MK1: Scorpion’s Second Fatality [Input & How To Unlock]

Look no further than this MK1 Scorpion Second Fatality guide to learn all about it, including its input and unlocking procedure.

The MK1 Scorpion Second Fatality is one of the more popular fatalities because of its relatively disturbing and gruesome nature and Scorpion’s own popularity, which drives players to unlock his complete toolset. However, this fatality is initially locked in-game and requires some grinding before getting unlocked in the Moveset menu.

Key Takeaways
  • Fatalities in MK1 are graphic cinematic endings.
  • Scorpion has two possible fatalities; one is “Killer Klones From Netherrealm” with the iconic “Get Over Here” animation.
  • To perform this second Fatality, use a specific 4-command input, but it can fail if you’re too far from your opponent.
  • Scorpion’s second Fatality unlocks at Master Level 14 in MK1.

What Is Scorpion’s Second Fatality In MK1?

Katana Fatality Scorpion
Scorpion’s Katana Fatality (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Scorpion’s Second Fatality is a hidden, gruesome, and brutal cinematic way to finish off your opponents in MK1, which can be achieved by pressing left, right, left, and then the back punch button in that order.

The second stands out as the more graphic out of the two Fatalities that Scorpion can perform. In his first fatality, he simply launches his opponent in the air and uses his hook to sever their head from their body. However, he summons three clones from hell in his second Fatality, which is harder to land. Each clone performs an iconic Scorpion attack (Katana > Axe > Burn) while the real one delivers the killing blow.

Second Fatality Input

The command input for every platform is listed in the table below:

PlayStation Left >> Right >> Left >> Triangle (Back Punch)
Xbox Left >> Right >> Left >> Y (Back Punch)
Switch Left >> Right >> Left >> X (Back Punch)
PC A >> D >> A >> Back Punch

How To Get Scorpion’s Second Fatality In MK1?

Fatality Scorpion
Final Scorpion Fatality Move (Image Captured by eXputer)

Players must achieve Mastery Level 14 on Scorpion to unlock his Second Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1.

In an earlier section, it was already mentioned that Scorpion’s second Fatality is hidden. This essentially means that MK1 will not show you how to do it in the command menu unless you meet the criteria. However, it is simply a check for how skilled a player has become and offers itself as a reward to those who are ravenous enough.

Some of the best ways you can get Mastery Points quickly are listed as follows:

  • When playing Scorpion, try getting back-to-back Flawless Victories.
  • Competing in the “Test Your Might” events, for which you can visit the following Subreddit Post to find potential workarounds in case the event feels too difficult.
  • Online battles against other players for bonus Mastery Points.

Fatality Failing Cases

MK1 Finish Him Trigger
Scorpion Fatality Trigger (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The last thing a player might be curious about is why their Fatality isn’t going through, which may happen even after inputting the proper commands. There are many reasons which could be the culprit behind the following anomaly. However, only some of the popular ones will be discussed here.

Listed below are some prevalent causes of failed fatalities when playing Scorpion:

  • Timing is crucial; input commands promptly.
  • In online duels, if your opponent leaves as you win, MK1 skips the Fatality ending.
  • Losing lobby connection during Fatality input cancels execution.
  • Maintain mid to close range for Fatality commands.

Finally, it is time to conclude the MK1 Scorpion Second Fatality guide. Fatalities are always fun to execute and spectate, and it wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat without them. While you’re here, consider checking out a similar guide on If Mortal Kombat 1’s Friendship. If that is not your liking, you can also check out The Multiverse Ending of Mortal Kombat 1.

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