius’s TwisterKick actually does multiple kicks for hits and then gains armor on wake-up.
  • You can combo off of any move of Darrius and get up to a high damage of 433!
  • His overhead Volleyballistic kicks can be combo-ed, with the second kick being a low kick to triple the damage.

2. Sektor 

Kameo Character with the best strategic depth
Sektor In Game
Sektor – [Image credit: eXputer]
Up RocketR1R1RBR40Mid
Activate HomingR1R1RBR40Mid
Position In FrontU + R1Up + R1Up + RBUp + R40Mid
Position BehindD + R1Down + R1Down + RBDown + R40Mid
Tele-PunchF + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R6Throw
Flame ThrowerB + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + R9Throw

Sektor is known for his rocket launch moves, which provide you with decent damage and a distraction. I was able to use Sektor at times when I was losing the battle in the air. An aerial attack opponent can be nerfed by using his base-up Rocket move. You can place the rocket between your opponent to maintain a distance if the opponent has a high mobility advantage. 

1. Cyrax

The best possible Kameo Character
Cyrax Character For Best Assit
Cyrax – [Image Captured by us]
Kopter ChopperR1R1RBR76.50Unblockable
Horizontal Kopter ChopperHold R1Hold R1Hold RBHold R59.50High
Cyber NetB + R1Back + R1Back + RBBack + R20Mid
Self-DestructF + R1Forward + R1Forward + RBForward + R60Mid
Self-Destruct DelayHold R1Hold + R1Hold + RBHold + R6Mid
(Behind) Self-DestructD + R1Down + R1Down + RBDown + R60Mid
(Behind) Self-Destruct DelayHold R1Hold + R1Hold + RBHold + R6Mid

Whenever I wanted to make the best air combo extensions, Cyrax really made deadly aerial combos. Cyrax is arguably the best Kameo character for me. It even has the best visually amazing Cyrax fatality as compared to other Kameo Characters in Mortal Kombat 1. If you hold the Kameo Button, Cyrax can actually have a helikopter move that strives forward and up to make a ground-to-aerial throw combo. 

My Take On The Best Kameo Characters

So, each of the Kameo Characters that I mentioned above has a unique advantage to them. That is why it can be hard to choose between them, but Cyrax worked wonderfully for me personally. His aerial combos helped get damage up to 400! Cyrax could also be used for distractions, which is why I think Cyrax overall deserves the spot as the best Kameo Character. 

So these were the best Kameo Characters that you can pair up with your main characters according to their playstyle. You must select the best Kameo Character according to you and learn its timing strategy well on your own to advance further in Mortal Kombat 1.

A lot of players On Steam have complained about how Kameo Characters will ruin the game, whereas some think it completes the game, which goes to say about personal preference as gamers. Read the Mortal Kombat 1 Tier List, written by our guide editor, Irfan Ansari.


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